Maria Arena Bell on Y&R’s “Fun, Clever, Interesting” End of the Doppelganger Story

In an interview with TV Guide Canada, The Young and the Restless’ Maria Arena Bell responded to fan’s discontent with the show’s doppelganger storylines.

TVG: The Y&R fans who post online are extremely livid with the show. Would you like to address their discontent with your writing team, especially your controversial decision to include not one but two doppelganger storylines?

MAB: Let me tell you what’s funny about that. Someone in the soap press [Soap Opera Digest’s Carolyn Hinsey] recently wrote, “Did you guys realize that you have two doppelgangers airing at once?” Yeah, we did [laughs]! It was intentional. The two stories are intertwined. The Sarah and Patty storylines will be a rapid-fire denouement. It gave us an opportunity to tell a fun, clever and interesting culmination of Patty’s story and the pseudo reemergence of Sheila. It gave Tracey Bregman an opportunity to stretch herself as an actress and show a different side, a darker side, in this dual role. It’s a very short arc. But what it gives the audience is a tour-de-force performance from Tracey. You’ll see a very fun explosion this week. Tracey shouldn’t just win an Emmy Award for this portrayal, she should win an Oscar! You’ll see!

As for viewer dissatisfaction, I want to say I do visit the message boards. I do listen to our fans and critics. Sometimes when you’re watching a storyline unfold, you don’t know where it’s going and you get understandably frustrated. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It means people are watching and talking about our show. I’d be more concerned if fans weren’t talking about our show! A perfect example of that is the Adam Newman storyline. Everyone complained about Adam getting away with all his evildoings, yet [we surged almost 300,000 viewers in the ratings the week he was murdered — which proved at the end of the day that the audience really loved the story]. We always ensure there is a great payoff in all of our stories. Just trust us.

Read the entire interview at TV Guide Canada.

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  1. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Maria, get your head out of the sand!!!

    Let’s all hold hands and chant this LOUDLY so that she can hear it "ALL PRESS IS NOT GOOD PRESS!!!" She is STILL complacent about this show’s future. The problem is not just the crappy stories, it’s how those crappy stories UNDERMINE great characters who we have known and followed for years!! Regardless of how interesting, groundbreaking or "out of the box" a story is, if it makes characters like Victor Newman, Jack Abbott, Michael Baldwin and Phyllis Romalatti look like IDIOTS in the process, they should have the common courtesy and class to either REWRITE the story or not write it at all!!

    It was Douglas Marland who once said that "If the audience starts saying ‘This character would NEVER do that!’, then you have failed as a writer!! Plot must NEVER override character!!

    She needs to stop looking at just RATINGS and shock value, and think about this show’s history, and the personality that this show has developed over the past 37 years!! This show is supposed to be written CONSERVATIVELY. Conservative doesn’t mean "boring"…..but rather UNDERSTATED. Bill Bell didn’t play copycat to what other shows did. He believed in the power of CHARACTERS over plot. When the other shows were doing crazy, outrageous crap, Y&R was doing simple stuff, and was STILL #1 in the ratings. Maria seems to be so hellbent on pushing the envelope that she is forgetting how William Bell crafted stories. He did so slowly, carefully and with limited foolishness in between!!

    Maria is living in a dream world, and she needs to WAKE UP before this show dips below #1 in the Nielsen ratings!!!

  2. Profile photo of Joan76

    I thought of this crazy shit was about over, Patty gave Emily some drug then they took her to the morgue, so is he dead? Then Nick and Victor were release then Nick was arrested again. I was about to through something at the TV,

  3. Profile photo of kcgeban

    Nelson Branco should quit calling himself a journalist after that interview. He’s been ragging on the show for months about how bad it’s gotten, and then when he has the two hack-writers in front of him he does nothing but gush. He doesn’t even follow up that insulting MAB line about there being "20 online viewers" who may be unhappy.

    This was an interview of and by delusional people. Nothing to see here folks!

  4. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    You said it AlstonBoy.

    I remember Bill Bell once saying in an interview: "We do very few amnesia, back from the dead, and evil twin stories."

    I hope the show gets back to what it was a year ago. I am keeping my fingers crossed Maria. Make the show good like it was where I would watch episodes TWICE because it was so good.

     And yes Nelson is an ass kisser….and a hell of a lot more.


