Hot or Not: Y&R’s JT and Mac?

The Young and the Restless’ JT (Thad Luckinbill) and Mac’s (Clementine Ford) relationship keeps moving forward like an Icelandic ash cloud, but do you find them hot or hot?

Hot or Not: JT and Mac?


Hot or Not: Y&R's JT and Mac?

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  1. Profile photo of babyc

    Hot? No, but cute? Yes, so far this has to be the most acceptable Mac couple I’ve seen, is not passionated and fiery, but is kinda cute if boring. I don’t mind then at all.

  2. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    They are about as "hot" as lukewarm tap  water—-and just as bland and boring!!! The writers are trying to recreate a history between two actors who have NO chemistry at all. Thad Luckinbill may have had chemistry with the past actresses who played Mac, but he has NONE with Clementine Ford.

    I keep saying it—-they should have Mac come out of the closet, revealing herself to be bisexual, and then bring on a suitable female for Clementine Ford’s character to be in a relationship with on the show!! She looks BORED beyond belief with JT, just like she did with Billy Miller!!! Perhaps with the right FEMALE love interest, Clementine Ford might start turning in halfway decent performances!! Is that too much to hope for???

    Or maybe they should just do what I have been anticipating for an eternity—RECAST Mac with a suitable actress???

  3. Profile photo of kcgeban

    I keep saying it—-they should have Mac come out of the closet, revealing herself to be bisexual, and then bring on a suitable female for Clementine Ford’s character to be in a relationship with on the show!!

    Heaven forbid, alstonboy!

    This regime does not do gay well.

    Witness the Adam/Rafe and Phillip Chancellor disasters.

  4. Profile photo of alstonboy4315


    Yeah, I know….but I was just offering some suggestions as to how Clementine Ford SLIGHTLY more bearable on my television screen, since the writers seem to want to give her more screentime, and another love interest. I have been pretty hard on Clementine Ford (with good reason, she sucks!) so I thought I would channel that criticism into something constructive.

    Besides, I am REALLY tired of fast-forwarding through the JT/Mac scenes!! LOL!

  5. Profile photo of GamecockMom

    Clementine looks about as uncomfortable being romantic with men as I would being romantic with women.  She isn’t attracted to men and that shows through in a huge way.  She is too manly to play Mac.

  6. Profile photo of troymcclure

    gamecockmom, Harsh…but true.

    It has nothing to do with her sexuality but everything to do with her being a sucky actress.  If you’re an actor should be able to act like you’re attracted to whoever they tell you to be attracted to but Clementine acts like she’d rather shoot herself in the head than be close to anyone with a penis.

  7. Profile photo of RebeccaJ

    I think her "do gooder" character is so poorly written that it doesn’t matter who plays it at this point. And I wish they’d bring back the good old days with JT when he fooled around with Brit’s mom and was actually INTERESTING.

  8. Profile photo of harlee490

    I thought LML storylines were bad but you know what MB storylines are just as bad or worse, Y&R is a HOT MESS!!  I catch maybe 2-3 times a week, I can’t stomach it anymore.   I don’t care how she spins it, she is not Bill Bell!   Mr. Bell would have never had all these psychos on at one time!!  Don’t get me wrong he could create crazy characters but they were well thought out and a slow build to make you hate them with a passion and they always got what was coming to them in very grand way,  David, Sheila, Mari-jo, Vanessa, ah help out Andy’s wife, Farren, Shawn (burying Lauren alive, long before Days did with Carly) etc.  you get the picture.  I will say I am excited about "Snapper" returning, and Greg now all we need is for Lori and Lance (John McCook)  to return to stir it up some more,  this is really giving Jess a whole family again …KUDOS for that .  They should bring back Scott to mix it up with Chole, Mac, Abby and I always wanted Scott to actually turn out to be Paul’s son, could be alot of story there, maybe because always love Lauren and Paul.  Same with Sommer, it should be Jack’s daughter.

