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     The omission of Stacy Haiduk makes no sense– she turned in the best performance on Y&R last year.  Glad Doug and Peter were recognized, but Stacy is the reason their stories were so great.  Once again the Emmys are a total joke!

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    I think that Stacy Haiduk got penalized for Y&R’s silly, cartoonish writing for BOTH of her characters . The writing has been very erratic, and often times, one note, but Stacy has turned all the silliness into magic. This is probably why Deidre Hall never got nominated during James Reilly’s writing stints on DAYS, despite her wonderful acting. History shows that when stories become too implausible and off the wall, Emmy voters usually find it difficult to take the ACTOR playing the stories seriously. Bad writing usually overshadows great acting. The only exception that I can recall where this was not the case was Eileen Davidson getting nominated in 1998 for playing NINE characters on DAYS, and DAYS had become a walking cartoon by that point, but still entertaining.

    I agree that she deserved to be nominated, but I am not gonna complain about the women in the Supporting Actress category who did get nominated, because they are all deserving, and I feel that this is the ONLY category that the Academy got right.

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    If Chuck Pratt takes home any awards I’ll scream bloody murder.  Because noticing how some of these soaps are going he’ll get hired again at another soap. 

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    I’m happy for all the nominees but sad that none of the GH prenom made the cut for best actor.  That’s just wrong! 

    I hope Carolyn H wins this year!  She was outstanding in every performance.

    I’m thrilled that Drew Garrett got the nomination and I hope he wins the Emmy!  He deserves it!!!  And I hope GH realizes what a huge mistake they made in dumping him!  HUGE MISTAKE!!!

    YEAH!  18 nominations for GH!!!

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     I figure there will be a breaking news esque post about this later, but will post this here anyways:

    Brett Claywell’s Reaction on His "Snub"

    I roll my eyes at this! I get why he is mad, but really if he wasn’t fired there still would’ve been no way in hell he or Scott was going to get a nomination no matter how much the internet wanted it to happen. Hell 4/5 ppl. nominated in the category he submitted him would take him out in an act off! The Daytime Emmys are a joke now and same can be said about the industry, but his Twitter post is nothing more than him being upset/bitter (I am not even going to lie and act like I wouldn’t do what he’s doing, but that is not the point) about him not getting the nomination that he and the internets thought he deserved. And yes I will say this too if Stacy Haiduk said this I would’ve said AMEN and donated money to a collection plate, b/c she is one of the honest to goodness performing snub. Unlike Brett, she carried a storyline, and was very compelling in not just one, but two distinct roles. A lesson he and many should learn is not to believe your own hype (deserved or not).

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    Jamey Giddens

    Brett has every right to be pissed. He was hired by this soap opera to play Schuyler, then lost that gig, only to be cast as the ill-defined Kyle Lewis. Then when it was announced he was gay and would be paired w/Scott Evans, he didn’t walk off set or pull a stunt, he stood his ground, dealt with his reservations and stepped up to the plate, giving amazing work. He served as a PR ambassador for this show, getting them a TON of press, much of which his handlers booked, because, well…yeah. Then, for his efforts, he was thrown under the bus, alongside his costar, blamed for the ratings and accused of being unprofessional. Who would blame him for having a nasty taste in his mouth where soaps are concerned?

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     The gay thing is a whole other can of worms that I will go there and open. No one would’ve been saying anything relating to the Emmy’s w/Brett’s performances if he was not playing a gay character. It would’ve been relegated to a decent actor doing good work. And if he is so proud of his work than why does he needs an Emmy nom to validate the "Milk" esque work he did. Shouldn’t he be contempt w/all the fans and acclaim he got thanks to this joke of an industry? And yes I know this argument is weak/meaningless giving that the Academy made it a fact that Drew Tyler Bell is an Emmy nominated actor now, but I don’t know. I see things different than most.

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    I Think Brett Is Right

    ABC basically Whored Him & Scott Out to Promote this story and they gave 150 % to This But then To Be Fired and First Be Told It Was Them that Brought Down Ratings and when people didnt buy that setsiders said they were unprofessional. Then One life didnt vote for them in pre-noms it was because they allowed it to be a genre wude pre-nom they got in and then not to get a nomination

    Plus I do agree that Brett had a harder chance to get a Nom but Scott Come on they could have done without DTB Or DP and Put SE There

    Maybe Brett Is Not Just Pissed for him but also Scott & Ilene

    Those two are family to him

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    Brett Claywell needs to shut up. He’s delusional. The daytime community does not owe him a nomination bec he portrayed a gay character. Also, his reel was crappy. the writing was awful and his acting was underwhelming. 

