What a Day on GH!

What a day on GH, but am I eating my words? I know everyone else is giving Chad Duell (Michael Corinthos III) the requisite thirty days before they make their judgments; I’m apparently not that nice. I said I would give him some time and I readily admitted that I hoped to eat my words. I even fired up the DVR yesterday after my required time in the yard and despite my new trend of online soap watching to see if Mr. Duell did in fact make me eat my words. So did he?

It was quite the day on General Hospital. Judge Peter Carroll, played by Dakin Matthews, what a fantastic performance and Laura Wright’s (Carly) face had me on the edge of my seat. Steve Burton (Jason) did it once again with those eyes of his and I must say, the entire gallery of witnesses as Michael gave his testimony, even in their complete silence, was absolutely fantastic. Tracy (Jane Elliot) coming to Lulu’s (Julie Marie Berman) defense was Emmy worthy.

Did I find Chad just as fantastic? Well I was eating my Lamb Burger but I was not eating my words along with it. Was he terrible? No. Was I on the edge of my seat? No. I will readily admit that it is difficult for me to not compare Mr. Duell to Drew Garrett (Michael Corithos III, 2.0 ) however; I desperately tried during yesterday’s scenes. I kept reminding myself to let Drew go and focus on Chad. The nervousness definitely came through; however, I felt that I was witnessing Chad’s nervousness more than Michael’s. The recounting of Claudia’s death and everything that happened that night was just that, a recounting of events that, for me, lacked the emotion I was hoping to see from Duell. I was so ready to see this spark come out of him to validate why he was chosen and Drew was let go. I just didn’t see it. I was searching for it. I hope he improves, I really do. With Dylan Cash (Michael Corinthos III, 1.0 ) in the role, I expected to see him grow up as Michael ala Kimberly McCullough (Robin). When they recasted with Drew, I fell in love with character even with all his flaws as Garrett took this character and put him on the map more than a bullet wound to the head ever did. I guess I’m struggling with going from fantastic to just OK.

Special kudos to Aaron Refvem (Morgan) for his fantastic scences opposite Laura Wright at the end of the episode. It’s always good to go out on a high note.

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    I thought Chad did great in all of his scenes yesterday.  From the confession, to the booking process,(how about that look of pure hatred he shot Dante. If looks could kill, big brother would have been right next to step-mommy dearest), to his emotional scene with Carly, to him promising his dad, from behind bars, that he was going to make him proud.

    Chad Duell has officially won me over.

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    Regarding Chad Duell,

    I am starting to think that this is a case of stunt casting. Perhaps they are trying to appease the folks at Disney, for some reason, by hiring one of their actors??? Dunno why. This would not be the first time that a show has used stunt casting to try to improve ratings, but it doesn’t always work!! Actually, it fails more often than it succeeds……

    I already posted a LONG comment regarding this on another thread, but I have no problem repeating the main points of it….

    Yeah, I am really not seeing any "star quality" or "spark" coming from Chad Duell. He’s certainly not a bad actor, by any means—–(like so many other young actors who I am forced to watch learn how to act onscreen, while CRINGING at every painful second!!)——but he’s just green and a little BLAH for my taste.

    I saw a star quality immediately in Drew Garrett. I saw a young Jonathan Jackson. With Chad Duell, I just don’t see it. Again, I see mostly nerves and uncertainty, which don’t translate well onscreen. I hope the nervous tones of his scenes disappears soon. If they don’t, I say RECAST, and find someone who doesn’t have the DISNEY name attached to him, and can simply deliver ON POINT!! When you are in scenes with Maurice Benard, Steve Burton and these powerhouse type of actors, you can’t let nerves get in the way. You have to give 100%, and it has to be real and powerful!! No imitations allowed!!!!

    There is SOMETHING missing from Chad’s performances, and I am STILL trying to figure out what it is, so that HOPEFULLY he will grow on me (not like fungus, though!) in the future. I have accepted the fact that he is NuMichael, and I will have to simply grin and bear it. The only other alternative is to stop watching GH, and that’s not gonna happen. Despite it’s flaws, GH is STILL the best soap on the air!!!

