BREAKING NEWS: All My Children Recasts Bianca!

TV Guide Magazine‘s Michael Logan is reporting All My Children’s search for a new Bianca is over. AMC has snagged Christina Bennett Lind to play the role vacated by Daytime Emmy award-winner and fan favorite Eden Riegel. Executive producer Julie Hanan Carruthers says,
Eden brought an integrity and honest innocence to the role that was very tough to match. We turned the earth upside going through the candidates. When Christina came in to read for the part she was Bianca. I think it’ll be a very easy transition for the audience.
For now, Bianca’s lady love Reese (Tamara Braun) isn’t making the trip back to Pine Valley and is remaining in Paris with their children. Carruthers states,
We do want to continue playing the Reese-Bianca relationship because it was so unique, says Carruthers. I have talked to Tamara about coming back, but I don’t know schedules and availability and such. I don’t want to recast Reese, so it’s up in the air at the moment 


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    I just hope we don’t have another Denise Vasi or Brittany Allen on our hands. If so, then I will be hitting the fast forward button at record speeds. My poor stomach can’t take any more torture from AMC!!  Judy Blye Wilson can’t seem to cast decent actors NOWADAYS to save her freaking life. Once in a blue moon, she finds someone decent (like Adam Mayfield), but she’s more MISS than HIT!!! This woman should be BANNED from working in daytime!! Her glory days ended in the 1990s!!!

    However, I do find the notion of Bianca being "unrecastable" ludicrous. A lot of journalists were going on record saying that the show would lose viewers, and that Eden Riegel was the only one who should or "could" play Bianca.  I find this to be laughable. Eden is a great actress, but hardly irreplaceable. She’s no Susan Lucci!!

    I just hope this chick can act, but if they chose her because of her UNCANNY resemblance to Eden Riegel, they had better be prepared to eat crow!!!! I REALLY have no faith in Judy Wilson, so I am skeptical!!!!!!

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     I wish her the best of luck, I love Bianca and I think only Eden can be Bianca, but no character (except maybe two or three in all daytime) isn’t recastable. I just hope she can act, I don’t care if she’s ER’s secret twin sister, she needs to be able to carry a lot of drama and the heart of Pine Valley, not an easy thing.

    Ugh, still with Reese and off-screen? Why? That doesn’t sound good, seems like they are trying to sweep Bianca’s sexuality off the screen, again. Meh, I’m not gonna watch anyway, they just abused and used Bianca too much, I just can’t watch anymore. This Bianca fan is done with AMC.

    Good luck to this girl, she’s gonna need it! Also, could somebody give something shiny to Julie Hanan Carruthers and lock her in a cage or somethin’? Please?

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     I think this will work. Yes Judy Wilson’s philosophy on casting ppl based on looks b/c "acting can be taught" is backwards, but when it doesn’t come to characters that matter, she usually gets it right w/the legacy characters.

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     She looks a lot like Eden, not as pretty, but she could easily play a SORASed Miranda or Bianca’s secret sister or something.

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    She looks nothing like Eden, so that may not have been a factor. And she has done some theater work…There may be some hope………

    alstonboy, sorry, but Susan Lucci is no Susan Lucci. The woman is a great diva, but that’s not the same as being a great actress.

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    AMC did treat Sabine Singh terribly, even though I was sooo glad to get my Rebecca Budig back. It almost felt as though Brian Frons, or someone high on the hill, had a personal vendetta against that woman. Geez!!! However, I agree, Sabine was just placed in a lousy situation. They NEVER should have recasted Greenlee. They could have simply brought back ANOTHER character or actress from AMC’s past to fill the void.

    I also don’t necessarily feel like there is a "void" on the show without the Bianca character being there. There are DOZENS of female characters from the past that could come on and make wonderful contributions to the show. Skye Chandler, Laura English, they could bring back Dixie (FOR REAL, this time!!!) or they could bring back Tad’s ex-wife Hillary, or even resurrect Babe Chandler from the dead (with Alexa Havins to play her)..

    Some people like to place the Bianca character on some imaginary pedestal, but I see no need for them to keep bringing Bianca back unless they can write a decent story for her, and find a decent actress to play her. I hope they plan to do BOTH of those things right now. If this actress doesn’t work out, I will have no qualms about seeing her leave town again.

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     Congrats to AMC for having the guts to recast such a pivotal character to the show.  Bianca is needed in Pine Valley and if Eden wanted to move on so shall AMC.  It won’t be easy, but never in my wildest dreams did I think anyone could compare to Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Kendall…now I can’t imagine anyone BUT Alicia!

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    I just wish these people would WRITE for the Emmy Winning Actors they ALREADY HAVE. When were Debbie and Darnell last in Front Burner story? May 2008?