    When people like Christian Leblanc, peter Bergman, Adrienne Frantz, Justin torkildsen, Ron Carlivati and Brad bell are prior Emmy winners, then the Emmys are a joke. “Actors” like Teri Columbino have nomination in the past, and “actors” like Farah Fath and Austin Peck get prenominations, so it’s a joke.

    While Hunter Tylo, Kimberlin Brown, Eileen Davidson (circa Days), MTS, Victoria Rowell and Bobbie Eakes have either never been nominated or have never won Emmys, then it’s a joke.

    Drew Tyler bell’s nomination is a complete joke. One of B&B’s worst actors is its only nominee. At least the panel was smart enough not to nominate Kyle Lowder and Brandon Beemer! Hahahahahahahahahaha!

    No nominations for Nelson Branco’s overpimped faves Stacy haiduk, Farah Fath, Ron Carlivati, Nadia Bjorlin, Brandon Beemer, Kyle Lowder and OLTL! YAY! The voters get that he’s pushing his faves while bashing those he personally dislikes! All his pimping did not garner them nominations! LOL! The anti Nelson Branco sentiments are reflected in the nominations. Even in this board, people are against him. heck even the people running confidential were against him when he wrote of kish actor’s alleged unprofessional behavior. 

    CLB had the common courtesy not to submit his histrionic, OTT acting on Y&R! Now he won’t have a chance to deliver his usual awful ramblings that he calls a “speech”. Maurice Bernard’s snub is great also, since Sonny berating Claudia was OTT bellowing.

    It’s great that Stafford got a nomination. Stafford for the win!

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    Jamey, you are right.  Brett and Scott was thrown under the bus when they give their 100 percent to the show and what did they get:  NADA.  SO I would be upset too.  The other upset is Alison Sweeney, Stacy Haiduck.  They both gave great performances and no nominations.  WTF is wrong with that picture?  The daytime emmys are a joke.

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    Days of Our Lives and One Life to Live were robbed for Drama Series.

    Alison Sweeney was kickass this past year. WTF!?!

    Stacey Haiduk being omitted is just a travesty. Lord in Morning

    Jesus take the wheel this year. Don’t let Christal Khalil and Drew Tyler Bell go home with emmys. Dear Jesus…*shakes head at epic failure*

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    the link doesn’t work to the Brett Claywell rant.  what did it say?

    I personally didn’t think he or Scott deserved to be nominated.  The supporting actor race was probably the toughest one and there were better actors left out.

    Sigh, I hate to go there as well but if Brett hadn’t played a gay character on soaps he wouldn’t have been as popular as he is, same goes for Scott. 
    So the pimping worked both ways.


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    I do believe that Brett Claywell was fired for the wrong reasons, and his storyline tossed by the wayside for equally as ridiculous reasons, but biting the hands that USED to feed him do not serve him well, or encourage much empathy. If anything, this rant simply makes him look bitter and pathetic.

    Whatever happened to GRATITUDE? He did have a job that gave him thousands of fans, mounds of media attention, and that touched the lives of many people, gay and straight, so why not just be appreciative of the good times instead of harping on the bad times??? What does that accomplish at the end of the day?? Nothing.

    Besides, an Emmy nomination is NOT an entitlement. If I were to list the HUNDREDS of deserving actors who have been denied Emmy nods over the past 37 years, I would surely run out of space!! People work their entire lives in daytime television—10, 20, 30 years, without getting nominated even ONCE.

    He needs to dust himself off and move on, hopefully to bigger and better things.

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    Pfft, I get hypersensitive when daytime is bashed.

    Maybe Brett can go back and play the village idiot on OTH again *roll eyes*
    If it wasn’t for daytime I wouldn’t even know he could act.

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    I Dont Think He’s Calling His Experience at OLTL a Joke Far From It

    I Think It may be Getting Fired Being blamed and Thrown Under The Bus and The Emmy Process

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    [quote=Jamey Giddens]Brett has every right to be pissed. He was hired by this soap opera to play Schuyler, then lost that gig, only to be cast as the ill-defined Kyle Lewis. Then when it was announced he was gay and would be paired w/Scott Evans, he didn’t walk off set or pull a stunt, he stood his ground, dealt with his reservations and stepped up to the plate, giving amazing work. He served as a PR ambassador for this show, getting them a TON of press, much of which his handlers booked, because, well…yeah. Then, for his efforts, he was thrown under the bus, alongside his costar, blamed for the ratings and accused of being unprofessional. Who would blame him for having a nasty taste in his mouth where soaps are concerned?[/quote]

    Thanks for your post Jamey…i agree with it 100%….

