DAYS Goes Retro With Product Placements

If Brady’s gonna keep hanging around Nicole, he better make sure Ari has her stash! I couldn’t help but giggle a bit recently, when in the middle of a tense discussion with her sister, Days of Our Lives‘ Arianna (Lindsay Hartley) broke out the Midol. It looks like the Comeback Soap of the Decade has opted to return to the practice of product placement, which initially helped make soaps insanely-profitable dating back to radio.

With advertisers paying out less money for commercials, partly in fear of  viewers simply fast forwarding through their spots, a full-on return to product placement advertising could help soap operas stay around a little bit longer. DAYS’ co-creator Irna Phillips, who famously stated "radio must sell products", would be impressed. I know I am. Way to think outside of the box Ken and Co. Check out the Midol product placement on DAYS, courtesy of kemichaud, after the jump.

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    Wow, those guys over at Days are thinking.
    Not only are their storylines getting interesting,
    and now they are going old school with product

    Now that’s what happen when people realize they
    are on a year to year contract then everyone put
    on their thinking caps and come up with ideas.

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    Whatever helps keep the soaps on the air. I can see it now. General Hospital’s Jason to Sonny: "Have we got any more of those Smith & Wesson bullets?" When I have to shoot someone, I use only the best, Smith & Wesson". Or Max taking out the "garbage" using a Glad Flexsteel bag. Tough enough to hold a human body.  Sam doing Jason’s laundry using Tide, to get out blood stains… the possibilities are endless!

    I’m joking of course, but anything that helps the soaps make more money and keep them on my screen is okay by me.

    Maybe Erica and Greenlee can ditch Fusion on AMC and each start selling Avon instead. Imagine what they’d do to outsell one another and become top seller that month!  Erica to Jackson: "Buy some Skin So Soft and I’ll show you how my skin’s SO soft!" lol.

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    Cleaver and made me giggle a bit. Like everyone else said whatever that keeps these shows on a little bit longer is fine w/me. Is DC going to make "Wash It" a thing

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    Guiding Light had to do this for years (thank God I don’t have to see them always eating Pringles and talking about it!).
     With Tide, Bounty paper towels, Pringles, etc.
     Now all the soaps will probably be doing the same, and the less of sets like they are already showing.

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    Jamey Giddens

    East. West, I am working on my formula for WASH IT! (TM) as we type. i am wearing Ashley Abbott’s old lab coat. Lord knows THAT heffa don’t need it on that cartoon she plays on, anymore! Now if I can just get Brenda Epperson’s lifetime supply of Aqua Net.

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    This is cool!  Victoria Wyndham (Rachel Cory) has a 90’s interview online where she had presented this idea to save Another World, but tptb refused.  In AW’s case the ‘pre’ cancellation plans had been years in the making.

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    Uh, could Nick Newman be the poster child for erectile dysfunction?  He could have a storyline about the loss of his mojo.  Then, with the power of Viagra, he’s restored!


    More power to them!  Look, on 24 and Desperate Housewives, the characters make prominent use of Sprint phones.  30 Rock does it.  

    If it pays the bills and can be inserted creatively, I’m all for product placement. The networks and the soaps need the cash.  

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    Nick Newman is ONE man who I feel DESERVES erectile dysfunction. I would LOVE for him to realize that he’s not the hottest/or most irresistible man in Genoa City, and for both Sharon and Phyllis to realize that they can do soooooo much better!!! I hoped long ago that Phyllis would pull a Lorena Bobbitt, after tiring of his incessant wishy-washiness and flip-flopping back and forth between her and Sharon!!! Unfortunately, no such luck!!

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    I am all for commercials within the show as long as it cuts back on regular commercials. They could work on the dialog a little to make it sound more like what people NOT in a commercial would actually say. First off she would probably keep midol in her purse not behind the bar where anyone could take it. Secondly they might have mentioned or worked in a pms storyline in advance. Hopefully Phillip won’t be doing a foot powder ad……

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