What Does ATWT's Luke Have That Reid Wants?

In an interview with After Elton, As the World Turns’ Eric Sheffer Stevens discusses what exactly it is that attracts his character, Reid, to Luke (Van Hansis).

AE: What is about Luke that appeals to Reid? Why is he drawn to him?
ESS: There’s something very fresh about him. I don’t know if I can articulate it, but it’s just one of those attractions. Reid doesn’t know why because it goes against what he thinks he would want in a partner. It doesn’t add up because he definitely dislikes him initially so I think he hates himself for the attraction, but he gives into it more and more.

Read the entire interview at After Elton.


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Hmmm, let's think "What does Luke have that Reid wants?". (insert wink and sarcastic chuckle here!)

This is a trick question, right???? LOL!!!! I saw this coming from DAY ONE. When Reid was berating Luke for being a "spoiled little rich kid," I could feel the sexual tension penetrating through my TV screen. I think we all know what Reid wants. Hell, Luke is hot. I'd want the same thing!!!!

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Besides the obvious, I think Reid finally realized how loving and caring Luke is.  And I also think Reid hasn't had anyone care for him in a long time so Luke's support and now friendship makes him so much more attractive to Reid.  I just hope Luke gives Reid what he wants.

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Luke is Gorgeous and Caring! Reid wants LUKE, all of him.