Kelli Giddish and Jesse Metcalfe to Star in NBC's Chase

Now this sounds like something to check out. NBC has picked up the Jerry Bruckheimer drama Chase starring former All My Children star Kelli Giddish and Passions eye candy Jesse Metcalfe, according to Broadcasting & Cable. Chase is “a fast-paced drama amid a game of cat-and-mouse as a team of U.S. marshals hunts down America's most dangerous fugitives.”

Since leaving their respective soaps each has spent time in primetime. Metcalfe had a memorable stint on Desperate Housewives as Gaby’s (Eva Longoria) lawn boy lover, while Giddish starred in FOX’s quickly cancelled Past Life.


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Okay, more actor bashing coming.....

WHY is Jesse Metcalfe seemingly such a HOT commodity in Hollywood??? I have always found his acting to be completely wooden and devoid of any real deep emotion!! Think Clementine Ford in Harmony...with witches, demons and supernatural creatures everywhere!!! He was TERRIBLE on "Passions"---at least for the ten minutes a month of that show that I could stomach watching without the dry heaving setting in. He was EQUALLY as horrible on "Desperate Housewives," although, I must admit he was almost decent when he made his last appearance on the show.

So, he's good-looking! Yeah, I get it. That doesn't mean he deserves a job in Hollywood!! Evangeline Lilly recently announced that she's gonna stop actively looking for acting jobs when "Lost" goes off the air, and I really wish that Jesse Metcalfe would follow her lead!!!

Hopefully, his acting skills have improved. I certainly hope so!!

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 Jesse Metcalfe is my ultimate hottie fav. I'll check it out just because he's in it.

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I like Jesse. Little sweetie pie.
I don't know if I will watch this but I hope it does well.

I hope Kelli's character is written better than "Di" was. That Di crap just made ME want to die.
Thanks McTavish.