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     I am also on Chad Duell train.. he was great  yesterday… 
    His testimony scenes were really moving , and his scenes with carly and Sonny were really great , and I love the look he gave Dante 
    I also love the look that Carly and Jason gave during Michael testimony  Steve and Laura didn’t say a word but their facial expressions broke my heart….
    Laura was really the star of the episode .. I hope she will get Emmy some day….

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    I liked the episode ok but it was not as great as it could have been with the exception of Tracey telling Carly off. I LOVED that scene and loved how how she stood up for Lulu but i also think she was there because of Micheal and the life he should of had with the Quartermains.

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    I agree with you Reagan.  I thought Drew was amazing and I have tried my best to gice Chad a chance, but he has done nothing special.  Steve Burton tweeting that he got a standing ovation for his courtroom scenes must have been forced by some executive, because he did not have 1/10th the emotional connection to recounting what happened that night in the cabin that Drew did every single time he retold the story.

    I have to disagree with jij0117 about the look he gave Dante.  I did not get the drop dead sentiment from Chad towards Dante, and I think that is another disparity between him and Drew.  If Drew still hated Dante in that moment it would have been more evident, but I was not sure of his feelings at that moment. Latter on with Carly he did not defend Dante, but he did not join his mother in villifying him either, which made me think that while he still does not like Dante, he is not upset with him for turnng him in like everyone else.

    And Jane Elliott as Tracy defending Lulu and putting Carly in her place was indeed both emmy worthy and the highlight of my day.

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    I’m sorry but I didn’t feel anything but sadness when Chad was saying his lines because that’s what it felt like to me.  That he was saying lines.  He’s not a bad actor but he’s not great.  I would have loved to see Drew in those scenes.  He would have been awesome!  They would have been powerful emotional scenes!  What in the world where TPTB thinking?  Did they not think DG could handle prison scenes?  I don’t believe it for a second.  I felt that LW & MB carried the scenes that they shared with CD and LW & MB were great and clearly making the best of it.  It’s such a let down and a disappointment.  I hope he improves but I don’t ever think he will have the star quality that shined from DG the minute Michael opened his eyes in that hospital bed!!!

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    I miss Drew. I will always miss Drew. That doesn’t mean that I don’t like Chad, it’s just that… he’s not Drew. And I can’t really get over that fact.

    I think that the collective audience would be easier on Chad if he wasn’t a) recast so quickly, and b) recast in the middle of a six month or so long storyline that was finally starting to reach the conclusion. Several times it has been mentioned that if they needed to recast Michael with Chad instead of Drew they should have waited until the audience got their pay off. They did not. That isn’t the fault of Chad Duell, but since he is the one portraying the recast character, he’s the unfortunate victim of the fallout.

    In a way it reminds me of what happened when Jennifer Bransford replaced Tamara Braun as Carly, because it happened so quickly instead of the character ‘going away’ for an undetermined amount of time before coming back as a new face, as recasts tend to happen on soaps. Of course, people aren’t nearly as merciless on Chad as they were on poor Jennifer. Lucky for him!

    I’m still underwhelmed by Chad’s performance, because of the aforementioned reasons. I think that maybe, once Chad’s Michael gets a storyline that revolves entirely around Chad’s portrayal, I won’t have quite the same amount of residual ‘you’re not Drew, I want my Drew back!’ feelings, because it sort of feels like he hijacked this one.

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     Highllight of the day for me was when Carly returned home defeated and sunk onto the couch, only to have to pop up and be strong when Morgan entered the scene.  In true Carly fashion, spinning the events of the day to protect her youngest son from no doubt feeling both betrayed by one, and that he betrayed another of his brothers.
    When Morgan cries, we all cry with him.

    On the Chad Duell recast: like others I don’t see any spark.  A competent actor, but nothing revelatory.  So far I struggle to see Duell and Wright as mother and son (even moreso than LoCicero and Zamprogna as Olivia and Dante).   Duell lacks the "manchild" element that the character of Michael had.
    I still think there must be more to the recast than "taking the character in a new direction".