  5. Profile photo of CarlyCfan

    You guys were really expecting something different?? Branco is an ass kisser and HS and MAB are smug and delusional!! MAB needs to stop talking about history, how many characters has she ruined ever since she took over?? Jill, Neil, Sharon, Phylis, Nikki, just to name few. Her writing for the women is particulary awful.

    I have no hope for the show with these people in charge.

  6. Profile photo of bottomchef

    I agree w/ kcgeban, scott and carlycfan RE branco! He doesn’t ass kiss. He rims his favorites! LOL! Also, he loves to drape himself in a rainbow colored flag when it suits his agenda. He’ll bash Goutman RE nuke and Wheeler bec she’s Mormon, but he won’t take MAB or Sheffer to task for botching up Adam, rafe and Phillip, and he’ll never bash Carlivati and obviously gay Valentini for axing kish.

    MAB and Sheffer completely buy their own hype. They’re trotting out the "Bill Bell did these crazy storylines" press release and they think their writing is "contemporary". LOL!

    It gets even funnier when MAB talks abt potential career growth and climbing up the ladder on Y&R’s writing team. Hello? She married a Bell! That’ll guarantee career growth on Y&R!

    It’s one cliched response after the next. "You can’t pander and talk down to the audience." "You have to be passionate abt Daytime." It’s all very "Let’s make sure the audience thinks we think they’re smart." Mmmmmm kay.

    Speaking of pandering, the 3 then join a mutual admiration society when Sheffer and MAB begin singing praises to Canada since Y&R’s ratings are high there. Canadians understand Y&R bec they’re brilliant and have dry humor! Everyone else is stupid! LOL! Sheffer even compares Y&R to Margaret Atwood’s writing! WOW, how crazy was that? Sheffer and MAB are not open to any critiques at all, they’re just like their interviewer Branco.

    Branco also called them Beauty and the Beast. So put Sheffer in the long list of ppl whos appearance Branco has made fun of. He’s now in the esteemed company of Tylo, MTS, Marlena Delacroix, etc. All in a day’s work for Branco.

  7. Profile photo of jlj0117

    Maria, I’ve seen this story, mainly because it’s on Soap Net late at night, and sometimes I just have a hard time sleeping.

    So if you read the boards allow me to say, in the nicest way possible…………… are an idiot.

    One doppleganger was kind of cheesy, but the second one, over the top lady.  The fact that you honestly think that fans are interested in this, speaks volumes about your intelligence.

    You should be bitch smaked, repeatedly, by every actor that has been forced to insult and lower them selves by playing this story line.

  8. Profile photo of east.west

     Pt for you AlstonBoy and everyone else b/c you guys sum up everything well. In addition to you guys astute commentary, these two pretty much piss off a viewer base. Online audience are a audience just as important (I say even more) than the offline. It’s an insult to both in a way. To the online audience we don’t matter since we are an minority, but to the offline audience they will accept the ridic b/c they can always count on the loyalty from ppl in that audience. It was kind of a subtle way to call them stupid. I really wanted this interview to give them a chance to give them a positive spotlight, but it kind of did the opposite. At the end of the day they will write what they want, but they should be cautious of the online viewers bolting. The tradtional audience have been decreasing for the last decade and I think we online viewers and the online community are the ones that are still putting up the good fight and when the traditional audience goes away for good, they won’t have us to fall back on b/c they think we are not important.

    Incohernt rant over lol.

  9. Profile photo of HowardBeale

    My Gawd, talk about a delusional hack with her head firmly planted up her own ass… how can this woman possibly believe that anyone was finding this crap "fun" or in any way enjoyable?
    If she’s reading what’s being written on the message boards as she claims then obviously she can’t read english because there is no way in hell anyone wouldn’t be able to make the determination that it is more than just "… a few disgruntled fans…." who are royally pissed off with the garbage she’s being trying to pass off as entertainment.
    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – this is another prime example of someone in charge who doesn’t give a f**k what the viewers think!
    In other words, she’s trying to feed us a steaming shitburger, telling us it’s a prime cut of beef and laughing all the way to the bank!!!
    The complete and utter unmitigated arrogance of these people makes you want to kick them all square in their overinflated egos!
    Well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it…

  10. Profile photo of Smitty

    Y&R is in the absolute worst shape I have EVER seen!

    MAB since you read the message boards and stuff read this. You need to be FIRED along with Hogan and Scott Hamner. This show is HORRIBLE! It’s hard to get through an episode.

    Your Y&R is worse than LML! Yeah I said it!

