37th Annual Daytime Emmy Nominations!

UPDATED: The 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Nominations were announced on CBS’s The Early Show Wednesday, kicking off the final count down to daytime’s biggest night.

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series

Jon Lindstrom, As the World Turns
Michael Park, As the World Turns
James Scott, Days of our Lives
Peter Bergman, The Young and the Restless
Doug Davidson, The Young and the Restless

Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series

Bobbie Eakes, All My Children
Maura West, As the World Turns
Sarah Brown, General Hospital
Crystal Chappell, Guiding Light
Michelle Stafford, The Young and the Restless

Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

Ricky Paull Goldin, All My Children
Bradford Anderson, General Hospital
Jonathan Jackson, General Hospital
Brian Kerwin, One Life to Live
Billy Miller, The Young and the Restless

Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

Julie Pinson, As the World Turns
Arianne Zucker, Days of our Lives
Carolyn Hennesy, General Hospital
Beth Chamberlin, Guiding Light
Bree Williamson, One Life to Live

Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series

Marnie Schulenburg, As the World Turns
Molly Burnett, Days of our Lives
Shelley Hennig, Days of our Lives
Julie Marie Berman, General Hospital
Christel Khalil, The Young and the Restless

Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series

Drew Tyler Bell, The Bold and the Beautiful
Dylan Patton, Days of our Lives
Drew Garrett, General Hospital
Zack Conroy, Guiding Light
Scott Clifton, One Life to Live

Outstanding Drama Series

All My Children
The Bold and the Beautiful
General Hospital
The Young and the Restless

Outstanding Drama Series Writing Team

All My Children
As the World TUrns
The Bold and the Beautiful
The Young and the Restless

Outstanding Drama Series Directing Team

All My Children
The Bold and the Beautiful
General Hospital
One Life to Live

Outstanding Achievement in Hairstyling for a Drama Series

As the World Turns
The Bold and the Beautiful
Days of our Lives
One Life to Live

Outstanding Talk Show/Entertainment

Rachael Ray
Live With Regis and Kelly
The Ellen Degeneres Show

Outstanding Talk Show/Informative

Dr. Phil
The Doctors
The Dr. Oz Show

Outstanding Talk Show Host

Rachael Ray, Rachael Ray
Bonnie Hunt, The Bonnie Hunt Show
Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa, Live With Regis and Kelly
Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Sherri Shepherd, Barbara Walters, The View

94 Responses

  1. Avatar of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    It’s a shame that David Canary wasn’t nominated (I’m not sure whether he was even submitted, though), and I think it’s doubly a shame that AMC was nominated.  The garbage they churned out over the past year should not be rewarded.  Grrrr, PRATT!!!!

  2. Avatar of CarlyCfan

    Bobbie Eakes wasn’t even Lead, she did nothing that great last year while Stacy Haiduk was the best performer on daytime period and they don’t nominate her.

    Drew Garret better win the emmy. Julie Berman is way, way better than all the girls in her category.


    Oh wait AMC was nominated for writing??? LMAO.

    The good news is that Tony Geary didn’t get another pointless and undeserved nomination.

  3. Avatar of shackfan

    I think Sharon Case should have been nominated for best actress. MS is good but I think it was more Sharon year. Crystal is going to take it any way.

    Stacey Haiduk   They must be on crack how can she not have a nomination.

  4. Avatar of ladyofthelake

    Were is Kristen Storms, as well as LAura Wright. Robbed. I think Maurice Benard will deff get a nom next year, his material this year is great. I totaly think Sarah Brown is gona bring home that emmy.

  5. Avatar of soapfan8

    Stacey huiduke got snubbed so pissed how come Kirsten storms got snubbed too thank god no Jaqueline woods how in he’ll amc got that last nom over days that days episode was amazing can’t believe drew Tyler bell and Dylan Patton eew I wish to god Chandler Massey got the nom instead but it was too late congrats to drew Garret I want it to be down to him and Scott Clifton Bree williamson got a nom even tho not mentioned

  6. Avatar of alstonboy4315

    See, this is why I cannot stand the Daytime Emmys!!! They ALWAYS get it wrong!! First of all, Bobbie Eakes??? WTF??? Bobbie Eakes over Laura Wright and Susan Flannery???? What a waste of a nomination. Love Bobbie Eakes to death, but she’s got ABSOLUTELY no chance of winning against Sarah Brown and Crystal Chappell! Even Katherine Kelly Lang had meatier material than Bobbie Eakes. Insanity!! ALICIA MINSHEW had MUCH more material to work with than Bobbie Eakes, so if ANYONE should have been nominated from AMC, it should have been Alicia. Where is Terri Colombino from ATWT??? She did such magnificent work in the wake of Brad’s death, and should have been acknowledged!!! Pitiful.I guess Laura Wright and KKL are doomed to NEVER get nominated. Sad, but true.

    Also don’t understand HOW Jonathan Jackson got nominated for those handful of scenes he did BEFORE he found out about Nikolas and Elizabeth’s affair. This does cover the period BEFORE that, right??? Yeah, maybe it was just all the hype about him coming back, but that category of pre-nominees was pretty WEAK anyway!! I wanted to see Austin Peck from ATWT make it onto the list also, and I really wanted Joe Mascolo to get his first nomination. He is the best actor on DOOL, next to John Aniston.
    I shall offer NO complaints about the Supporting Actress category, because I love ALL the actresses who were nominated in this category. This is the ONLY category that they got right. So glad that Beth Chamberlin and Julie Pinson got nominated. They are both powerhouses, and I hope one of them win it!! Also love Carolyn Hennesy finally get nominated, since the Daytime Emmys usually don’t like to reward comedy. This category makes up for the FOOLISHNESS in the other categories!!

    Outstanding Younger Actress Where is Kirsten Storms??? You cannot tell me that Molly Burnett had a better reel than Kirsten Storms!! Ugh!! My blood pressure is rising just WRITING about it. I often find it difficult to stomach Maxie, but I still think that Kirsten has grown LEAPS and BOUNDS as an actress over the past year and a half on GH, and she should have gotten a nod this year also. The only saving grace in this category is that Julie Berman will wipe the FLOOR with the rest of these girls. I kinda suspected that Julie would pull a TWO-peat, but I still wanted Kirsten to get recognized.