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    I think Chad was okay but I think Drew would have been great especially because this was Drew’s story to finish.   How do you bring in a new actor right in the middle of a crucial point in the story?    I could see if Drew was doing a bad job but the kid was getting high praise from everyone so what was the point of all this.   I also agree with whoever said Drew reminded them of a young Jonathan Jackson starting out.   He certainly had the potential to go far on this show so again I ask what was the point of switching actors in the middle of a story if at all.

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    Regan Cellura

    There are so many RUMORS as to why Drew was recast. So many. TPTB definitely screwed up with the quick recast and not allowing Drew to finish out the story. When Michael is sent away, it should have been Drew going away and Chad coming back. These execs never learn their lesson. Which then tends to make us believe there is much more to this recast story. Perhaps that is the real soap opera.

    I was honestly hoping to eat my words. With all this talk of standing ovations and praise after the testimony scenes were taped. Perhaps the ovation was for Judge Carroll? Maybe the stunned silence was everyone thinking that Drew would have done much better. I don’t know. What I do know is that all the priase for these scenes specifically did a dissevice to Chad. In my head, this was his cutoff date. I’m not a thirty day type of girl. I’ll eventually get used to him but that’s all. It’s sort of like Jacob Young’s Lucky. I didn’t like him at all in the role despite his ability as an actor. As JR, he’s fantastic. I did get used to him though. I just always knew there was a better Lucky out there.

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    Oh Regan I was with you when the news broke on the NuMichael and Disney Chad was coming on board. Yeah I was not thrilled. Then I saw pictures of him and honestly it justified what I was feeling. I saw his first air date, and was "eh ok" not thrilled but he was not on long so I need more. The days went by and I was still on the "eh" train but I started to see now the actor and I have to admit he is doing a pretty decent job. I can’t fault the actor for taking the job, but I can fault the acting and right now I am liking the acting. Am I positive this is the way they wanted Michael to head? I am not sure – maybe.

    I can only hope that in a year from now we will be praising the character and actor.

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    For me, Jane Elliott and some actual dialogue that doesn’t give the mob crowd a free pass is worth the price of admission.  The rest of it – meh.

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    I don’t think he was that good on the witness stand.  It’s like he doesn’t know where he is.  He looks dazed and confused.  He’s not clicking as Michael for me and this is coming from someone who only started watching GH in February.

    Now Jane Elliot!  She blew me away.  I am so glad she came to LuLu’s defense.  I loved it!

    I am really getting into GH.  This soap is giving me everything that Y&R and B&B isn’t. 

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    For me, yesterday was all about Judge Carroll and Tracy Q!  The actor who plays Judge Carroll definitely deserves a DC Honorable Mentor.  Tracy and Carly locking verbal horns caused me to rewind the scene a couple of times.

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    Regan I agree for me he is just o.k.  I really do think Drew would of blew us away with his acting for that scene.  I don’t know maybe it is still early to judge him just yet.  Maybe he just has to be more comfortable in that role.  Gosh I would really like to know the truth about why Drew was let go though.

    I loved Tracy giving it to Carly and I think that judge is a hoot!!  I will miss this Morgan.  If yesterday was his last scene he was so great crying in that scene with Carly.  So believable!

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    I’d love it if you’d post something about recasts in general and not just this one.

    I’m having a really hard time accepting the Heather recast on Y & R.  It’s weird because Eden is such a fantastic actress and I never really cared much about Heather much this.

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    Okay, I will get on my soapbox again, but only because you asked me to…….LOL!!!

    The reason why recasts rarely work, Kcgeban, is because the producers/casting directors never seem to do what they are SUPPOSED to do: which is find someone who is:

    a.) a better actor than the actor that they are replacing
    b.) is suited for the role
    c.) if possible, is around the same age, and looks similar to the actor that they are replacing
    d.) Isn’t gonna end up taking over the canvas, or coming in at a pivotal time during storyline—unless they TOTALLY KNOCK IT OUT OF THE FREAKING PARK, actingwise!!!! No nervousness or half steppin’!!!

    Except for Mark Teschner, most of the casting directors are pretty hit or miss with their castings. Judy Blye Wilson is just HORRIBLE!! Where is HER replacement??

