Saved by the Bell’s Dennis Haskins Drops by B&B

Saved by the Bell alum Dennis Haskins will be dropping in on The Bold and the Beautiful May 7. His character will be teaming up with Pam (Alley Mills), according to CBS Soaps In Depth.

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    Since we’re bringing on "Saved by the Bell" characters, why not go one step further and bring on Dustin Diamond????I wouldn’t mind seeing Screech pop up in LA. Dustin Diamond can play a grimy, nasty porn producer (which is not that far of a stretch from WHAT he is in real life!). He can always lure Steffy into the world of pornography……….disgracing her name and forcing her family to disown her!! That means NO more Steffy, and no more of Jacqueline Wood’s HORRIBLE performances. Win, win situation as far as I can see………….

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    I am willing to bet money that Jacqueline Wood isn’t what you produced in the can today either……LOL!! They could cast a set of flying monkeys to swoop down from the sky, grab her and take her a million miles away and I’d be a happy camper. That would be a daytime first!! I would even be open to the possibility of Ridge and Taylor finding her after they have found a SUITABLE actress to take over the part.

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