    Brett deserves better than he got after all his dedication to this story and the show that obviously didnt appreciate him as much as his fans do…he should be proud of his excellent work and the fact that he and Scott touched the hearts of millions of people worldwide..They are already winners to their loyal Kish fans who love and support them ..

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    Brett has every right to be pissed. As Jamie said, he was brought in to play another character and then moved over. Did he quit? No and IMHO, Brett and Scott (Kish) was the best thing on OLTL last year. Not to mention it was a ground breaking storyline. They had more PR than anyone else. Everyone wanted to interview them. They fired him on bogus grounds and then called him unprofessional.

    Please anyone one of us would feel the same way if we were in his shoes.

  18. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    I’m sorry, when Scott found out from a fan on Twitter that he was being fired, correction, not "called back in" and Brett found out the day before an interview went out in a national magazine BLAMING him and Scott for a soap’s being in the ratings toilet, these guys said nothing negative against this industry or their former company.

    Even when their names were dragged through the mud, they said nothing but nice things about OLTL and Frank, so hell yeah, Brett has a right to be bitter right now. How is him saying daytime is a joke re: these effed up Daytime Emmy nominations any different than any of us saying it? Hell, I say it every year. I call them the Daytime Enemas.

    I’m not one for faux displays of decorum. Being classy is overrated. It reminds me of Julia Roberts’ line in Something to Talk About. I guess people expect him to sit there on Twitter and keep eating shit politely? He is human, and more than entitled to his very human reaction.

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    Brett’s tweet. I think he has a right be pissed. I would be in his shoes. And while yes, what he tweeted isn’t the smartest, most classy moves. And being a fan of his, find a bit disappointing, since there has been MANY people who have been snubbed and treated badly by daytime as well. Brett’s not the only one. But, I think this is a case of letting ones emotions get the best of you. He’s only human, with emotions and feelings like the rest of us. None of us are perfect. We all have snapping points from time to time.

  20. Profile photo of checat

    Sonny fans feel that we are being intentionally ignored by GH/ABC:


  21. Profile photo of twb6yz

    Ooohhh!  I can hear Jamey’s anger on the podcast already.  And it’s completely justified.  Jonathan Jackson didn’t deserve a prenom, much less a nom.  He was barely on in 2009.

  22. Profile photo of Knoxville

    Stacy Haiduk, Eileen Davidson , Sharon Case and Michael Muhney all got snubbed and they are the one’s that carried YR this past year.  What the hell did Michelle Stafford do is except repeat the same damn effing scene over and over.  We’ve all seen it before, I get that MS is talented but it’s the same craptastic performance year after year.  Talk about Nelson Branco over pimping someone it’s THIS woman right here.  There are so many women in daytime who deliver fabulous performances and they are not over the top, their characters may not be as loud or over the top as phyllis but it does not negate their work .   I’m so sick of seeig this woman on the damn ballot every year for nothing special other than what we’ve seen year after year.

    How about Christel Kahlil?  Really?  What has she done?  Sit on the same sofa, spewing the same crap with that gawd awful lopsided wig.  Her performance is flat and actually an insult to cancer victims. 

    I’m so over the effing emmy’s and their blatant popularity contest.

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     What Brett and others are losing perspective about is that, for better and worse, these nominations come down to whatever tape said actor or show puts ups for consideration and not for the entire calendar yr worth of work. Back in the day the nominations for the younger categories could have been in this discussion, but when you have season performers who are voters like Susan Flannery not voting in the category, you get the nonsense that is Drew Tyler Bell being nominated. Let’s take two examples from this and last yr. The first one is Y&R last yr. everyone thought the Dream Team would net the top three categories due to the comeback they were having creatively. When they were snub in those three categories, everyone lost their collective shit. It wasn’t until MAB did one of her famous interviews that she revealed that she submitted one of the Paris remotes instead of anything from the Sudden Impact or Kay/Marge, b/c of some trying to be above it nonesense in which she pretty much say I don’t submit baity stuff. A yr. later her team is nominated for Drama series for the poetic saga (insert barf) of Colleen’s heart going to TGVN. This yr. Alison Sweeney didn’t get nominated, b/c she submitted the climax of the baby switch instead of what the show submitted for series and her best work to date (Grace’s death). What all these scenarios have in common is that they didn’t submit their best work, b/c they thought their buzz and hype would secure them their nominations. And even Brett said in one of his Eric Braeden esque farewell interviews is that he did not have that much material to make for a full reel and what he submitted is clearly proof of that. And I am sorry when you have ppl. in your category like Jonathan Jackson, Trent Dawson, Bradford Anderson, Joe Moscolo, Billy Miller, Jeff Branson, etc., a fan made tribute video looking Emmy reel isn’t and did not cut when you based it on what was submitted by the other actors.


