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Lucky vs. Jason! Is the love fest over? I hope so! A cop and a mobster should not be friends and if Jason wants to solve crimes then maybe he should consider changing his profession. Lucky turns Michael in and tells Jason this is what’s best for his cousin. Is it? When Jason calls in super lawyer Diane why is she kept away from her client?

Brother vs. Brother! Morgan questions Dante who assures his little brother he did the right thing by Michael. Dante is certain that Michael will walk away with no jail time. But will he?

Michael vs. Judge Carroll! They finally got him in the courtroom but it isn’t Claire asking the questions, its Judge Carroll. Will this be Chad Duell’s time to shine? Recounting how Claudia died and all the events that have transpired since then should be, right? Hopefully this will be his chance to make me eat my words as Michael testifies in front of a courtroom filled of his family. The Judge orders Michael to be put in jail until his sentence can be delivered at the end of the week. Both Carly and Sonny visit their son behind bars. Another time for Chad to shine or will Laura Wright simply outshine her new onscreen son? Before Judge Carroll hands down his decision Dante and Sonny speak on his behalf.

Dante vs. Jason? Olivia hopes not! She goes to Sonny asking him to promise that Jason and Sonny for that matter will leave Dante alone. Spinelli tells Jason that nothing good will come from him going after Dante.

Lulu vs. her Family… Watch out Lulu you only got a taste of your cousin. Carly is coming back for more as she accuses Lulu of going against her own family for a guy. Luke warns his daughter that standing by Dante may be a bumpy ride. With only each other to turn to, Dante and Lulu FINALLY hit the sheets! It’s about damn time! How far will Carly go to get pay backs on Dante and Lulu? Isn’t someone from Bensonhurst coming to town?

Jason and Jax vs. their Guilt…The situation with Michael is weighing heavily on both men. I sort of want to ask Jax what he expected when he started all this. He knew the truth going in and yet he still pushed hard for this murder trial even getting Claire as the prosecutor when he knew all along who really sent Claudia six feet deep. Will Skye offer her ex some advice? Another ex steps in to talk Jason off of guilt’s ledge. Jason and Robin fans here is another bone thrown your way as Robin reminds Jason about all the things he’s done for Michael. How far will Jason go to make things right by Michael? Some would say making a deal with the Z’s is going pretty far. But will Jason Morgan actually do something insane for Michael? I wonder Jason, why such lengths for Sonny’s kid when you won’t even acknowledge your own. How far will Jax go to make sure his family is safe? He’s going to try to adopt Morgan! Will the Sonny vs. Jax feud ever end?

Nikolas vs. Helena… These two aren’t battling it out per se but Helena is definitely playing mind games with her grandson and the more she can get Nikolas to turn against Lucky the better. Will Lucky’s suggestion of Nikolas running psycho granny out of town piss the Prince off? Who is Helena kidnapping now? Someone is getting too close to knowing the truth about Elizabeth’s baby and that will not do for Hells. This PC resident may find herself in Helena’s clutches.

CRAZY and RANDOM… Elizabeth still hopes for a future with Lucky. Kate finds closure with Sonny (Really? A little late aren’t we?). Robin has memories of Stone and Jason; Patrick is less than thrilled. Kristina and Alexis have an unpleasant encounter with Mrs. Bauer. All charges are dropped against Alexis and the Bauer’s sue her civilly for wrongful death. Johnny is still going after Sonny. Helena makes a move against Tracy. Is Tracy the one who knows the truth about the paternity test?

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    Tracy vs. Helena?? Now that’s FAR more interesting than another round of Jax vs. Sonny or even Sonny vs. Johnny!! I would love to see those two women TRULY go toe to toe with each other, just don’t have her kill Tracy!! If she’s gonna kill ANYBODY, let it be that limp noodle, Lisa!! She needs to go ASAP!!!

    I am still on the fence about Chad Duell!! I am trying to accept him, but I still find myself thinking about how Drew Garrett would TOTALLY be knocking these scenes out of the park!! Duell is doing a decent job, but it’s kinda like generic brand food vs. name brand food!! The generic brand food might be EDIBLE, but it STILL doesn’t taste as good as the name brand.

    Jax was only thinking about ONE thing—-revenge on Sonny!! He may have cared for Michael, but he had about 100 opportunities to protect Michael, but he refused to do so!! I am counting down the days until "CarJax" is history!!! This relationship has CLEARLY run it’s course!!!