    Outstanding Younger Actor:: Two words: Drew Garrett!!! No competition!! No comparison. Nobody else in this category comes close, and if he doesn’t win, I will not be a happy camper!!!
    Outstanding Show– WHY is AMC on here??? 2009 was a HIDEOUS year of AMC, just like 2008 and 2007 were!!! EVERY show that was written by Chuck Pratt has been horrible, and I fail to see how this show got nominated over ATWT or DAYS!!! Makes no sense. They have no chance of winning anyway, though. This is GH’s Emmy. Pure and simple. I just hate to see nominations get WASTED on undeserving shows.

  7. Avatar of cheryl85

    [quote=pecola] I hate the Daytime Emmys. 

    Big omissions:
    Stacy Haiduk
    Brett Claywell
    Scott Evans

    Yeah these were big nominations that that should had been given out!    What the hell Emmys!

    Ari Zucker   I believe she’s taken this one.  

    James Scott has a shot but I’m given it to David.

    Sarah and Crystal congrats, I see Crystal taking it home though with the hype she had last year.

    Best Young Actor and Actress lists are laughable.  Julie and Drew are taking it.  I feel bad for Kristen though.

    And AMC nominated in both WRITING and DRAMA… boy oh boy the show killer Chuck Pratt is glowing as of this moment.

  8. Avatar of CarlyCfan

    JJ got the nom for showing up and crying in every scenes??

    And i would have nominated Laura Wright too, over Eakes for  sure and maybe over The Stafford too, yes i went there.

  9. Avatar of babyc

     The only nominations  really cared about were Crystal Chappell and Stacy Haiduck’s. Why isn’t SH nominated, why? What did she submit? I really hope CC gets it, the other women are great actresses, but CC killed it every single scene. She submited the graveyard confession, right?

    God, AMC, as best? What is this I don’t even..

  10. Avatar of elbugten

    I love Bobbie Eakes, but why is she nominated at all, let alone for lead actress? What did she do in 2009? All I can think of is the reveal that Marissa is her daughter.

    I don’t watch ATWT, but I’m glad to see Kevin Collins, er, Jon LIndstrom get a nom.

    Supporting Actor is going to be tough to call; lots of good performances,  there. 

    AMC for best show? Really? Seriously?  On which planet, and where can I get some of those drugs these people are obviously on?

    Did you omit Bree Williamson? CBs’s Harry Smith said during the announcement that she was nominated, but I don’t see her name here. She’d be supporting actress, right? 

  11. Avatar of LawyerGirl04

     This is INSANE!

    No Maurice Bernard after that BRILLIANT performance at Claudia’s birthday party in October???? 

    No Laura Wright after all of her awesome material with the Michael in coma storyline??

    No MELISSA CLAIRE EGAN after she has been one of the only reasons to watch AMC for months?? That girl does more day in and day out that most of the other actresses on that show.

    Shelley Hennig over Kirsten Storms? I’ll never get that one.

    No STACY HAIDUK? This is just the cherry on top of the insanity pie!

  12. Avatar of pecola

    [quote=CarlyCfan]JJ got the nom for showing up and crying in every scenes?? [/quote]

    The thing that bothers me most about JJ’s nomination is that he’d been back on the show for like, two days, when the cycle ended. What’d he do in the short time he was there, at that point, to deserve this nomination?

  13. Avatar of rjm118


    Stacey Haiduk should be HANDED the best actress Emmy, are they for real?  Although Im happy two of my absolute favorites, West and Chappell, are nominate.

    Best actor should go to Doug Davidson or Michael Park, Bergman will probably get it because STACEY HAIDUK made him a better actor.

    Billy Miller OWNS the supporting actor Emmy, if he doesnt win then they should fold up the Daytime Emmys once and for all.

    Love that Beth Chamberlin was nominated, but she should have been nominated years ago.  I think Julie Pinson is gonna walk away with this one.

    Would love to see MArnie Schulenberg go home with Best Younger Actress.

    Drew Tyler Bell, seriously, at least they didnt nominate the hair model that plays his sister!!

    I have a feeling it may be wo in a row for B&B, even though its unwatchable at the moment!


  14. Avatar of GH LOVER

     I hate that Laura Wright and Maurice Benard  didn’t get it..  they had amazing scenes in 09.. TG should not even be in the pre nom …
    JJ for what???crying in the two month he was???
    he’s breakout scene was this year not last year….
    KS should have been there she was amazing as Maxie she had better scenes..
    JMB is amazing and she some good scenes but KS should have been there…

    Drew will get it of course because this kid is just brilliant….
    Sara will also get it as Claudia, I think she submitted the Baby death scenes…
    Happy that Carolyn got it…

    Best Drama is going to be GH… and I think they should keep a place for next year Emmy 

  15. Avatar of BasicBlack81

     soooooo unbelievably thrilled for Beth Chamberlain….she’s been one of the most underrated and overlooked talents in daytime for YEARS….she’s deserved a nomination and a win or two LONG AGO and I’m glad she’s FINALLY being recognized

    so glad that Bree W. is being recognized as well….she’s been OLTL’s most versatile actress the last 2-3 years and she was great this past year

    I can’t believe that Florencia Lozano (Tea, OLTL) was overlooked AGAIN…she’s a scene stealer (in a good way) and alot of the most intensely dramatic moments Tea was at the center of this past year

    happy to see Brian Kerwin and Crystal Chappell nominated too….Charlie was great after Jared’s death and Olivia was on fire during GL’s final year….would’ve liked to have seen Grant Alexsander nominated too, as he was GL’s Male MVP in ’09 for my money

    AMC was virtually unwatchable in ’09, but David Canary was the only thing that was watchable…he singlehandedly carried that show 

  16. Avatar of Marland Fan
    Marland Fan

    HA! No writing nomination for that hack Guza and his GH goons.  Nothing for Tony Geary, either.

    And no drama series nomination for GL?  I thought for sure it would get a nod for sentimental reasons, even though it had no chance of winning.

  17. Avatar of blake3b

     Wow, lots of surprises here! Some good and a lot that are questionable.