    And I know I sound like Public Enemy #1 w/the Kish fans, but it’s just my opinion. But I will say this if y’all want to totally see me be on you guys level, just come over to Goldderby forums when the Primetime Emmy nominations are announce, b/c those nominations usually mess w/my pressure lol. Hopefully w/the awesome Primetime tv that ATAS has the embarrassment of riches to select from this season, I have my finger cross I won’t have to throw my MacBook across the room.

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    I agree Jamey. Besides, I think people are forgetting some of the other things Brett has said on his twitter and in interviews. He’s stated more than once, that he didn’t think picking one episode did justice to the SL and would have rather liked to pick scenes from multiple episodes. He’s also talked about in the past on how before he would have never considered doing daytime, but that changes and that many primetime actors would be shocked at how hard doing soaps really is cause you tape far more in day and only get one take. What’s he’s calling a joke is the process and the politics of Daytime. The very same things people on this board criticizing him, complain about too.

    His tweet was in the heat of the moment. Nothing to hang him in the town square for.

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    Thanks to Jamey Giddens for being a supporter of Brett Claywell and KISH all along during this storyline.  I do have to respond to the many posts that criticize Brett Claywell in speaking out the way that he did today on twitter.  Did he bite the hand that fed him?  Is he going to regret his tweet?  I don’t know and it does’t matter.  This is what I know:  Brett was hired by OLTL to play Sky, he stuck around while they created a new character for him, rolled with the punches when they made Kyle Lewis gay, accepted the challenge of playing a gay character, was vocal in promoting this storyline, was given encouragement by OLTL execs who seemed to be supportive of this ongoing storyline, was given a pre non, the day he handed in his emmy reel he was told that he was fired, the news broke, his acting partner learned from a tweet that the storyline was ending, neither Brett nor Scott knew that they were taping their last scenes together, their characters and storyline remain unresolved, both Scott and Brett then had to endure rumors about non professional behavior on set, Brett and Scott also had to endure being blamed for falling ratings due to gay overkill, Brett then did many interviews refuting these rumors, praising OLTL for telling this story and was very gracious about the situation, he went on to audition and finally made decision to move from NYC, and now feels disappointed and angry that he has not received an Emmy nomination.  Meanwhile, OLTL has done nothing to respond to the loss of this storyline and these characters and have not acknowledge for one second the outrage and campaigning of the loyal KISH fans.  Was that tweet today entirely about the loss of the nomination and a commentary on the nomination process?  I don’t think so; instead, it is most likely a culmination of everything that has happened in the last two months since the annoucement that KISH were KO’d by TV guide.  If you ask me, OLTL and Frank Valentini are the unprofessional ones.  Brett Claywell and Scott Evans both deserved Emmy Nominations as did OLTL for best show.  I don’t know why the noms came out the way they did (the unfortunate system that actor can only submit one episode, biases of people voting).  All i know is that Brett and Scott deserve our thanks and support for the work they did.  Lord knows they have gotten no love from the show they gave so much to within the last year.  I will never accept that this is the acceptable way to treat a soap actor or any actor.  OLTL should be ashamed. 

  26. Profile photo of alstonboy4315


    This is not a new trend:

    Y&R’s writers, Maria Bell and Hogan Sheffer are ALSO writing foolishness for their actors to play, and then forcing them to do interviews and give them MASSIVE praise. Tracey Bregman, Peter Bergman and Stacy Haiduk have all been giving interviews sounding like trained robots who are being forced at GUNPOINT to say…"This is a marvelous storyline. I admire the creativity of the writers. I am so glad that the audience is talking about this storyline. Please replace my batteries soon before I short circuit."…even though we all know that their stories are nothing but contrived BS that is coming from the pens of lunatics!!!

    Those who speak out against the producers, like Melody Thomas Scott and Kristoff St. John, end up getting put on the backburner with the brussel sprouts, and sometimes left there indefinitely.

    This is certainly not a new trend. Winning an Emmy, or being nominated, is a crap shoot for ANY actor, and not guaranteed. Even with the best written scenes, you are not guaranteed a win. I think that Maurice was given a GREAT scene to play, and it is ultimately the job of the ACTOR to act, and the writers to write.

  27. Profile photo of pot noodle
    pot noodle

    I’m another one who agrees with Jamey.  Claywell has been a model of class & restraint through all this ‘Kish kill’ mess.  That he got mad and finally let it show is fine by me.  I’m mad for him.  I’d subscribe to his opinion that daytime (emmy’s and parts of the industry) are a joke, but I’m not exactly a fan of daytime.  I just happened to catch him (and the two Scott’s) on last summer and I became a fan for life.  I’m not disappointed with him for this tweet.  He let his bitter show… big deal.