    With Chad Duell, he is NOT better than Drew, so that is my main problem….. If they had found someone of Tom Pelphrey’s caliber to play Michael (which I know is hard to find, but I wish they had done more auditioning and found him!) I would be ALL over a recast, and I might even be asking myself "Drew who???" by now!!

    As far as Eden Riegel goes, I think she is best when she’s playing heroines, but I also think can play a convincing bitchy character with the proper writing! I just wish she’d stop SMILING so damn much!!! Vail Bloom smiled, but it was more of a "Screw with me and I’ll chop your balls off" kinda smile than a "Want some lemonade??" smile. That just makes my mind travel back to Pine Valley and the sweet, bubbly, pitch-perfect Bianca Montgomery!! Not the effect she wants. Eden needs to REALLY embrace her inner bitch in order to make this work, but she is far more versatile than Vail Bloom was. Y&R hired her, I believe, to try to bring over AMC viewers to Y&R, not necessarily because she was the best actress for the job. I see Marcy Rylan as more of a "Heather" type of character than Eden. Eden should be replacing CLEMENTINE FORD. I have said it since day one, and I will KEEP saying it until I run out of breath AGAIN…………

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    Thank you, alstonboy….

    Loved your post….And I finally got what was bothering me so much about Eden as Heather: It’s that SMILE:. It’s completely un-Heatherlike. Vail did not smile half as much because it would have been completely out of character. This is a woman who was abused as teenager, used by her psychotic boyfriend, struggling to reconnect with her dad, and doing a job that often pits her against her own boss and the town’s wealthiest citizens…….Why the bleeping smile?

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     I am still not impressed with Chad. I think my biggest problem with him [besides the fact that he is not Drew Garrett] is his voice. It’s always so shaky and nervous sounding. I’ve never seen him in anything else, so I’m hoping this is just b/c Chad himself is nervous [which is understandable]. So yeah, if that shakiness goes away, that will be my first step towards maybe accepting him as Michael.

    When Morgan cries, I cry. I am gonna miss that little boy so much. I can’t even talk about it …

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    I like Chad.

    For the first time since the first Chucky appeared, I am actually feeling sorry for Michael.

    I hated that spoiled brat. When he was shot in the head, I didn’t care. When he killed Claudia, I wanted him in jail or thrown in the hole ASAP. I hated him.  I just hate bratty kids.

    Also Drew G could never show regret or make me feel sorry for him. He played angry great. He was terrific as anger.  But as a remorseful kid, I just could never see DG doing that.

    Loved Tracy going off on Carly I just hated she took up for LuLoon!!

    *****What people are saying about Eden on Y&R is so true.  I’m not feeling her either because she seems too darn happy.  I loved the old Heather. She had that b***** attitude and when she smiled, it wasn’t a cheerful smile but the kind of smile that made you scared she was going to put poison in your coffee or something.  I am hating this cheerful Heather.  **********

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    Mobb Ish

    NuMichael is a better actor than tha guy that plays Nicholas Casadine…but then he should’ve been re-cast as Spencer all grown! Chad’s not horrible, maybe even for a different character he’d b great, but it’s hard to believe that he’s the son of Carly & AJ & Sonny & Jason…he has no edge, no recklessness, no……ahhhh! Abolutely nothing about him says I grew up in a bad situation and my Mom is the Baddest Bitch and my dad is the Biggest Boss…NOTHING!

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    I love Chad as Michael.  Frankly, he told that stupid story so many times it was anticlimatic on the stand.  GH did a wonderful job showing what happened the other day and kind of blew it for the court day.  I was not a fan of Drew’s Michael.  I found him too annoying, arrogant – something.  I could never pinpoint it but usually hit the FF button when he was on. Same for Morgan.  Tired of all of the kids frankly.  Oh and one really weird thing – the cloying Molly sounded exactly like Spinelli.  I forget what her line was but please spare us a female Spinelli.  Scared the bejesus out of me.  UGH.

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     I think today scenes with Jason and Michael  rocked I was in tears for him , that Jail scene was really good by both Steve and Chad…

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    I like Chad, I think he’s doing a pretty bang up job for someone who got thrown into this role that was left by a really amazing Drew Garrett. I remember not liking Drew at the beginning of his stint but I got used to him so Chad definitely has my support. I still can’t stop talking about his eyes..I don’t know why I’m so in love with them.