     Bobbie Eakes? I agree that Laura Wright should have this spot, I don’t know what the Emmys have against her. She always got snubbed even when she was Cassie on Guiding Light and she did amazing work on there also.
     I think Crystal Chappell has this one hands down again!
     Awesome that Beth Chamberlain and Zach Conboy got noms for Guiding Light, especially Beth! So glad to see her work appreciated for once, I hope she wins this one! 
     But how did Grant Aleksander or Justin Deas not get nominated for their amazing work on GL last year?!?!?!?
     And good for James Scott for getting a nom, as well as Ari Zucker! But how the hell did Molly Burnett get a nom? She’s the biggest hair model on Days!
     And no show nomination for Days? I hope Y&R gets it, it was still pretty good and classy last year for the most part.

  18. Avatar of alstonboy4315

    More gripes:

    Forgot to mention the Best Actor category!! WTF is Maurice Benard’s name?? He’s FAR better than James Scott. Sorry. I like James Scott, but it’s like comparing a cub to a tiger!! Not much of a contest. However, I am glad to see some new names in the mix in the Lead Actor category. This category tends to get stale and repetitive, just like the Lead Actress category. Michael Park needs to walk away with this award FINALLY!!! He deserves it.

    AMC as Best Writing?? Seriously?? Do they not realize that Chuck Pratt was the WORST writer to ever lay his incompetent hands on AMC??? He made Megan McTavish look like David E. Kelley in comparison!!! Don’t get it!!!

    Where is GH’s nomination for Best Writing??? They deserved it HEADS AND TAILS above AMC!!!! Bob Guza gets a lot of criticism, but he is a great writer, and GH had the best storylines and overall writing of 2009—much more even and entertaining than Y&R and B&B, if you ask me. At least GH is gonna win the Best Show Emmy. Glad to see ATWT get nominated for Best Writing, even though they have had their ups and downs. The show is still more deserving than AMC!!! Ugh. I can’t get over this!!!


  19. Avatar of wjhboy73

    Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series

    Marnie Schulenburg, As the World Turns
    Molly Burnett, Days of our Lives
    Shelley Hennig, Days of our Lives
    Julie Marie Berman, General Hospital
    Christel Khalil, The Young and the Restless

    I guess Julie will make it back to back wins because none of the other noms even registered :(

    And A Daytime Drama competition with All My Children and As The World Turns, BUT NO ONE LIFE TO LIVE, for 2009? PUH LEEZE Give Me A F****** break. AMC still sucks and As The World Turns just started getting interesting again this year. RIDIC>

  20. Avatar of east.west

    These are not as bad as they could’ve been. At this point the fans and apparently the industry are indifferent, but I still get excited about these for some reason.

    Love the nominations for the ATWT Lead Actors & Actress (big congrats to Jon!) and the rest are good to decent. The 4 big things that make my blood boil are AMC nominations for their homage to Clue and PBS Masterpiece Theater, Days snub for Drama & Writing, Drew Tyler Bell’s nomination, and Stacy Haiduk’s snub.

    Congrats to all of the nominees!

  21. Avatar of Katiebug9624

    So happy Crystal got a nom and for all the GL actors. Were in the heck is Days for best show? Seriously they submitted the death of baby Grace although how did AMC beat that? and were the heck is Kirsten Storms? Stacy Hiduck (can’t spell her name) I’m calling SHENANIGANS….except for Crystal of course ;)

  22. Avatar of yojoromo4469

    To all of the complainers above:  Please correct me if I am wrong,  but isn’t it up to the individual to submit themselves,
    if they wish to be nominated for an EMMY?  That is my understanding,  but perhaps I am mistaken. Someone please clue me and the rest of us in on this matter.

  23. Avatar of Katiebug9624

    that’s true, some people didnt submit I know that a lot of the GL actors didnt actually the only two that did submit that didnt get nominated was Jeff Branson and Tina Sloan (and of course show) nobody else submitted for GL its the same with I guess with the other soaps.

  24. Avatar of GossipGirl

    What does Laura Wight have to do to get a nomination? Even hough there are glaring omissions, thee are also some nice surprises as well: James Scott, Doug Davidson, Arianne Zucker, Carolyn Hennessy, Billy Miller, Drew Garrett.

    Best Actress is really Crystall Chappell’s to lose.

    My WTF? Nominations: All My Children; Pretty much all of the Younger Actress category, especially Molly Burnett; Drew Tyler Bell; Dylan Patton.

  25. Avatar of SoapFan75

    I am over the moon for Crystal Chappell’s nomination. I am also happy for Beth, Ari, Julie, James, Billy and Michael P.  MIchael Park is soooo overdue, he is such an underrated actor. 

    With that said, huh?  Where is Stacey Haiduk who was the show on Y&R and I thought the whole Nick, Phyllis, Sharon triangle was more Sharon Case’s show than The Stafford’s.  She was robbed.  I see that Chuck Pratt got a writing nomination.  Huh???  Look I have not fawned all over OLTL like DCers have but I would have given Carlivati’s team a writing nod over Chuck Pratt?  You might as well give Ellen Wheeler a directing nod.  Yikes!  Perish that thought.  Thank goodness that didn’t happen by the way.  

  26. Avatar of alstonboy4315


    No, it’s not up to the actors, except for in "Guiding Light’s" case!! Guiding Light actors had to submit themselves since the show was cancelled and the producers didn’t do it. I believe that Grant Aleksander, Robert Newman and many of the other actors on GL just didn’t care about submitting their names for Emmy consideration, since they were more concerned with their looming unemployment status.

    The shows’ producers are the ones who choose who gets nominated and prenominated.The shows pick two people in each category who they want to pre-nominate. They submit one episode for each actor to display their best work. Those tapes determine who gets nominated. Sometimes, the producers may make suggestions to the actors which episodes they should pick for consideration, but I think the shows do it all themselves.

  27. Avatar of cheryl85

    ^ Just hearing the podcast with Jim Romanovich tells me who the Daytime Emmys favor the most in terms of soaps in general: B&B, GH, Y&R, and AMC.  Looking at the nominations this year says it all.  However this is my personal opinion.