    Please, GH, don’t let Lulu get pregnant by Dante!! I don’t know why I get the impression that this is where the writers are headed, but……no babies for this couple YET!! They still have a lot of stuff to work through before they start shopping for baby strollers. Although, I do kinda relish the idea of some child calling Sonny "grandpa"!!!

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    Thanks for the Spoilers Regen

     The Michael fall out sounds good , 
    And I am looking forward to see Jason’s plan to save Michael , in Jason’s eyes Michael is his son he has been there from the start and he feels blame for what happened and he wants to fix it… 
    It is not for Sonny it is more for Michael…

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    Regan Cellura

    I don’t see it as being for Sonny, I do see it as being for Michael, but at some point, you take a step back and say, this isn’t my son. I gave him to Sonny to raise and take care of. Isn’t this quite the trend with Jason, giving his kids to other men to raise.

    Chad isn’t wow’ing me, at all. Drew would be knocking me off my chair. Just ok, after all this drag out, all this build up, all this time waiting for this… is not ok by my standards. Did I see a slight improvement opposite Kristina? Yes, but very slight. He is acting against some of the very best in this industry, they already had someone who could hold his own, I’m not convinced that Chad can, yet.

    I’ve been a fan of CarJax, I really like the version of Carly with Jax (when she’s not obsessing about Jason or Sonny). So their demise or potential demise does not thrill me.

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    Thanks for the spoilers Regen. I have a feeling that the judge is going to do a ‘scared straight’ thing with Micheal to make him see what being in the mob is REALLY like and not the glamourized,glorified, bad guys who do bad things for the greater good CRAP that Jason,Carly & Sonny have spewed his whole life. I think Dante is doing it so that Micheal will change his mind about wanting to be in the mob. Hopefully after a little time in prison Micheal will realize he HATES Sonny & Jason and will want to be a Quartermain because that is where he belongs anyway.

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    So now Guza is rewriting recent history too.  Jax did not start this whole thing, he kept Dante on the case, and he got the original prosecutor booted.  He kept things from Carly and that marriage should end.  He didn’t think things through and his hatred for Sonny was larger than his love for Carly and her children but the blame pie can be cut in many slices and the largest go to CarSaSon.

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    Jax has his own kid to worry about, he should leave Morgan alone. Morgan is old eough to object to having Jax adopt him. I know Sonny won’t let it happen and Carly surly won’t either. I’m so sick of Jax.

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    thanks for the spoilers Regan..
    saw some picks of nuMorgan, I hope he’s good….
    Chad really isn’t doing a bad job IMO….I actually kind of like him…I try not to think about what DG would have been doing had he been still around…Drew really did have time to bulid chemistry with the actors and become accustomed to the pace when he first came on so I’m going easy on Chad…given his circumstances he’s doing a bang up job…..

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     Regen BUT in Jason’s eyes Michael his is son…
    He feels responsible for what happened and he wants to fix it.. and even when he gave Michael up , that was stupid idea I think that Jason should have raise him all along, he still felt responsible for Michael……
    he loves this kid a lot and he wants to help him right or wrong…

    I hate that Jason is not with Jake But right now his priority is michael and helping him form the mess that happens….
    I hope that Michael will not hate Sonny and Jason he knows that they made mistakes but they did it to protect him and that will never change…
    I hate that Michael will be in jail I don’t think it is right.. But I also don’t think that Michael will turn his back at SaSn that will never happened !!!! he maybe not want to be in the mob and I like that but will not hate Sonny Jason and Carly NEVER 

    I am liking Chad yes his first scenes  were not that good But Steve Burton said that when he shoot the court scenes he was amazing and everyone clapped their hands, so I am waiting for that , I think it is next week . also next week we will finally see him with the main characters Jason sonny and Crly , i want to see what his chemistry will be with these big names… after that I think I can give a real opinion…

    Maxmom Yes CarSaSon made mistake with cover up but they did it because they wanted to protect Michael.. and they couldn’t get out of this mess only to continue with the trail…
    BUT jax did everything he could to push in sonny direction he could have get out of it BUT NO he continued it knowing the risks .. all he saw was Sonny not Michael that can be in jail … 

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    Thanks for the spoilers Regan!

    I’m torn about the Jax/Morgan thing.  One way, Jax is a way better father to Morgan than Sonny will ever be.  He takes karate with him, goes sailing with him, and just is a "dad" and does "dad" things with Morgan.  Can you see Sonny ever doing normal things with Morgan?  I can’t.  There will always be bodyguards and Sonny too busy with his "business" to spend time with any of his kids.  On top of that, Morgan won’t be getting shot at like he would if he was with Sonny.   Not to mention all the bad influence of watching Sonny do illegal things and get away with it.  On the other hand, it’s just really mean for Jax to take Morgan away from his biological parents.  That would make Morgan mad as hell if he didn’t want that.  I think Morgan should get to pick and decide whether he wants Jax to adopt him or not.  If not, what kind of relationship would it be with Morgan mad at Jax his entire life for taking him away from his biological parents.  Bad move on Jax’s end.