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    [quote=kcgeban]Thank you, alstonboy….

    Loved your post….And I finally got what was bothering me so much about Eden as Heather: It’s that SMILE:. It’s completely un-Heatherlike. Vail did not smile half as much because it would have been completely out of character. This is a woman who was abused as teenager, used by her psychotic boyfriend, struggling to reconnect with her dad, and doing a job that often pits her against her own boss and the town’s wealthiest citizens…….Why the bleeping smile?


    Yes, NuHeather is too happy-go-lucky.

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    The best part of the episode was Judge Carrol expressing his disgust at the adults in Michael’s life!  He said everything I was thinking.
    Oh, and I like the new Michael just fine. I think he is doing a good job with what he is being given.

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    I do not like Chad.  Maybe he will grow into the role, but as mentioned before, there is just something missing about his performance.  I also was a little jarred by the ‘new’ Michael out from the coma, but Drew stepped right up and he WAS Michael.  Chad has no spark, while Drew had it all over the place, with every person he was interacting with.

    my opinion, they made a BIG mistake firing Drew!  I don’t care if he WAS a pita backstage, IF he was…

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     I do not like the new Michael at all.  I don’t think this guy feel’s the part or that he can act either one.  He has his line’s to say and he say’s them.  He doesn’t look like  a mobster’s son.  He look’s more like a sissy.  I am really sure he won’t be "growing" on me no matter how long he is on the show.

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    I think the biggest reason people are having issues with the NunuMichael is that the Drew recast was so totally unexpected.  As far as I was concerned, DG was hitting his scenes out of the park.  There were never any issues as far as his acting.  He was brilliant in every scene.  He was bratty when he should have been bratty and everybody cheered when Jason finally took him to task "You’ve been acting like a little bitch. I was embarrassed for you man, I still am" – great Steve Burton scene.  ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fySuX9pUL84 ).   But those bratty scenes had nothing to do with Drew – they were all Michael. 

    Another reason for having issues about the recast is that (and this is so typical) we are not being told anything.  Human nature is that we want to know every little tidbit about anyone being fired and/or recast, but hey, we watch soaps and we’re all nosy as hell.  Give us a little nibble as to why you let Drew go!  lol

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    I’m another who was constantly blown away by Drew Garrett…no matter how michael acted..I couldn’t wait for him to come on my screen.  But now…it’s like oh there’s michael.  He’s gonna sigh and look sad and somehow not quite know where he is.  I have to say Chad Duell is not a bad actor…he’s decent..But he’s not great, he’s ok.  I’m not fast forwarding him, but I’m not really interested either.  When Drew played him, I was and that makes me sad, cause Michael’s storyline was so huge and good and I should care and now I don’t.  I gave him time, tried to pretend he’s Michael.  But his scenes with everyone just arent’ connecting.  Plus is it me or is his chemistry with Lexi Ainsworth slightly innappropriate or is it just the writing?  There scenes come across as boyfriend/girlfriend not brother/sister.  I also equate this to the jennifer bransford recast of carly…another actor who did not fit the character and so the character who I happen to love-I love all the spencers, just became a nonfactor.  YOUR CORE CHARACTERS SHOULD NEVER BECOME BLAH OR A NONFACTOR.  They should make you want to tune in always.

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    I think Chad Duell is the absolute worst recast in the history of recasts! It’s clear that TPTB @ GH owed someone @ Disney a favor…there is no other explanation for firing the BRILLIANT Drew Garrett, & replacing him with a talentless/expressionless hack.
    I have tried to give Chad a chance…..but he is painful to watch.
    In one year, Drew made Michael into one of the shows most popular/cared about characters…& it has taken Chad less than a month to completely ruin it!!!! 
    I know for a fact that there are thousands & thousands of fans who feel the same way, & have chosen to boycott GH until they rectify this HUGE mistake.
    TPTB will be kicking themselves in the asses after Drew walks away w/ an Emmy this year & Chad continues to turn in laughable/lackluster performances. 

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