  28. Avatar of TV Gord
    TV Gord


    Do they not realize that Chuck Pratt was the WORST writer to ever lay his incompetent hands on AMC??? He made Megan McTavish look like David E. Kelley in comparison!!! [/quote]

    Ha ha HA!  Beautiful ! ! !  :-D

  29. Avatar of Katiebug9624

    I could tell that also. I don’t get there love for B&B mostly because I’ve never watched it but all I hear about is how its the most watched soap in the world (considering its overseas following) was Y&R any good? I love Billy Miller and Elizabeth Hendrickson but most I remember was Stacy (I’m a casual watcher) GH ugh I guess the whole Sonny yelling at Claudia thing was good but AMC good god what a travesty they never should of got that nomination especially over OLTL or Days, heck even GL but I heard they submitted the last episode which was to sappy for the emmy voters.

  30. Avatar of Brando628

     Excuse me if someone already pointed this out …

    People are complaining Scott Evans and Chandler Massey didn’t get nominations… well, these nominations are for work done in 2009 … most of the stuff people are complaining about won’t even be eligible until next year. Otherwise, Crystal Chappel could’ve been nominated for GL and DAYS. Just sayin.

  31. Avatar of AllmyDaysatGh

    I think a lot of people are forgetting about Krystal’s storyline on AMC from early 2009, where she was with David and he was drugging her with those pills. IMO, Bobbie Eakes delivered some AMAZING work, and i am not surprised that she was nominated at all! I remember all of her chilling scenes while she was under the influence of those synthetic pills. BE is definitely the underdog in this.

  32. Avatar of goyankees

    [quote=CarlyCfan]Bobbie Eakes wasn’t even Lead, she did nothing that great last year while Stacy Haiduk was the best performer on daytime period and they don’t nominate her.

    Drew Garret better win the emmy. Julie Berman is way, way better than all the girls in her category.


    Oh wait AMC was nominated for writing??? LMAO.

    The good news is that Tony Geary didn’t get another pointless and undeserved nomination.

    I literally couldn’t have said it better myself. You actually took the words right out of my mind and words off my keyboard (tho I no longer watch GH or any ABC show, but I remember Julie B. being really good when she wasn’t Angry and Screaching)

    Stacy Haiduk ,Dr. Pee & Emily got totally screwed.

  33. Avatar of siomonstuart2003

    Alison Sweeney have the best year last year and no Lead Actress Nod?  WTH is that all about?  Again, the Academy have to do this whole awards process again to make it fair and right again and that deserving nominees get the spot and not favorites, IMHO.  No saying that these noms was not deserving, but I just wish that it was a fair process.  But, congrats on the nominees.

  34. Avatar of RebeccaJ

    A. I agree with everyone else about Stacy. She should have been nominated.
    B. Peter Bergman? Again? What the heck did he do last year that was so award winning? Other than wince and stare off into the sunset.
    C. Overall–other than that one ridiculous meltdown when he first discovered Patti was his sister–Doug Davidson has done a really good job with his story and I hope he wins.
    D. Cristel K?! Again, nothing award winning there. EVER.
    E. Most unbelieveable of all? Y&R getting nommed for WRITING. Puhleeze.

  35. Avatar of JAYSON369

    Shout out to the homie Drew Garrett.

    Bring dis Sh*t home dawg.

    You brought yo A game as Michael Corinthos III.

    There ain’t another actor as fly as you in dis category.

    Drew Tyler Bell, What the F*ck are these damn people thinking?!

    Mick Hazen (Parker, ATWT) should have been nominated over Drew Tyler Bell.

    Either way, The Homie Drew Garrett is going to hand them their asses with this award.

    Please Y&R cast Drew Garrett as Kyle.

    I think that Crystal Khalill is going to shock everyone and beat JMB out for the outstanding younger actress award.

    I like the cancer storyline.

    It is very powerful.

    As for my dawg Billy J. Miller, think he should win the award, but I don’t know if their going to give the award to Jonathan Jackson or not.

    Why the hell did he even go back to GH in the first place?

    Everyone knows that he ain’t gon be on this show forever.

    His acting skills are to big for soaps.

    This is unfair to Billy J.

    Sarah Brown is so damn SEXY!

    By the way, I am glad that Domminic Zampronga (Dante Falconeri, GH) got screwed over for the outstanding supporting actor award.

    He is a f*ckin pain in the ass.


    Dante and Olivia really messed up the show.

  36. Avatar of goyankees

    This is so weird, considering I LITERALLY watched ONE EPISODE of "ATWT" in my 34 years on earth, but back in December, on Christmas Eve Day, I was wrapping gifts at home and decided no way in hell could I sit through the horror of Springer OR All My Crappers….I had heard that C. Eve Epi of ATWT was a ‘can’t miss"……. so I tuned in to see the Brad stuff (probably cuz I was a Days watcher with Austin Peck I must’ve felt connected)

    ODD that I would ball my eyes out and cry IN NEAR HYSTERIC’S at 2 characters and a storyline I never even watched. Watching Brad’s ghost leave and her character sob…..tore my heart out.

    If THAT isn’t a true testiment to Terri Colombino’s ACTING CHOPS I don’t know what is.

    Bobby Eakes over Terri?? Disgusting.

  37. Avatar of Mary Elizabeth
    Mary Elizabeth

    I am so happy for :

    James Scott, Days – Best Actor
    Arianne Zucker, Days – Best Supporting Actress
    Jonothan Jackson, GH –  Best Supporting Actor
    Drew Garrett, GH – Best Younger Actor

    I am shocked that AMC was nominated for any writing or best show awards for last year.  Days deserved a nomination for writing or at least best show. GH deserved a nomination for writing and best how.

    Joe Mascolo, Days – Should have been nominated ( 26+ years as iconic Stefano )
    Kirsten Storms- Should have been nominated ( Snubbed 2008 and again in 2009 )

    Lexi Ainsworth, GH – Should have been nominated ( Excellent perf in 2009; she better be nominated in 2010 )

    Alison Sweeney, Days – Should have been nominated (Had best performances of her career – if not nominated in 2009 sl – she never will be)

    Sadly, the following folks should not have been nominatetd:
    Shelley Henig, Days
    Molly Burnett, Days
    Dylan Patton, Days

  38. Avatar of Ryan-Scott

    Billy Miller is in for Supporting! That’s all I wanted!