    I think the best thing Jason has ever done regarding the kids is let Lucky raise Jake.  And I think if he could go back, he would leave Michael with the Q’s.  As crazy as they are, they didn’t get any of their kids shot in the head.

    Tracy vs Helena = Awesomeness!

    Why would Nik be mad at Lucky for pointing out the obvious: Helena is evil and shouldn’t be around children.  She’s a freakin killer and brainwashed Lucky and tried to kill Nikolas’s loved ones and kidnapped Spencer.  I like that Helena is back, but I don’t see why Nik is letting her live with him and Spencer.  I really have no idea how this baby thing is going to end up and when the real paternity will come out.  In the end, I hope I get my happy Spencer/Webber family.  I’d love to see a little Spencer running around calling Luke "Grandpa".  And it would be just perfect if Laura was back to see her little grandkid.  In the meantime soooo looking forward to the Spencer vs Cassadine feud.


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    I think the best thing Jason has ever done regarding the kids is let Lucky raise Jake.  And I think if he could go back, he would leave Michael with the Q’s. 


    Thank you so much for saying that.  Jason gave Jake up, so that he would never have to go through any of the things that CarSons kids have gone through.
    As for Michael, Jason knows he screwed up when he was younger, by helping to take him from the Qs, and now all he can do for the kid, is be their for him, and take care of him as best he can.

    I don’t like the adopting Morgan idea.  Even if Morgan is able to choose, why the hell should he have to?  I know Jax loves him, but Morgan has gone through enough with these two idiots fighting over their family. Throwing him into a more forceful tug-of-war, and making him feel like he has to pick sides, thats just wrong.

    I think Chad Duell is doing a great job.  He got thrown into the fire, and he is taking the heat well.

  11. Profile photo of CarlyCfan

    I’m actually likiing most of these spoilers. SHOCKER. Thanks Regan.

    And I agree with most you, Chad is a decent/OK recast but Drew would have MURDERED (no pun intented) these scenes.

  12. Profile photo of sb_fan

    I agree with jlj0117, I think Chad is doing a great job. I’m a BIG Drew Garrett fan and am still missing him, but I think based on the circumstances, Chad is stepping up. It’s not easy to replace someone who was a fan fave like Drew, but he’s trying and with time, am pretty sure he’ll nail it. I’m looking forward to the courthouse scene.

  13. Profile photo of BigDede

    LW has been acting for like 20 years, of course she’s going to outshine her newly on screen son.

    I am hoping that she is subtle and let’s Chad feel comfortable and shine.

    I don’t care about any of these spoilers except for Brooklyn coming back.

  14. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    I think we need to see Chad with the 3 main characters of Michael’s life Jason Carly and Sonny because Drew had amazing chemistry with all 3 of them his best work was with them , So I want to see Chad with them if he can be in their level…. from the interviews that Chad Made he said he is close to Steve so i want to see how it plays on TV….

  15. Profile photo of josser

    1)  Michael is Jason’s nephew.  Why the heck wouldn’t he protect his flesh and blood, the child that he initially raised as his own kid??


    2) Tracy vs. Helena?  Hell yeah!!! Bring it on!  We’d love to see that! 


    3)  Where are Edward and Monica?  Their great/grandson is going to jail and they’re not there?  I call bull!

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    Regan Cellura

    I never said Chad sucked, just that he wasn’t wow’ing me. Drew always had my chin on the floor. His nerves got the best of him during the initial confession and the scenes with Lulu, he slightly improved in his scenes with Krisitna and I am hoping he makes me eat my words when he gets on that witness stand. Absolutely Laura Wright’s experience would outshine any newbie, she wouldn’t outshine Drew. He completely held his own from day one.

    Jason… I loved this character, my love for him has been dwindling. Maybe it’s my respect for him that has been dwindling. Do I see the point that giving up Jake so that he doesn’t have to live in this mob world, yes. But I also have another opinion on the matter. Most of you would probably assume it’s my Liason bias but it is not. So I’ll just leave it at that.