  11. Profile photo of met

    Again this woman have no clue.
    did she just say that Tracey Bergman should win an emmy with that god awful storyline?
    Please I wouldn’t vote for it, because part of winning an emmy isn’t only acting chops but its what you are given to work with. Is MAB saying Helen Mirren and Judy Dench has been given awards because of awful scripts? Noooo, they are given emmy because the scripts they acted out on screen was engaging and not a freak show.

    Nelson Branco should quit calling himself a journalist after that interview. He’s been ragging on the show for months about how bad it’s gotten, and then when he has the two hack-writers in front of him he does nothing but gush. He doesn’t even follow up that insulting MAB line about there being "20 online viewers" who may be unhappy.

    Nelson isn’t a journalist, he is a blogger.

  12. Profile photo of richalan67

    You go girl!!  You are telling great stories and the payoffs are great. To all of these people who think they can write better stories… they can’t even put two sentences together correctly in these comments.

  13. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    I just think a fault here lies when Barbara Bloom gave Lynn the power to show Kay Alden and Jack Smith the door.
    If the credits were still saying:

    Written By:
    Jack Smith
    Kay Alden

    …we wouldn’t be having these issues.
    Thanks Bloom.

  14. Profile photo of BFluellen1

    This interview just cements my worries: that Y&R days will soon be numbered. And I just loved when Hogan stated: "If you get stuck in the traditional soap model, you’re gonna get cancelled." Really? Really?! How does he think that Y&R stayed #1 for 20+ years?! For telling strong, tradtional stories about the human struggles. While the great Bill Bell had his campy moments, he had them matched with other stories that were just as strong. That is not the case. We have a pile of crappy stories. There is nothing on the canvas right now that appeases me. NOTHING.

  15. Profile photo of gk1225

    This lady is delusional. The fact that there was a surge of 300,000 viewwers the week Adam was killed does not mean people were invested in the story; it means they were returning to see if the show improves after such an idiotic story.  This show has turned into Passions/Days of our Lives.

  16. Profile photo of gk1225

    This lady is delusional. The fact that there was a surge of 300,000 viewwers the week Adam was killed does not mean people were invested in the story; it means they were returning to see if the show improves after such an idiotic story.  This show has turned into Passions/Days of our Lives.

  17. Profile photo of EduBois

    It really was a bad interview.  Not only did MAB and HS insult viewers, Branco really asked horrible questions! And no follow up questions either! 

    The one thing that pleased me is that reading the incoherent thinking of MAB and HS FINALLY made it clear that these dopes ARE writing the show!  One minute you read the message boards, next you say there are only 20 people on there.  First you say you honour the show’s history, then you say traditional soap will get you cancelled.   First HS says he works with everyone, then he’s saying he works on his own.  WTF?  Either you’re stupid or you’re lying, one of the two because these things can’t be true in the real world that we all are living in.  

    I think these people know they’re in trouble and they’re pulling out all the pr approved catch phrases, and are hoping to encourage viewers to hang on.  It sure sounded like pr drivel and Branco should start calling himself a stenographer because all that girl does is take notes!

  18. Profile photo of revtrask

    With each new day, it gets more difficult to not suspect that the endgame in all of this is the end of traditional daytime drama. Which begs the question, what shows will these people helm and write…the less expensive game shows and talk shows that are slated to replace the soaps?

    It cannot be impossible to pen compelling daytime television because we (well, at least myself and 19 others) have seen it done. If TPTB aren’t willing to produce a watchable program, then I’m going to have to insist that they reimburse me for a new remote. The FF button is worn out on mine.


    One of the 20

  19. Profile photo of othell

     Although I hoped for honesty from these two, past interviews with Branco gave me reason to doubt, and I was right.  This amounted to a love letter from TV Guide Canada to MAB and HS, pure and simple.  I even tweeted Nelson Branco and asked him why he avoided the tough questions he alluded to earlier this week, and he claimed that he wanted to but MAB and HS would not permit him to ask those questions.  Nelson has interviewed the show runners of Y&R before, and it always comes out this way.  Let Jamie or Luke interview them, and then we would have an interview!

  20. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    It wasn’t Sheila. It was her sister Sarah.

    Her sister Sarah that we’ve never heard of. The sister that was never mentioned back in the early 90s when "their" mother Molly had the stroke when Sheila switched the babies.