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    Well she totally has the Bianca look– which is one step in the right direction!
    I hope AMC woul NOT recast with a woman who cant act— so I have my fingers crossed that she will also have some acting chops & can play her scenes without us cringing!!!!!!!!!

    However- I cant help but think of Greenlee right now.  When they recasted Sabine- she had the look and was slowly winning over the audience BUT the second Rebecca wante back they dropped SS like a hot potato!  For that reason alone- I had assuemd they would recast with a NAMED actress in the industry.  Cause they may not ditch one popular actress for the original.  Look at GH — when Sarah Brown wanted back they didnt dump Laura W for her

    To me the one difference is —Bianca is a legacy character who leaves a void on the canvas when she isnt there.  The daughter (s) of Erica should be one the scene– if not both at least one.  And right now not having either daughter on the show has left a hole in some of Erica’s life & storyline potential.  Erica can’t help but butt into their lives!!!  Greenlee- although a leading role- doesnt leave the same void in my opinion.  So AMC needed to recast Bianca where as they didnt with Greenlee.  So if the original Greenlee wanted back why not grab her.  I hope they give Christina a chance & treat her with  more respect. 
    And let me state I never liked Sabine as Green’s & felt if RB wasnt willing to return the role could have stayed out of town for the time being….. but still thought the show treated Sabine terribly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    wjhboy– the problem I find is this—————- they have the talented actors — what they’ve been lacking is the talented writers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They bring in these hacks who give the actors terrible material cause the writers have a poor version of the characters and serioulsy lack a vision for the show.  Granted Lorraine has gotten it back on track– lets hope her and Agnes participate in some of the Biancas first scenes- this way they are true to Bianca!  Not like when Liza showed up and banged Zach on a black jack table after simply making eye contact!!!

    alstonboy– maybe by getting a newbie for such a plum role– they could save some $$ to bring on some other talent like Victoria R??????????????
    And there is talk that AMC wants to cast a latino family — maybe Kamar de los Reyes (Antonio OLTL) could join the cast??????

    PS– If I was the actress playing Marissa I would be very worried about this new Binks!  They kinda look alike & the personalities of Bianca and Marisa are so similar that I bet Marissa will be leaving PV sooner then later

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    This show clearly has NO plans to fire the chick who plays Marissa (even though they SHOULD!!!!)….for some reason, they seem hellbent on getting rid of the GOOD actors (like Cady McClain and Colin Egglesfield) and keeping the garbage around. This is why I still have to fast forward through most of AMC!! It’s getting better, writing-wise, but I really am waiting for SOMEONE to show these crappy actors the door!!! Wish they had done it before they shipped them halfway across the country with the pretense that they are valuable assets to the show!!!!

    And I don’t think that AMC is really gonna add a Latino family to the canvas anytime soon. That’s just one of the long list of promises that the past three writing regimes have tried to force feed us, hoping that it would reassure us about the state of this show. All of these regimes failed dismally. Kamar de los Reyes, I believe, left OLTL with a fairly big CHIP on his shoulder, and I don’t think he is gonna be returning to daytime anytime soon. Perhaps he’s moved on to bigger and better things, but I haven’t seen him ANYWHERE…….LOL!! I guess he’s doing theatre or something???

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    This is absurd of them to recast Bianca.These people are ridiculosly vindictive enough to do this to Eden when she wanted to come back to this crappy show?!This is not this new actresses fault though, I hope she’s good b/c she has some size 5,000,000 shoes to fill.

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    I agree with babyc about the issue of Bianca’s sexuality. I think that AMC gets the best of both worlds by bringing Bianca back this way. A legacy gay character, that cannot be romantically linked to anyone on screen because of a committed relationship with an off screen character. So, basically she can be gay but they don’t actually have to show her being gay and I believe that is exactly how they want it.

    Bianca’s sexuality aside, I think my biggest issue will be how they deal or even if they deal with Bianca’s damaged character. I have loved Bianca since I was knee high to a grasshopper but this last go around with that Reese and that damn baby of betrayal really damaged the character of Bianca in my eyes. That is a huge problem for me because Bianca has always been considered and treated as a moral compass for Pine Valley. Bianca having that kid with Zach was so very out of character, that it needs to be addressed when she comes back into town, especially if Kendall will be in town at the same time. But as big of an issue as this is for me, I am sure the writers will ignore it just like last time.

    I guess the big questions though is how long will she be in town? With Reese pining away and raising their kids over in Paris, I can’t imagine that this will be a long-term thing. Although I have a lot of issues with how they will reintroduce the character, I will keep an open-mind and give this actress a chance. So, I suppose that cautiously optimistic sums up my feelings about the recast.

