OLTL’s Starr X’d Lovers Musical Event!

One Life to Live’s three-day musical extravaganza takes center stage May 14, pulling out all the stops and featuring some of your favorite stars. Watch the promo after the jump.



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    It looks so cheesy and when I did watch it yesterday I seriously wanted to kill myself to put me out of my misery.

    Hallelujah that AMC and GH is not doing this crap.

  2. Profile photo of TmontyB

    I just saw the promo and it looks like it may be interesting. I’ll definitely watch and reserve judgment for later.   Plus, it sure beats badly written, implausible doppelganger madness.

  3. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Can we all say "GIMMICK"???? OLTL is pulling out all the desperate moves that a show pulls out when they KNOW that they are in a creative slump—multiplatinum artist appearances, and now this musical! It just screams "STALL TACTIC"!! They are stalling while the writers try to put their collective heads together and come up with some INTERESTING and INTRIGUING stories to tell that won’t put the viewing audience to sleep (or make them lose their lunches!)……………

    I would recommend that Y&R do a musical, but this show is laying on the heavy melodrama so much nowadays that I would probably have to pop a dozen Prozacs before I watched it. They would probably put Shakespeare to shame with all the darkness and depravity!!!!!!!!! Can we also say "WHERE IS THE HUMOR AT Y&R NOWADAYS???"

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    Nat Guy

    When I first heard they were doing another musical I rolled my eyes because the last one was so freaking chesey.  But, the promo for this one looks promising.  We’ll see.  At least ABC is promoting it and giving them time on the View.  And I’m glad they’re doing more covers this time.  I like that Battlefield song. 

  5. Profile photo of monica186

    When a show has this much talent available, they’d be foolish not to produce these musical episodes. Some numbers may flop but I think, over all, it’s going to be lots of fun!

  6. Profile photo of josser

    HOORAY!!!!! This looks INCREDIBLE!!

    This is why I LOVE One Life to Live!! I’m so excited about this! Some of you people are just so cynical that you can’t enjoy such a joyous gift.

    Look at Miss Tika and Miss Bree bursting forth in song! What about Mark Larson in his dress-whites serenading Jessica? 

    I can’t wait for this!

    I’ll take a musical episode, shining with creativity and sincerity, any day of the week!

    Bravo OLTL!!!!!

  7. Profile photo of liason4real

    Whoop!  It’s OLTL to Glee! 

    I enjoyed the last musical and since the show has a lot of singers it’s a good way to use their talents!

    By the way, I enjoy the music acts that show up on OLTL it sure beats any scene that Kelly is in!

  8. Profile photo of east.west

     This is not a stall tactic, if anything a ratings ploy. But let us not forget that they were planing this was before the casting cuts (oh I’m sorry the "Kishtastrophe") happened. This looks like fun and it’s their sweeps stunt. I for one am looking forward to this b/c the rest of the show is just plain meh soap.

  9. Profile photo of tonyjets02

    This actually looks good! I might have to tune back in to my Llanview. I never saw the first musical because I hated that period of One Life. The promo makes it look badass too. It’s like the ABC daytime marketing department joined forces with the Dancing With The Stars marketing team. It even kind of looks better than Glee!

  10. Profile photo of Dariclone

    "One Life To LIve Finds it’s voice?" Yeah, I’m pretty sure it *had* it’s voice until you started to strangle it creativlely Brian Frons.
    That being said, if Brody’s going to sing "Keep On Lovin’ You" to Jessica, I’m there.

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