  21. Profile photo of jetty

    Nothing but pure spin. Everyone knows these stories have hurt the show. Bregman has been good in the little bit I’ve seen (I’m one of those who gave up watching a couple of weeks ago, I was tired of having my intelligence insulted so much), but it’s not Oscar caliber. The payoff is not going to be worth this horrible story. All it does is make audiences worried that ridiculous "Passions" stype stories will continue ruining what was once an excellent soap.

  22. Profile photo of RebeccaJ

    I think we the viewers are at fault along with MAB. Ok, her so more than us, obviously, but like me, a lot of us complain about the show but continue watching anyway.

    Nothing is going to change as long as we continue to do that.  We’re bitching about a "product" that we continue to buy. Why should she change what she’s doing?

    I’ve stopped for months (and sometimes years) at a time watching B&B, and I’ve stopped watching Y&R at times, but I’ve continued to read the daily spoiler. I think at this point it’s more habit than anything.

  23. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Nelson Branco is the lowest form of life imaginable—slightly above the cockroach and the sewer rat, as far as I’m concerned!!! There is a special place in tabloid hell for "journalists" like him, and I hope he enjoys red flip-flops, pitchforks and barbecuing!!!! He’s gonna have no choice!!!!

    Outing actors, insulting innocent people and spreading random gossip and innuendo is the kind of crap that ruins careers!! It’s a wonder he’s still employed with ANY publication, much less TV Guide Canada. I guess scraping the bottom of the barrel is "the new black" in terms of doing business with some magazines and newspapers. You get what you pay for, though…….

    They clearly have no standards or integrity. Journalism is a SKILL and an ART, which includes much more than simply spouting off one-liners, kissing ass and "killing your interviewee with kindness." Branco is not interested in conducting himself as a good journalist, he’s just out for shock value and attention, much like Ma Bell and Hogan Sheffer. This interview was a match made in heaven…or hell (however you wanna slice it!)

  24. Profile photo of Smitty

    I think people are unfairly attacking Nelson Branco because of the responses MAB and Hogan gave.  He can’t control what they say.  As a journalist he can only ask so much.  I’m not sure what else you all wanted.  Besides once you see that they are giving you nothing but bull why continue to ask them the tough questions when you know what the answer will be just bull.

    Nelson asked some of the questions that I wanted answered that I put in the forum discussion about the interview.

    I say good job Nelson.  I’m not sure where all the Nelson Branco hate is coming from. 

  25. Profile photo of kcgeban

    I read this sorry excuse for an inteview again. I’m a glutton for punishment, I guess!
    But i really thought there might be somethng there that I missed the first time, something I could pin my hopes on in terms of the quality of the show improving….There was nothing…These people DO NOT GET IT.

  26. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    I agree with Smitty about the Nelson bashing. However you may feel about him, he is not the one destroying The Young and the Restless. I will say this, it takes a lot more to speak to these people, in your own name, and on their terms than to talk about it on message boards sometimes. I got accused of "going soft" on Ron Carlivati during our interview, even though I called Rex and Gigi the worst couple of last year. I feel Nelson asked all the questions fans wanted answers to, he can’t be held responsible if they chose to blow smoke.

  27. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    Nelson is the Perez Hilton for daytime tv.
    Just a shameless bottom feeder.

    And if you want to know why Nelson isn’t liked see AlstonBoy’s post above. It’s all true.

  28. Profile photo of Pure_Diva


    With those three clowns writing the show, we’re in deep doo-doo.  

    Newsflash, Maria:  If the messages are talking about how bad the show is and how much they’re contemplating quitting their viewership, then it’s NOT a good thing.  You want people to LIKE the show.  You want people to pull other people into watching and liking the show. 

    Those 300,000 viewers who watched Adam "die" all left the next week. Or did you miss that?  

    Maria is an idiot.  Hog Sheffer is a loser.  And we’re all wasting our time.  The show is all but over.   

  29. Profile photo of othell

     Jamey, you are right about Branco.  I know it is not easy to actually be the one interviewing these people, so I can see that maybe he did the best he could under the circumstances.  However, he did over-do the bit about the show being Emmy worthy–  that made me laugh.  I guess all of us who love the show hate to see it deteriorate so badly, and it is so frustrating that TPTB refuse to acknowledge the problems with the show and refuse to take the steps needed to fix it.

  30. Profile photo of met

    I can’t understand why Maria Bell would have thought that fans would have gone for the idiot storylines they spewed. Tracey Bergman deserves better than that passionesque storyline.

