Betty White Charms on SNL, Pulls in Golden Ratings

Betty White made her highly-anticipated appearance on Saturday Night Live, charming viewers and keeping us laughing as only she can do. From the opening Lawrence Welk skit, her delicious muffin (missing its cherry), to her very special Mother’s Day wish and the census skit that wrapped the show, White hit a home run. On Facebook, where fans started the campaign to get White on SNL, many quoted her best lines while fans on Twitter helped make #BettyWhite and Betty White trending topics. 

It wasn’t just Facebook and Twitter where fans converged, viewers tuned in too. According to Entertainment Weekly, White’s appearance helped SNL earn “its highest overnight ratings in 18 months” when “John McCain appeared alongside Tina Fey as Governor Sarah Palin.”

If you missed Betty White’s SNL episode watch it after the jump along with a skit that didn’t make it onto the air!

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  1. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    This was WONDERFUL!
    The writing was great and Betty was spot-on EVERYTIME. It was a solid hour and a half of laughs. I loved it.

    Can we do this again next Mothers Day please?

    Just one more thing to say: The Wizard of Ass!

  2. Profile photo of GossipGirl

    Betty White on SNL was the best episode they’ve aired in a very long time. Rachel Dratch, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Ana Gastyer, Maya Rudolph and Molly Shannon also made this SNL just as special as Betty White. The writing was surprisingly the best it’s been in years. I wish SNL was always this good!

  3. Profile photo of Joan76

    Love Betty White she was great but the show was awful, haven’t watched in years since the days of Eddie Murphy. They got their high ratings from people that never watched it or just watched it for Betty White, or haven’t watched it in years. We’ll be seeing more of Betty White. What ever she touches turns to gold.

  4. Profile photo of blake3b

     Awesome episode! SNL hasn’t been that funny since Tina Fey did Sarah Palin days. Love that it worked out with Betty appearing on SNL and thank God whoever started the page on facebook!
     And it was great that all girls from the past (and the good days!) came back. It would have been better had they had an all girl episode for mother’s day with those ladies back and with Betty White!
     Hopefully Betty White will be able to come back to SNL soon!

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