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     Regen Please no need to say sorry I want Jason to be with his son also and you know I am big Jason fan right …..
    I don’t see at this way Jason made mistakes right now but from good reasons to protect Michael, someone that he sees as his son and he blames himself for what happened..
    That is what I love about Jason Morgan his love for the people he loves the stupid things he will do for them ,as letting go of Jake , and doing the cover up for Michael and now his stupid plan breaking him out..
    That is why I love him the love he shares for the people he close too… 

  18. Profile photo of engradypind

    I am trying very hard to hold off making a judgment on the new Michael.  To date I have not been impressed, but we have not seen Chad interacting with Sonny or Jason or Carly.  Drew really rocked it with his interactions.  Chad hasn’t rocked it yet, not with Kristina, or Morgan, or Dante, or Maya.  He is coming across right now like a lost puppy. 

    I will be so glad when we get some new stories onboard that do not revolve around the Corthinos clan.  I can’t believe that Carly expects others to break the law just to comply with what she wants.  Talk about egomania. It’s all well and good to say she is protecting her son, but that wouldn’t be necessary if she had told the truth in the beginning of this ordeal.  It will be interesting to see if anyone points out that Michael too had a motive to kill Claudia — brain damage or not. 

    I have never been a AJ fan, even before he was thrown under the bus to prop up Sonny.  I found some sympathy with the AJ played by Sean Keenan but Billy Warlock’s AJ left me disgusted.  I could never buy into Warlock’s protrayal.  That happens.  Sometimes the actor can’t bring it for you. 

    I am looking forward to seeing Tracy square off against Helena — if it is done for something more than comic relief.  We need some stories that do not revolve around the mob that ate Port Charles. 

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    As always thanks for the spoilers, Regan!!!

    Some of these actually sound quite interesting. Any word on when Zoe is supposed to be coming?

    As for Chad, I really like him so far, I am not going to hold it against them the way he came on the show. Hopefully with the scenes coming he can hold his own, and more people will come to my side.

  20. Profile photo of syworld82

    Honestly, wouldnt be surprised if Chad did outshine Laura Wright because honestly she hasnt been impressing me at all lately…The Tantrems have gotten boring and they arent good storyline…

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    GH Fan

    I am getting very tired of the way the writers are handling Elizabeth; she is very weak around Helena, and this needs to stop, as does Nicolas and Lucky always having to protect her.

    It is time Elizabeth knocks Helena down…literally!

    Kate needs to appear more, and I loved her and Sonny together. She should be in the picture as a support to Olivia.

    Carly turning against Lulu? Hmmm. not in the character to do that. Carly would be upset, but not play games with Lulu, as she would with someone not close to her.

  22. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Elizabeth needs to develop a backbone, but it doesn’t need to be toward Helena. Elizabeth will never be emotionally or physically equipped to go up against Helena. History has told us that people who stand up to Helena, with VERY few exceptions, end up either dead or WISHING that they were dead!! LOL!!! Didn’t this woman try to kill her own son??
    She needs to stay as far away from Helena as possible if she values her life, unless she wants to get chewed up, spat out and then used for turkey carving practice!!!

    She does need to stand up to Lulu, Maxie and all the other women in town who are constantly berating her and calling her every name in the book other than a child of God. I know Elizabeth has a backbone…..I’ve seen it a COUPLE of times over the past decade, just don’t know where it went!!

  23. Profile photo of FaisonFanInTexas

    Except for the fact that I despise Liz and would LOOOVE to see her TRY to take on Helena….only to get her throat cut….I agree with Alston that Liz should always RUN THE OTHER DIRECTION at any sight of Helena!!

  24. Profile photo of alstonboy4315


    Don’t get me wrong, now….I don’t LIKE Elizabeth, but I don’t think I hate her enough to want to see her get sliced and diced like a Thanksgiving turkey. If she keeps whining and complaining, though……that could easily change!!!

    Knowing Liz, she will continue to HIDE behind Nikolas and use his UNREQUITED love for her to try to convince Helena not to kill her……after all, she hasn’t learned how much that pisses off Helena, has she???

  25. Profile photo of GH Fan
    GH Fan

    Not buying it: Laura was not affraid of Helena, and I see Liz as a modern day Laura. I still recall an episode from…I think 99 when Laura started choking Helena; it was wonderful.

    I also remember when Nicolas brought Helena into GH recently after being held captive, and as one of her nurses, Lizzie defended herself very easily, threatening to kill her even…it was very entertaining.

    Liz would be motivated to attack Helena if she threatens her children, or calls them "bastards"…Liz should pop her one!

    I also want to see Liz backhand maxie-pad…I hate that little b*tch!

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