  31. Profile photo of cheryl85

    [quote]TVG: Hogan, what’s it like working on the No. 1 soap opera alongside Maria Arena Bell?
    HS: [Joking] She’s a walking soap opera [laughs]! It’s a strange transition for me because I’ve been, as you know, the head writer on both As The World Turns and briefly, thank God briefly, on Days of our Lives.[/quote]

    And Thank God DOOL is doing the damn thing! 

  32. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    I can’t believe anyone is surprised by the way that interview went; Branco likes to play nice to everyone’s face–come Monday, he’ll be dogging Y&R yet again.  I mean, he’s been the absolute BIGGEST critic with regards to some of the show’s casting choices; for chrissake he’s been trying to getting Amelia Heinle fired for the better part of forever….well he’s not alone there, but still, I don’t understand his lack of desire to tackle that topic along with other "touchy" subjects.  Whoever said he’s nothing but a blogger (and mind you, nothing against bloggers) posing as a journalist was spot on.

    As for the actual show itself, I have to admit the whole Sarah/Lauren bit had me going for about, oh, five minutes right up until the suspense-free anticlimax.  The best thing about the conclusion of this story is no more Daisy. The worst thing is that my beloved Tracey E.Bregman and Christian LeBlanc are probably headed straight(well him not so much if you get my drift  )  back to the backburner. 

    As for the Patty debacle, it’s distressing how sloppy this story is being written; guess we’re stuck with the psycho kitty lover now that she’s offed Emily and taken her place…..AGAIN.  REALLY? I mean, REALLY?  Sometimes I can’t believe people actually get paid to write this stuff.

  33. Profile photo of Jorpa

    All I can say to MAB and HS is bah humbug. 300,000 viewers tuned in to see Adam die and we were robbed! Then the viewers tuned out.

    I NEVER thought I’d see the day that Y&R would be worse than GL in its last few years, but I did. Not only did they insult my intelligence, but they insulted the intelligence of all major actors/characters just like GL. I’m not sure how much more I can take. The Young and the Restless has turned into The Old and the Feeble in the last year.

  34. Profile photo of craigcp

    Well at least they haven’t started filming in people’s back yards or convenience stores yet. That was a further insult to the actors of GL they had no makeup, there were trailers as dressing rooms, in the last days they were using people’s toilets and bathrooms houses that they filmed in; the actor who played Holly said that the conditions were deplorable, she was proud to be part of the early days of GL. This could be Y&R and other soaps future if they don’t get their shit together.

  35. Profile photo of paddylad

    All these comments slating the interview , slating the writers are probably the reason writers don’t take that much notice in these forums.  Y&R has around 5 Million viewers and yet to hear the 30/40 people commenting on here you would think the Show had dropped ot the bottom of the ratings and was on it’s way out.  Yes the doppleganger story was a little OTT but that is the nature of the soaps.  if you don’t like it then don’t watch.  Im in the UK and Y&R is a breath of escapism compared to our soaps.

    I think you should all chill, tyhere is not obejectivity here just shouting and rudness.  If you want your siaps to survive you should support them!!!

  36. Profile photo of reggyreg

    The comments on this forum has become so NEGATIVE. No, YandR is not as good as it was a year ago but it is NOT the worst soap on television. The same people complaining about the show will be the same people crying if they woke up Monday and find out that YandR has been cancelled. Can we please stop with all the negativity. It is not like we do not have an abundance of it in the world. What am I saying, it will continue. Negativity always does. If you don’t like the show TURN TO ANOTHER PROGRAM and stop commenting on it!

  37. Profile photo of east.west

    Another pt. to be made and brought up a little here. It is the home audience that makes it possible for this show to be the hit it is in our neighbors above us and overseas. So if we tune out where are they going to get the money for the show that is just too sophisticated for the slow American audience to get.

  38. Profile photo of richalan67

    East.West.— I couldn’t agree with you more. It seems as though the American audience has lost its ability to focus and concentrate longer than a nonosecond. I wasn’t really happening having two lookalikes but the second one only lasted a short period of time. MAB has said that this summer there will be old-fashioned romance, boardroom action, and more character-driven storylines. Even with this said the naysayers will still find something to complain about. It’s like if they have nothing to complain about they loose their reasoning for living.

  39. Profile photo of othell

    What ever happened to free speech?  Like I said before, it is because we care about the show that most of us are saying that it needs to be fixed.  If nothing is said, it will keep getting worse!

  40. Profile photo of arielade

    I’m with Jamey and Smitty, why all the NB hate?? I’m just happy to have someone else interested in the soap genre to take the time to write articles and interview writers and stars. These people are few and far between now, and I kind of think we should stick together.