    Hell yeah!

    And FABULOUS about Agnes Nixon getting the Lifetime Achievement Award!
    It shouldn’t have taken this long but as my Grandma used to say: I’ll take it.

  39. Avatar of Jenny

    No Stacy Haiduk?! Wow….

    I’m with you on Laura Wright, GG. Damn, another year and another snub. *shakes head*

    So happy Drew Garrett, Michelle Stafford, Sarah Brown, and Billy Miller got nods.

    A welcomed change…..NO Tony Geary. LOL!!

  40. Avatar of BFluellen1

    Where is Ali Sweeny? Terri Columbino? Other than that I think the list is decent enough. And I hope ATWT submitted the Christmas scenes for the writing category because those were stellar.

  41. Avatar of ChrisGa

    WOW……so no Stacy Haiduk, who’s been giving arguably THE performance of the year on Y&R and not even a nomination?  I truly thought she was a no brainer and frankly expected her to walk off with the Supporting Actress Emmy come awards time.  Biggest oversight since Kate Collins got shafted in the early ’90s for her brilliant Natalie/Janet work on AMC. 

    That said….YAY Doug Davidson!!! Anyone who’s in doubt of this man’s talent should have watched yesterday’s Y&R; he’s long overdue(though I could say the same about Michael Park, who I alsogreatly ).  Also thrilled for my beloved Michelle Stafford, Beth Chamberlain and Scott Clifton.

    As for some of the others–Cristel Khalil over Emily O’Brien? No.  Julie Pinson and that queen of the sing-song line delivery Bree Williamson over Haiduk? BIG NO.  And AMC over OLTL? HELL TO THE NO.

  42. Avatar of sassysdreams

    I’m happy for GH.  18 nominations!

    But no nomination in the Best Actor category.  That’s just wrong!

    I hope Carolyn H wins.  She consistently turns in outstanding performances.

    And no LW?  JMB and not KS?  Wrong!

    And yeah for Drew Garrett!  I hope he wins the Emmy and that GH sees what a big mistake they made in dumping him!  BIG MISTAKE!!!

  43. Avatar of east.west

    I figure there will be a breaking news esque post about this later, but will post this here anyways: Brett Claywell’s Reaction on His "Snub" http://twitter.com/BrettClaywell/status/13858039698 I roll my eyes at this! I get why he is mad, but really if he wasn’t fired there still would’ve been no way in hell he or Scott was going to get a nomination no matter how much the internet wanted it to happen. Hell 4/5 ppl. nominated in the category he submitted him would take him out in an act off! The Daytime Emmys are a joke now and same can be said about the industry, but his Twitter post is nothing more than him being upset/bitter (I am not even going to lie and act like I wouldn’t do what he’s doing, but that is not the point) about him not getting the nomination that he and the internets thought he deserved. And yes I will say this too if Stacy Haiduk said this I would’ve said AMEN and donated money to a collection plate, b/c she is one of the honest to goodness performing snub. Unlike Brett, she carried a storyline, and was very compelling in not just one, but two distinct roles. A lesson he and many should learn is not to believe your own hype (deserved or not).

  44. Avatar of RebeccaJ

    Ok, so if I’m reading this correctly anyone who has been nominated has nominated themselves? 

    Is there a limit to how many people can be nominated  from one show? Does every nom make it on the list? I mean, is it possible that Stacy was nominated and didn’t make it?

    I’m wondering if someone like Stacy H. might have felt she shouldn’t nominate herself in light of the more seasoned actresses nominating themselves? And can’t Stacy still nom herself for next year?  Because a lot of her stuff has played out in 2010.

  45. Avatar of HarleyFanForever23

    YES! Way to go, Crystal Chappell, Ricky Paull Goldin, and Drew Garrett!!! Haha, wouldn’t be wonderful if Drew won?

    The Younger Actress category is a joke. Julie Berman has that in the bag.

    Good to see that Anthony Geary didn’t get another nonsense nomination.

    I also love that Beth Chamberlin and Zack Conroy are nominated! I miss GL.

    AMC must have damn good episodes to get nominations. It better not win for series or writing or directing. It doesn’t deserve any of that. This year I don’t really care who wins Best Drama, just as long as it’s not AMC.

    Also, OLTL should have better acting noms that Brian and Bree. Nice that Scott Clifton got a nom. Too bad the Kish guys didn’t. They did great work.

  46. Avatar of beth_jane

    So glad Scott Clifton got a nom for younger actor, although of course Drew Garrett should win.

    So disappointed that Brett Claywell is missing from supporting actor. I love Jonathan Jackson, and the 2010 award should definitely go to him, but what did he do in 2009 to deserve this nom?

    For supporting actress, love Carolyn Hennesy, but where is Ilene Kristen?

  47. Avatar of LawyerGirl04

     Julie Marie Berman could wipe the floor with all of the girls in her category. There is no competition there. This is her last year of eligibility in younger. Lexi Ainsworth will probably take her place in that category next year. But, for this year she probably has it locked up. 

  48. Avatar of brothasoap

    Miss Cleo Says: Younger Actress (Shelley Hennig Days) | Younger Actor (Scott Clifton OLTL) | Supporting Actress (Carolyn Hennesy GH) | Supporting Actor (Jonathan Jackson GH) | Lead Actress (Sarah Brown GH) | Lead Actor (James Scott Days) | Directing (OLTL) | Writing (YR) | Drama Series (YR)

  49. Avatar of Nat Guy
    Nat Guy

    The Daytime Emmys never fail me to surprise me with their WTF nominations.  No Stacey Haiduk or David Canary.  Seriously.  AMC show and writing nominations?  Voters liked that bs murder mystery show?  Bobbie Eakes?  Yeah, her pill addiction performance was good, but not that good.  But I’m happy for Peter Bergman, Doug Davidson, Bree Williamson, Brian Kerwin, Scott Clifton, and OLTL’s directing nod. 

  50. Avatar of Chels725

    Congrats to all the nominees. Many of them are undeserving but they got quite a few good ones.