  9. Profile photo of ChrisGa

    Well, first off I’m not the Clementine Ford hater most Y&R fans are and while I wasn’t crazy at all about the Mac/Billy pairing, I actually like her with J.T.; frankly, I think she’s got better chemistry with him than Amelia Heinle did(which can’t be good considering they’re real-life marrieds–ouch).  As for Y&R’s failure to produce a legitimate gay storyline, I still say they should’ve made Chance gay and paired him with Rafe rather than make Philip gay twenty years too late; John Driscoll is a good actor, as is Liz Henricksen, but they have less than zero chemistry as a couple(which seems to be an ongoing problem for this show).

  10. Profile photo of LAGenoafan

    The woman playing Mac right now seems much older than everyone else, but that’s not the real problem. It doesn’t matter who plays Mac—she’s a dud character; always has been, always will be. (At least they’ve stopped showing that ridiculous bar of hers; it looks like a waterfront dive out of "On the Waterfront".) Why they keep bringing Mac back is beyond me, but I guess we’re stuck with her now, at least until she pops those twins (a storyline I fast forward past; save me from the boringly noble Winters family. Why don’t the black characters ever get to be crazy? Where is their Sheila?) Last complaints: this girl who plays Victoria is good at anger but hopeless at emotion. The scenes where she was supposedly griefing the loss of custody of her son were embarrassing. She couldn’t even muster a tear—imagine how Heather Tom would have played that scene. She was irreplaceable, a fact Y&R should have realized long ago. Okay, one more thing: if Victor says the phrase, "I’ll do everything in my power…" one more time, I’ll scream. Why were we all so anxious for him to come back?

  11. Profile photo of sallyv

    Clementine has absolutely NO chemistry with ANYONE on the show. She needs to go NOW! I can’t figure out why she’s still around…she bombed with Billy Miller, she is bombing with Thad Luckinbil. She is so masculine looking and acting that she will never work in a romantic relationship unless Y&R decides to do a gay storyline with her.

  12. Profile photo of babyc

     Her no chemistry with other actor has little to do with her being gay and everything to do with her just no having chemistry with anybody and Mac being the dullest character on daytime. She doesn’t have chemistry with Kay or Chloe either!! But I do think she has chemistry with JT is not hot, is just cute, kinda like puppy love so I don’t mind them, beside I’ve find myself liking her more since she started to interact with Reed.

  13. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Yeah, the Bell soaps seem to be a safe haven for mediocre and horrible actors!!! They seem to have job security over there, because Brad Bell takes care of his actors, even when they suck!!! And if you happen to be related to someone who is even SLIGHTLY famous, which is the case with Clementine Ford—who is Cybill Shepherd’s daughter–you are set for life!! I guess Maria Bell and Cybill Shepherd are members of the same country club, or attend the same Botox parties???

    And I agree that Amelia Heinle is not COMPLETELY wooden and horrible, but she is not convincing enough at portraying ANY emotion to justify the producers and Sony keeping her around!!! She is a 4 out of 10—-on a good day!!!

    I think that Heather Tom left the show over creative differences with the producers and writers, and I am sure she has far more leeway over at B&B, so she is unlikely to leave B&B to come back to Y&R anytime soon. I don’t think that Heather Tom’s Victoria was irreplaceable, and I keep saying it—–TAMARA BRAUN!! TAMARA BRAUN! TAMARA BRAUN!! But clearly nobody is listening.

  14. Profile photo of RebeccaJ

    @ LAGenoa I agree with your observation about Amelia’s "grieving" scenes. And I guess we were supposed to believe that she was SO grief stricken that she couldn’t even make an effort to comb that rat’s nest on her head all the way to Jamaica.

    I, for one, was NOT anxious for EB to come back because I honestly believe he’s been phoning in his scenes since the Bobby Marsino days. And "I’ll do everything in my power…" doesn’t grate on me nearly as much as "Well, I’ll be damned…" GUH!!!

  15. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    I am guessing Maria Bell has complete control over this site.  I am now making my 3rd post in regards as to how disgusting MAC is and my opinion of her lack of acting ability.  Let us see how long it lasts.  She and M. Bell must have something going on to have lasted this long.  She is absolutely disgusting as an actor,  although M. Bell must think that like Daisy,  she POPPED instead of POOPED,  otherwise why is this wooden Indian fence post actor still on this once fabulous show?

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