    Anyway, I think people are so upset with Y&R because they want to see the soap survive. It’s easy to tell someone o change the channel if they don’t like what’s on, but for those people invested in the soap, it’s hard to give up on it. I see all this Y&R hate as frustration and hope that things turn around, rather than hate for hate’s sake. It’s when people become apathetic that we should really start to worry.

  41. Profile photo of alstonboy4315


    I cannot speak for anyone else, but my dislike of Nelson Branco, or my "bashing" of him had VERY LITTLE to do with the interview he did with Maria Bell and Hogan Sheffer. I do agree that he was pandering and kissing butt, but a lot of journalists do that.

    Nelson Branco is rude, disrespectful and says horrible things. He makes fun of actors for their weight, physical appearance and has called many actors "ugly" out of sheer cruelty. He had also "outed" numerous actors, and I don’t feel that it’s the right of ANY journalist or blogger to force someone to reveal his or her sexual orientation. Yes, other magazines have done it before, as well as many top run publications, but wrong is wrong.

    This man seems to spend more time crawling around in the mud than anything else, and I find it to be pathetic. He does manage to do good interviews with soap stars, writers and producers, but his bad qualities seem to outweigh his good qualities.

  42. Profile photo of Joan76

    If you don’t like Y&R stop watching it simple as that. They’ll keep spewing this crap long as people keep watching, I don’t think they want to loose there number one status.  As we all know Moonves doesn’t like soaps look what ATWT and GL fans had to go through, but they keep this up they will.     

    Contact information.

  43. Profile photo of east.west

    To clarify my post from earlier, what I was trying to establish is that they think we are to stupid to get this "fun, clever, and interesting" beginning, middle, and end to this storyline and that the overseas and Canadian audience are so smart and appreciate and get the nonsense. And please overseas/Canadian posters don’t take this as an offense. What these two don’t seem to get is that everything lives and dies on the homefront (Amercia) and that #1 soap in the world does not mean as much as it did the beginning of the last day b/c viewership on the homefront HAS DECREASED and unless they can magically invent a system where the ratings overseas can help w/the cost of continuing the show, they need to get of their high from the deserved and undserved praise they have gotten and realize that they are in trouble and not to take the audience on the homefront for granted (insulting the nononline viewing audience by doing stories that goes against establish characters b/c that audience don’t know any better (the typical looking down on the audience) and insultingthe online audience by saying we are the minority and our opinions are not valid and don’t matter jack shit.)).  

  44. Profile photo of east.west

     And as for Nelson, I used to be a fanboy of his take on the world of soaps and dismissed his critics, but overtime I have notice what his critics are saying and they are on the money.
    Now I am indifferent. I still read all of his stuff though and I guess he is just perfectly find w/just having readers than fans of his. I used to say that he’s a mix of Michael Ausiello (DC has taken that crown w/their inside scoops and intelligent hold no bars commentary on the industry) and Perez Hilton, but he has fallen to be the latter and I am not a fan of the latter at all.

  45. Profile photo of EduBois

    Wow this thread is burning up!  One thing I must say is that it is totally counterproductive to tell people to shut up and stop complaining.  People who like the show or dislike the show have every right to speak their minds.  I’ve watched Y&R for years and I have the right to give kudos where I want to and the thumbs down when I don’t.  That’s what this website is about!  Oh, and pleasea don’t make generalizations about the attention span of viewers from other countries because that is TACKY.  Someone upthread did that. There is no need to insult your fellow readers over a soap opera.  Maintain perspective!

    Anyway!  I was reading Soap Opera Digest and when I read Tracey Bergman’s comments on the fans’ uproar with her storyline they were practically WORD FOR WORD what MAB was saying in this interview with Nelson.  This just goes to my original point – this is a PR strategy because they know people are not feeling it!   Maybe they’ll change things up, but they don’t want to be seen to lose face by admitting that the writing has been shambolic. 

  46. Profile photo of RebeccaJ

    I think the thing that makes us "understandably frustrated" about the storylines is that we DO know where they’re going.

    As for the negativity on this board, how much discussion are you going to get out of "I love the show! It’s fabulous! Everything is perfect!"?  Discussion comes when you talk about good and bad, and if you’re feeling the bad more than the good, then that’s what people want to talk about. Nothing wrong with that.

  47. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Othell, I agree….

