DAYS’ Hope Leaves Her Mark on Salem’s Men

Hope’s (Kristian Alfonso) twisted terrorizing of Salem’s men continues, as no one suspects the attacker’s true identity. Watch this week’s Days of our Lives promo after the jump.

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    Well I sure as hell care.  I’m liking the storyline and happy Kristian is on frontburn once with the Hope character.  I’ve been getting worn out with some characters getting too much screentime that are just plain boring and unless.

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    Exactly Chery!!! Kristian is doing Awesome as usual and is a way better actress then you know who with the laughable hype she gets that doesn’t make sense because she’s not that good. This storyline is way better than watching a tacky whore help a married man who’s having a midlife crisis cheat.

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    Hay you all the the new storyline with  Kristen  is stupid make no sense at all because you want  her to get some airtime fine but write some good stuff that make sense this new  storyline  what we watching  with Kristin  is crap

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    Excuse me Jess, calling an actress a foul name says alot about you and your character and FYI the entire soap industry agrees that Crystal Chappell is the best actress on Days and tomorrow’s annoucement of the Daytime Emmy nominees will prove that by the way lets bet money that Kristian Alfonso won’t be getting any nom’s not a personal attack she just doesn’t have acting chops never has and never will!

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