  28. Profile photo of generalhospital2006

    DOOL Alison deserves an emmy nod at least. She made me cry. I wonder which scenes she submitted. I think this is Crystal’s year. This is her final chance to give GL a respective goodbye with a win. Cant believe that only 3 GL stars got nods.

  29. Profile photo of sarahblissmsw

    also, let’s not forget that Ron and Scott and Brett just days after OLTL announced they were dropping the KISH story had to attend the GLAAD awards and face the gay community.  Brett also expressed his disappointment at this time that their work was not highlighted during the award show.  He just wants some recognition for his work and Scott’s; that is what any actor wants (they have got no thanks or recognition from OLTL).  OLTL has moved on like KISH never existed and show no remorse for their decisions or compassion for the sadness of the KISH fans.  If this is business as usual for OLTL, then they deserved to be cancelled.  How you treat your actors and your fans is important.  I’ve stopped watching OLTL for over a month now.  I won’t tune back in, unless Scott or Brett return.  It’s looking like now they never will; so good  bye OLTL to live.  You’ve done this to yourself.  I know this sounds angry, but I am.  I’m entitled to my anger at this show and Brett definitely is.  A person can only be classy for so long; they do have to be honest about their feelings ( and Brett used twitter to express his feelings). 

  30. Profile photo of Jardo

    I totally agree with SarahBliss and Jamey Giddens posts regarding Brett Claywell and Scott Evans.  When I heard that BC and SE were not nominated, I was stunned.   Although I like Scott Clifton and I am happy for him, he did not have any material in 2009 that was Emmy-worthy at all.   He did, however, do incredible work in 2010 and should definitely be considered for next year.  To think that both Brett and Scott were pre-nominees for Emmys and BOTH did not get a nomination makes me think something is rotton in Emmyworld.  These are two phenomonal actors who had so much chemistry together …….. more than any heterosexual couple I have ever witnessed on daytime.  When I think about the phenominal performances of both Brett and Scott in their storyline, I keep wondering how Scott Clifton ever even ended up in the mix at all.   Frankly, all he did during 2009 was follow Gigi around like a sick puppy dog.  His performances in 2009 were, at best, mediocre. 

    Now for 2010, I definitely think Scott Clifton should be a nominee.  He turned in an incredible performance at the end of his stint on OLTL and should definitely be recognized for it.   However, for this same reason, 2009 should be the year for Brett Claywell and Scott Evans as they both turned in incredible performances and THEY should have been recognized.  To me, I definitely see politics involved in this whole mess.  These two guys (Kish) have been so professional and above-board in everything they have done, even after FV and OLTL totally crapped on them after everything they did for the show.  OLTL couldn’t have wanted better ambassadors for their show than Brett and Scott.  They are two very classy young men who are as professional as they come.

    I wish Brett had expressed himself a bit differently, but I can certainly understand his anger and bitterness.  Kish has been put through a lot over the past couple of months, and they didn’t deserve to be treated like yesterday’s garbage after bending over backwards to support the show, even AFTER they had been let go.  There departure is the reason I no longer watch OLTL or any ABC network-related shows.  ABC isn’t even a  "stop" on my remote.  So, if Brett felt the need to show some emotion and "rant" a little, then more power to him.  He has certainly earned that right after what FV, OLTL and the ABC network has put him (and Scott) through lately, all for no reason whatsoever.  FV and OLTL had no respect at all for these young actors, and that’s exactly the reason I no longer watch the show or have any respect for OLTL or the ABC network in general.  I simply cannot support a show or network that treats their employees like Kish was treated.

  31. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    I didn’t know that Scott Evans found out from a fan that he was leaving.
    Thanks Jamey for mentioning that.

    Shame on Frank. I expect more from him. Or expected more I should say.

    3 wags of the finger!

  32. Profile photo of beth_jane

    I agree that Brett should have been  nominated and that he has the right to be supremely pissed, as Jamey argues, but he makes himself look very unclassy with those comments. It is all right to think them, but broadcasting them implies that someone else who is on the list does not deserve to be there (again, something I may believe as well, but I’m not a fellow actor). It is really not respectful of the nominated actors.

    Also, while the show treated  him badly, this whole episode has given him more publicity than he’s probably ever had — is that a bad thing?  I say this as a fan who plans to watch him in anything he chooses to do in the future, and someone who had never heard of him before seeing him on OLTL.

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