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    Bianca is an important legacy character on AMC. The show needs this recast to work.
    I wish this actress all the best.
    I have a feeling no matter how good she is that she is going to get slammed for the first 6 months. Recasts never have it easy.

    I have watched AMC since the days of Greg/Jenny, Nina/Cliff, Dr. Tyler, and Grandma Kate and I have seen Susan Lucci many, many times in her role as Erica Kane Martin Brent Cudahy Chandler Roy Montgomery Montgomery Chandler Marick Marick Montgomery (I can rattle that off in 5 seconds) give the performance of an actor.
    She may also be a diva in some eyes but she is one of the nicest (as Walt Willey once said that she only throws her weight around when it should be thrown around) divas around if you want to go there. (The only prob I have heard Ms. Lucci having in all these years is with Ms. Gellar and if memory serves me correctly and it does I know Ms. Gellar was no peach behind the scenes either and in the press after she left.)
    Erica and Ms. Gellar’s Kendall onscreen were great though.

    Susan Lucci is an actor who has moved me many times with her performance and I am SO glad she is commuting.
    There is no All My Children without her.

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     Can’t help but note the irony that this was announced on the same day that Eden Riegel and Liz Hendrickson had their first on-screen interaction on Y&R. It wasn’t much but for BAM fans it was a nice moment. 


    I know people say that there are no roles in daytime that can’t be recast but, for me, there are and Bianca Montgomery is one of those. I wish Christina Bennett Lind all the best but there will only ever be one Bianca Montgomery for me and that’s Eden Riegel. For the first time in a long time, I won’t be returning to the show when Bianca does. 


    Plus, the idea that she’ll appear on-screen without Reese means that Bianca will, once again, be a lesbian in name only. While it might make middle America more comfortable, it doesn’t offer a genuine opportunity for lesbians to see themselves on television. 

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    I consider neither of Erica Kane’s daughters "unrecastable" so I welcome the new actress and wish her well.  She seems a little similar to the actress who plays Marissa but I hope that she has more spirit. 

  17. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Thanks for providing the link…..

    Okay, I think I might like this Christina Lind chick!!! LOL!!! She seems like a good actress. The one thing I already like about her is that she doesn’t have that sweet, perky voice that Eden Riegel has (not that I don’t love me some Eden Riegel!), but it’ll be a welcomed change!!! I will still reserve my comments for later, but it seems that Judy Wilson has done SOMETHING right……for once this decade!!!

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    "Judy Blye Wilson can’t seem to cast decent actors NOWADAYS to save her freaking life. Once in a blue moon, she finds someone decent (like Adam Mayfield), but she’s more MISS than HIT!!! This woman should be BANNED from working in daytime!! Her glory days ended in the 1990s!!!"

    I know. She seems to cast for attractiveness and/or resemblence first and talent/charisma second.

  19. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    She has dark hair.  That doesn’t equal an "uncanny resemblance" to Eden. 

    Listen, I was the first to say this Minshew person could never replace SMG as Kendall, but look at what happened!  Live and learn.  This new person deserves a chance. 

    I think it helps that she will return when Erica is off on her mountain adventure.  Fans will get to know her before she has to interract with the grande dame.  It’s also good that the kids will stay in France.  While it’s silly that Binks can stand being away from her girls for so long, we won’t have to deal with any rugrats accidentally calling LaLooch "granny" anytime soon.  I know we’re all fraught with anxiety over that dreadful possibility!  ;-)

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    Thanks for the link. I watched it and this gal has the spunk and I think she will bring a different side to Binks. But I too will reserve my comments till I see her in action.

  21. Profile photo of BadRecastVictim

    Definitely, thank you to AllmyDaysatGh for providing that link. Her reel was short but quite impressive. I agree with troymcclure that she does indeed have presence. This gives me more hope and makes me a little less weary of the return of Bianca. 

  22. Profile photo of Dariclone

    Thank you for posting her acting reel. I think she’s actually a decent actress and she does like wuite a bit like Eden. I just can’t quite see her as Binca yet. As said above, it’s too bad that she doesn’t have Binca’s sweet tone of voice. I did see someone I thought could play Bianca on T.V. recently, the girl who played the kidnap victim on Private Practice a couple weeks ago. She would have been a vit yong, but oh well.
    As for *this* actress I’ll give her some time and start to see if I "feel" her as Bianca.

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    Wow how could AMC do this Bianca is Eden Reigel, nothing against the new woman but this is a joke.  I will watch to see how she does but it is almost impossible to think anyone can do this character justice and make us all feel her pain the way Eden did. Eden was such a dear heart that Bianca’s sexuality was secondary to her character and her heart no one else can make us care as much; no one.

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