    This website was CREATED for us to engage in mature and intelligent discussions about various topics that occur in the world of soaps, and daytime television as a whole!!!! As long as we refrain from using a lot of profanity, or childish name-calling, I don’t see where there’s a problem??? Is it against "Daytime Confidential" rules to complain about the current state of soaps? If so, this website would be pretty empty.

    I can’t speak for anyone else, but I will "stop complaining" when the producers and writers get their acts together and start telling stories that I enjoy watching. Even then, there is always a way to IMPROVE upon the status quo, even if a show is telling great stories.

    Being quiet and passive isn’t the way get through to the CBS Daytime executives, and neither is the whole "let’s stop watching" tactic. For everyone who stops watching, there seems to be someone else who STARTS watching the same day. There seems to be very little that the fans can do, other than try to enjoy this show as much as possible, and hope for the best. I am not gonna give up on Y&R!! I still love the ACTORS on this show, and I still enjoy some of the stories and people on it. It’s not TOTALLY unwatchable.

    Let’s all just agree to write what we want to write, and allow others to write what they want to write, and stop trying to tell other people how to express themselves. It’s called FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

  48. Profile photo of splashdpow

    I am thankful for some of the more nuanced messages at the end of this thread. I’m not really familiar with fansites, but I am a big political blog reader, and as a long time viewer of the only soap I really watched consistently  (Y&R) I kind of like getting the industry scoop and hate that I want to get spoilers even though I really think they ruin the fun!

    That being said, I enjoyed the interview. Some of the choices Y&R is making are head-scratching and I’ll just say it, awful, but I agree with much of what they said. Y&R is still far better than a lot of bad tv out there (not talking about other soaps). Sure, be vocal, express hope for change, but don’t personally bash the interviewer of MAB and HS.

    Also, nowhere in the interview did she "diss" the online community. She says she reads them! That’s good, isn’t it. Just because you are not getting exactly what you want, doesn’t mean they are insulting you. I do think there are enough people that were willing to go along with the Lauren/Sarah mess just to see Tracey Bregman drive story. That and a hope that it would be over quickly is what kept me tuning in.

    Whether you call him a journalist a lot, Nelson did get MAB and HS to confirm what our wonderful podcasts host have been speculating- who’s running the ship. We at least go some claritly as to why things are so over the place: 

    HS: "I’m given a very large berth to contribute my ideas. Also, Maria has given me the chance to commandeer certain stories if she has a sense it’s a story I know and can tell very well. She’ll take a back seat and let me run with it. And that’s because there are no egos on this writing team. You know, I’ve worked on several shows where head writers are so protective of their ideas that the rest of the team is walking on eggshells. And I don’t like to work that way. [It’s counterproductive]. Yes, we fight and argue once in a while, but at the end of the day, the best idea wins. That’s why the show is so good."

    That’s telling. I think in theory this should work, but THIS is not how Y&R was before Aldan and Co. Left and I think this is why the show feels so different. They don’t even realize it.

    One last thing – the James E. Reilly comparisons are unfair to James Reily I didn’t watch Passions, but I was among the group of people that tuned into days after Marlena’s possession, and two things this that happened that week seem ripped right out of Days’ history:  Adam Framing Nick for Murder (think Tony and "Aremid" when John was gonna be exocuted for Tony’s set up murder, which was also a rip off of Knots Landing (Val). and if what I suspect is true, Patty putting in the morgue a not so dead Emily reeks of Carly/Vivian from Days as well.

  49. Profile photo of thecourt99

    To be honest, I didn’t expect much from the interview…primarily because HS and MAB have been spouting this same crap for a while now. It is obvious that they are oblivious to what they are doing to Y&R.

    So as a fan, what am I to do? I recall the uproar against Chuck Pratt when he was destroying AMC…and I am nearing that point with Y&R. I am down to watching it once a week, but keeping up on the threads in the HOPES that something turns around.

    That is why it dissappoints me when I go on threads and people say to stop compliaining, or stop watching.  Message boards serve as a place for discussion, and I have the same discussions on message boards that I have with my family and friends…and that is that Y&R is not the show that it used to be.