    To the Molly Burnett haters, look at the list of this year’s younger actress prenoms and you’ll be thanking God that Molly was nominated of some of the others. She was Meryl Streep compared to many of the other prenoms. She had some good stuff last year though.

    The real question is how did Shelly Henig, Bobbie Eakes, Jonathon Jackson (he did nothing last year), Brian Kerwin, and Drew Tyler Bell get nominations? Those are just a joke.

    Alison Sweeney was robbed! She had the performance of a lifetime and it should’ve been a horserace between between her and Crystal Chappell. That is the one snub I’m most pissed about.

    Other snubs:
    Days of our Lives -Baby Grace’s death was the best written and best acted scenes of daytime last year. Even the horrible actors on the show did a good job.
    One Life to Live -This was the only show that was consistently good. Between Kish, Todd & Tea, and the Matthew stuff this show was on fire. This nomination should’ve been cake.
    Maurice Bernard -He should’ve had this one. His scenes at Claudia’s bday party were fantastic.
    Terri Colombino 
    Laura Wright -the girl will never catch a break
    Stacey Haiduk -Actress of the Year in any medium. Robbed!
    Brett Claywell
    Joseph Mascolo
    Kirsten Storms
    Scott Evans


  51. Avatar of Ryan-Scott

    Nothing against Jonathan Jackson who I think is a talented sweetie but how did he get on this list?
    I would think he started AFTER the period where people were eligible.
    I hope someone investigates if that is the case.

  52. Avatar of alstonboy4315

    Jonathan Jackson is nominated because of the MASSIVE hype regarding his return to the show after almost ten years!!! The producers went through all the trouble of bringing him back, but they really kicked Brandon Barash and Dominic Zamprogna in the teeth by implying that the small contributions that he made during the Emmy eligibility period was greater than theirs. The Emmy clearly doesn’t have much value outside of daytime, or even in daytime, but recognition should go where it’s deserved.

    I guess he submitted one KICK ASS episode, but the rest of the Supporting Actor category seemed pretty weak in comparison, so I am really not surprised that he got nominated. Out of the pool of pre-nominees, he is much stronger than most of the rest that made the cut!! A few were just laughable!! LOL!!!

  53. Avatar of coach.craig

    I don’t understand B&B’s nom. I used to LOVE that show, but it’s been simply unwatchable.The character of Steffy is one of the most laughable on daytime(in a bad way).Thomas for younger actor? he’s horribe,just like Bryton from Y&R. Stacy from Y&R will win next year.Crrystal is going to win actress-just watch!

  54. Avatar of isiola

    I cannot believe that Days of Our Lives was n’t nominated in the Best Drama or Writing category…are they kiddding!!…AMC–what a joke…even they knew things had to change on that show when they advertised changes  were coming after they left NY!…So much for change!!…Stacy Haiduk was another glaring omission…she was absolutely AMAZING!…clearly changes have to be made when picking these nominees!

  55. Avatar of isiola

    I cannot believe that Days of Our Lives was n’t nominated in the Best Drama or Writing category…are they kiddding!!…AMC–what a joke…even they knew things had to change on that show when they advertised changes  were coming after they left NY!…So much for change!!…Stacy Haiduk was another glaring omission…she was absolutely AMAZING!…clearly changes have to be made when picking these nominees!

  56. Avatar of uofmichgrad99

    This is the very reason why I won’t be watching the Daytime Emmy’s and why it should be cancelled.  This has got to be the worst list of nominees that I have seen in the history of any awards show.  How embarrassing! 

  57. Avatar of wbl_amc

    Brett Claywell & Scott Evans… SHOULD BE ON HERE!!! UGH it is so idiotic that they aren’t even nominated!!!!  Anyways…

    Lead Actor….David Canary should be nominated but i’ll be ok with it as long as he gets it next year for his stuff with Julia Barr because he deserves that trophy to be the cherry on top of his amazing career.

    Lead Actress… Bobbie Eakes. Really? I didn’t know they handed out trophies for Most Improved Bossom in HD but hell i guess if they must… All i have to say is HD helped her! If anyone from AMC was gonna get nominated here it shoulda been Alicia Minshew i supposed. I don’t remember what she did that year but she was getting FF by me alot which meant she was on often…

    Supporting Actor… Ricky Paull Golden… again what did he do last year? Bicker with David? Be goofy with Tad? Remove him and put Vincent Irrizary back in this slot. He at least was entertaining. Or just put Brett Claywell here since HE SHOULD BE HERE.

    Supporting Actress…Bree Williamson sorry dear but i don’t remember anything you did last year to scream "give me an emmy" you drank a lot of tea with Vikki. and you got almost impregnated by your father…. Melissa Claire Egan should be in your slot. That AMAZING woman carried that AWFUL Pratt AMC with her amazing InsAnnie. Sorry, that girl deserves it for sheer determination for turning that SH*T Pratt wrote into GOLD!

    Younger Actress… Put that girl that plays Dani on OLTL in here. She knocks it outta the park everytime she has a scene with Trevor St. John.

    Younger Actor… Scott Evans. That is all. i think he’s young enough to be in this category.

    Drama Series…. All My Children.… sorry it’s still my soap but last year was rock bottom for that show. One Life To Live should be here. 

    Writing… Again… All My Children… REALLY?   <insert One Life To Live>

    Directing… Eh don’t care.

    Hair… Denise Vasi usually has nice hair. This is one AMC shoulda been in. Nobody’s hair on Oltl works as hard as Vasi’s does to act.

    Talk shows… Sucks to be you Oprah. But she’ll sweep when its her last year so its ok.

  58. Avatar of maxsmom

    To be clear: each show submits 2 nominees in each category, those prenominees submit a reel composed of 2 shows (4 for BB).  The shows also submit 2 hours in writing, directing and show. Is it possible to fairly represent 250 hours in 2 short hours?   It is a seriously flawed system.

    bytheby, I agree that JJ’s nomination is based on work before his great work but the way this system works he just had to find 2 episodes of good work and all of his work is good work, there was his immediate recconnect with Emmy fav Tony Geary for instance. As for MB I thought the Claudia birthday scenes were over the top and felt he went too far, of course it is all a matter of personal preference which is part of the fun of award shows and soaps: debate.

  59. Avatar of CGat

    All I honestly care about is that my girl, Beth Chamberlain, got nominated, and WILL WIN. HELL TO THE YEAHH!! And also, all I know is if Tina Sloan did not get picked for something for that Maureen Bauer graveside scene, somebody been pot-smokin’.


  60. Avatar of Gi271976

    So many snubbed last year that deserved nominations.  They are:

    Stacey Haiduk(Y&R)- she played duo roles and was amazing with both.  She rocked it day in, day out.

    Allison Sweeney(Days) – just her scenes with the baby switch SL should have won her the gold.

    Kristin Storms(GH)- she deserved it last year and should have at least been nominated this year.

    Scott Evans(OLTL)- he delivered so much talent and heart in every scene.

    Days, GL, OLTL for best drama.  They were so much better than the rest of the shows nominated.  I don’t get it??!!

  61. Avatar of syworld82

    The Ommisions on this years EMMYS is OUTSTANDING…

    Lead Actor.. can we say CBS pimping… the show is on CBS this year so this is the category they will pimp out.. and have ALL CBS actors… PITIFUL…

    Lead Actress.. All these performances are solid performances.. The ommision of controversary here is Laura Wright . Honestly, I believe she will never get nominated simply because her performances are not as lively in Lead. For the Emmys, She would be better suited for Supporting. Her performances are stellar as the supporting rock of Sonny, Jason and Jax… however they have yet to give her competable storyline in lead.

    Supporting Actress.. No complaints.. I knew Missy and Stacy would be omitted if Bree was nomited and visa versa… They werent going to have 2 or 3 crazy storylines nominated AGAIN….

    SUPPORTING ACTOR AND YOUNGER ACTOR.. BRETT CLAYWELL AND SCOTT EVANS.. this is pathetic theyre scenes were competable with DREW TYLER BELL are you serious..that kid is on like once a year… IT IS STORYLINE HATE CRIME @ its finest… its distgusting how the emmys are standing behind the choices that oltl made..and not nominating REAL LGBT storylines .PATHETIC..dont say well crystal chappells olivia is nominated.. the character was  straight for how many years… its just pathetic…


    ITS A LOCK.. JULIE BERMAN all the way…

  62. Avatar of othell

     Best Actress is between Crystal, Maura and Sarah.  Bobbie had little to do, and Michelle always gets nominated and did nothing special last year.  I would put some money on Chappell winning with the submission she sent in.
    I am really pulling for Doug to win best Actor, but I know they play favorites on those committees, so they will probably go with one of the men who they know more about.
    DAYS should have been nominated for best show, but because they did not I am hoping that GENERAL HOSPITAL wins yet again.
    Again, I have to mention the lack of Stacy Haiduk in the supporting actress group– I know she is lesser known and had to make some crazy plot-lines work, but she did it in top order, and gave the best female performance coming out of Y&R last year.   Omissions like this makes one feel that the Daytime Emmy recognizes not the most talented but the most popular.

  63. Avatar of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    TV Gord, I will answer, and the answer is a resounding yes. Playing gay characters isn’t enough to receive a nomination. I don’t remember people clamoring for Ben Hogestyn to get a nomination for playing Lucas on GH. I think it’s quite easy to dismiss fans outrage by assuming that the only reason people are outraged, is because Brett and Scott played gay characters. The reason people are outraged, is because they played the hell out of those gay characters, in very gritty, raw scenes that actually dealt with something real and palpable. Not many people have evil twins of split personalities, but everyone knows someone who is gay and who is going through struggles like the ones Kyle and Fish went through, and again, it isn’t simply because they were cast in these roles. You never hear me demanding Jake Silbermann or Van Hansis be recognized for any acting awards. I think they are both okay actors, but not particularly awe-inspiring. Same with Jessica Leccia. Lovely person and actress, but I feel, as do many, that Crystal Chappell carried her, so for me, it is about HOW Scott and Brett played gay, not just because they played it.

  64. Avatar of Y2Jin99

    Brett Claywell is an idiot.  I told him on twitter.  What was so groundbreaking about Kish?  Please tell me.  Didn’t Luke and Noah become a gay couple before the OLTL guys?   I fast forwarded thru there nonsense.  I don’t why so many people were obsessed with this duo.  Scott Evans is a terrible actor to me.

    What is the period for this nomination?

    No Jacob Young nomination for the cancer storyline? Or will that be for next year?

    They should just be nominated for Jan-Dec 2009  cuz by June 2010 it seems forever ago.  I am saying that if JR gets nominated next year and the award show is 16-18 months after the S/L.

  65. Avatar of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    Thanks, Jamey.  I couldn’t have expected a better answer!!!  :-)

    I think they were both good and I liked the characters, but I don’t think they are any better or worse than any other actors on OLTL.  As far as gay characters on soaps, I have to agree they are the best I’ve seen, because they seemed very natural as a couple.  Every now and then I had to really stop and think about which actor was gay and which one wasn’t, because they seemed to have chemistry of a lot of couples I know (and not just gay couples I know).  So, I wouldn’t have said they were undeserving if they got nominations.  I just wonder about some of the outrage.  You explained it well, though, and I am adjusting my thinking.

  66. Avatar of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    By the way, whenever I try to click on Brett’s twitter link in the post on page one, it takes me to a twitter page that says, "That page doesn’t exist".  Can someone tell me what he wrote, please?

  67. Avatar of ChrisGa

    Well Jamey, much in the same way you think Crystal Chappell carried her scenes with Jessica Leccia, I’d personally say the same about Evans owning the scenes with he and Claywell; Brett Claywell is a decent actor, but I think Scott Evans is a GREAT actor. Claywell (and even Evans) being overlooked doesn’t bother me nearly as much as Stacy Haiduk’s omission; that performance was acting at the literal peak on one’s powers,day in and day out no matter how ludicrous the material(and Bergman himself has said some of Haiduk’s material has been….well, challenging is the nicest way it can be put).
                                                                                                                                                                       Oversights like that are why I have to question some of these voting rules; maybe it’s more about the storyline(Christel Khalil has been in the cancer storyline forever and while the subject matter is serious business her acting on it’s best day has been wooden and uninspired yet she secured the nom).  As long as the Academy keeps making head-scratching decisions like some of the ones made on this go round with regards to the acting noms, daytime will always remain the red-headed step child of the television world.  And frankly, I can’t really argue that point.