    I was raised to Y&R and I know some of these characters like the back of my hand. It seems like I have wasted these years when Y&R changes something and throws it in my face. I expect certain things from soaps, and yes, I suspend my disbelief….but Y&R has never treated me like I was stupid. That is what is happening now.  I must be an idiot if I don’t get the nuance of the storylines.  Is Y&R the worst soap on television? No. Is it getting close? Well…as soaps get cancelled…yes.  Is Y&R the worst that it has ever been? I would say its getting there.  Personally, I think ATWT is the worst and it will be off the air before the year is over.  GH and DAYS are great, AMC is on an upswing, and OLTL is still having issues.  As a fan and longtime viewer should I express my opinion so that hopefuly someone will see and keep the show from going in that direction for the long term? YES YES YES YES  

  50. Profile photo of basilnsybil

    Young and Restless has no other soap competition in its timeslot in Canadian markets across the country and it usually has the luxury of being a lead into the national news coverage. That said it has become a show that no longer is entertaining anymore. The talent is there with the acting pool (great vets) and potential but networks and production company seems bent on making sure it fails. Network tv is losing viewers while cable and other speciality channels gain audience. The policy of giving the customer what they want seems to have left network tv. Soaps are not losing their audience, instead a frustrated customer is going elsewhere. Online web soaps are gaining,  also shows that are getting decent timeslots and support like Mad Men are doing very well. The Neilsen system is flawed and outdated. How about giving tv subscribers the choice to have their channels where they want it on the dial. Network tv because it will not listen to its customer should be moved up to channel 100 move TBS or Bravo who responds to its audience to 2 or 3. I really like the yellow pages logo – let your fingers do the talking. Take the tv remote, turn off the garbage and go watch some great soap style programming which feature and star many great soap stars! on Lifetime etc… and let them know why you have switched to watching their channel.  I do hope Y&R does get its collective act together but I am not hopeful as long as the network is not respectful of this genre.

  51. Profile photo of Coffee_Junkie

    What a delusional bitch. I will never understand why Jack Smith and Kay Alden were fired. They were the people who WORKED under Bill Bell, and the two people he hand-picked to replace him.

  52. Profile photo of Toscanti

    I love Y&R and have watched for nearly 30 years. The show is #1 but of late the stories are a bit quack like.  I hope they can pull out of this slump and come up with new story ideas that will be more believable.

  53. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Y&R was also "number 1" under LML and Kay Alden. That stance means nothing anymore. They only look at women 18-49. People can try to act like that doesn’t matter all they want, but all Madison Avenue truly cares about is that demo, and Y&R is only two to three points above the other soaps among woman 18-49 any given week. All the soaps are in danger and don’t have the luxury of patting themselves on the back for fuckery. CBS has three additional pilots in development for daytime, other than the ones already mentioned in the press.

    As Peter Bergman said in an interview (and I am paraphrasing), Y&R being number one is like being on the top floor of a sinking ship. If Maria doesn’t stop with the type of storytelling that has been proven, time and time again, to cripple soap opera beyond repair, this show will be cancelled in a few short years, like all the rest.

  54. Profile photo of ROFO

    Fun, clever and interesting??  I guess I must have been watching a different show!
    I used my fast forward button more in the past few months than I have in years!
    Bill Bell, please find a way to channel yourself through your daughter- in- law before she destroys your legacy!!

  55. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    Whenever As The World Turns has been crap the last few years (and many times it has), I just need to remember how bad it really was in 1996. Anyone who watches that show knows what I mean.

    Like with Y&R which is challenged right now, if you think it’s really bad I have 3 words for you: "Clear Springs" and "reliquary".

    The show hasn’t sunk to that level yet but it’s on its way.
    I hope Maria and Co. can pull it out before then.

  56. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    And yes, Coffee-Junkie I sooo agree.
    Kay Alden joined the show in 1974 – one year into its run.

    The fact Bloom gave LML the power to can her….just a whole bowl of wrong right there.
    Just truly scandalous.

  57. Profile photo of Pure_Diva

    I appreciate every single person who explained how us viewers have the right so speak our minds on the state of our favorite soap.  I have watched Y&R since 1983 and have been loyal to the show through multiple writing teams.  When Y&R has been a part of your life for as long as it’s been a part of mine, then we’ll talk.  But for now, I would thank you to refrain from telling me what I can and cannot say about the state of the show. 

    I have watched soaps from other countries also.  But Y&R has been my favorite above them all – until now. 

  58. Profile photo of gabi

    A “tour-de-force performance from Tracey”? Past the superficial, I saw very little difference between Tracey Bergman’s two characters. On the other hand, Stacy Haiduk, in her Patty/Emily foray, nailed the crazy as well as the sane in riveting presentations.

    Emmy should be knocking on Stacy’s door!

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