  68. Avatar of east.west

    TVGord I will answer your question w/a Whitney Houston classic: HELL TO THE NO! I bet the moon, sky, and sun if Brett would’ve played Sky (his original part) the way he played Kyle he and everyone else would’ve not felt like his "snub" was some great injustice.

  69. Avatar of Katiebug9624

    See I don’t believe CC carried Jessica, especially after watching Venice (though I can see why people would who havent watched that webseries) What hurt JL is her character was basically a boring housewife coming out of her shell (no pun intended lol) and Crystal got to play Olivia someone we’ve known for years and was interesting. But back on topic I think Kish deserved noms especially considering some of the head scratching nominations.

  70. Avatar of jsam4ever

    ITA with guza and his goons not getting a best wrting nomination nob, this is a guy that broke up the greatest super couple on daytime (jasam for the fiasco that was liason plus i think the emmy voters got pissed off that gh submitted RH as supporting actress prenob and not KMand to top off guza and his goons high on crack was to let DG go, i mean seriously….

  71. Avatar of Pure_Diva

     Even though I don’t like Phyllis, I do love Michelle Stafford.  Having said that,  I think that Sharon Case, Stacy Haiduk and even Eileen Davidson got robbed.  This past year was one Sharon Case’s best years ever on this show.  (PS:  I don’t like Sharon Newman either, so this has nothing to do with some sophomoric fan war.) 

    I’m really happy that Christel Khalil was nominated.  I think people hate Lily so much, they overlook her actual performances.  She’s been turning in some really good stuff.  Personally, I think she should’ve been nominated during that year that Lily & Cane broke up over Chloe’s baby.  

    Wish I could jump in on the rest of the argument, but Y&R is the only soap that I watch.  Bummer. 

  72. Avatar of Analiza

    I’m not really a fan of award shows–I rarely see the people that I think did the best job get nominated.  That being said, I figured, just for fun, I’d do a run-down of this year’s nominees:

    Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series

    I’d love it if it were:  Jon Lindstrom, As the World Turns

    But it will probably go to:  Peter Bergman, The Young and the Restless
    (Because he’s a perpetual favorite)

    Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series

    I’d love it if it were:  Sarah Brown, General Hospital

    But it will probably go to:  Maura West, As the World Turns
    (She did a great job this year and surely is deserving but I’m a Sarah fan.)

    Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

    I’d love it if it were:  Bradford Anderson, General Hospital
    (I don’t think anyone realizes how hard it must be to deliver those lines)

    But it will probably go to: 
    Billy Miller, The Young and the Restless

    Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series

    I’d love it if it were: Carolyn Hennesy, General Hospital
    (She steals every scene that she’s in–there just aren’t enough of them)

    But it will probably go to:  Beth Chamberlin, Guiding Light

    Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series

    I’d love it if it were:  Julie Marie Berman, General Hospital

    But it will probably go to:  Molly Burnett, Days of our Lives

    Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series

    I’d love it if it were: 
    Scott Clifton, One Life to Live

    But it will probably go to:  Zack Conroy, Guiding Light

    Outstanding Drama Series

    I’d love it if it were:   General Hospital

    But it will probably go to:  The Young and the Restless

    Outstanding Drama Series Writing Team

    I’d love it if it were:   As the World Turns

    But it will probably go to:  The Young and the Restless

    Outstanding Drama Series Directing Team

    I’d love it if it were:   General Hospital

    But it will probably go to:  All My Children

    Outstanding Achievement in Hairstyling for a Drama Series

    I’d love it if it were:  
    One Life to Live
    (Farah Fath’s do notwithstanding)

    But it will probably go to:  The Bold and the Beautiful

    (Truth be told, I’d love it if this wasn’t even a category.)

    Outstanding Talk Show/Entertainment

    I’d love it if it were:  The Ellen Degeneres Show

    AND it will probably go to:  The Ellen Degeneres Show

    Outstanding Talk Show/Informative

    I’d love it if it were:   The Dr. Oz Show

    But it will probably go to:  Dr. Phil

    Outstanding Talk Show Host

    I’d love it if it were:  Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Sherri Shepherd, Barbara
    , The View

    AND it will probably go to:  Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Sherri Shepherd, Barbara
    , The View

    I guess I’ll have to check back to see how I did.

  73. Avatar of Dariclone

    The Daytime Emmy’s are a joke this year as usual. Sure, there are some nominees wh derseve it but I doubt they will win.
    Kirsten Alderson is a notable abscence in the Best Actress category and as much as I’m not a Krystal hater, what exactly did Bobbie Eakes do last year?
    No Melissa Claire Eagan, Erica Sleazak or Robin Strasser as Best Actress?
    Congradulations to Brian Kerwin and James Conway though. James better win for Younger Actor!

  74. Avatar of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    The big problem with the Daytime Emmys (especially in the soap genre) is that most of the people who are voting don’t watch all the soaps, so they don’t see what performers are doing day-in and day-out.  They have to decide based on the submitted clips/shows (if they bother), so they only get an out-of-context impression of what each performer does.  This is why we’ll NEVER get a completely fair representation of what the Emmys should be.

    It also doesn’t help that the pre-nominations skew things so much, too.  Each show submits who they think should be nominated, so some good people may get excluded there, too. 

    I don’t focus so much on the awards themselves anymore.  I just enjoy the show for what (I hope) it is: a celebration of daytime.  Who knows how much longer it will be worth celebrating?

  75. Avatar of cheryl85

    [quote=TV Gord]The big problem with the Daytime Emmys (especially in the soap genre) is that most of the people who are voting don’t watch all the soaps, so they don’t see what performers are doing day-in and day-out.  They have to decide based on the submitted clips/shows (if they bother), so they only get an out-of-context impression of what each performer does.  This is why we’ll NEVER get a completely fair representation of what the Emmys should be.
    [/quote] You are spot on here. 

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