One Life to Live Cast Performs “Starr X’d Lovers” on The View Today!

Be sure to tune in for today’s episode of The View to see One Life to Live teen dreams Kristen Alderson (Starr), Eddie Alderson (Matthew), Kelley Missal (Dani), Shenell Edmonds (Destiny), Lenny Platt (Nate) and J.J. Singleton (Darren) perform the title track to Starr X’d Lovers: The Musical!  Check your local listings.

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    Haven’t watched this Friday’s epi yet (it’s 4:54 pm Atlanta,GA time and I watch online – hasn’t posted yet) but I hope it isn’t corny as OLTL is corny enough as it is and I get a headache from watching.  It had better be the actors own voices doing the singing.  Nothing pisses me off more when they try and make it seem the actors are doing their own singing and I can tell it’s not.  Of course – this will probably come off  as a Glee rip- off even though this may have been in the works before hand.

    Speaking of rip off – how about Blair and Tea’s retelling of Beaches.  I do like it whenever Blair and Tea are sparring though; those two have dynamic chemistry together.

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    Watched Friday’s episode! It was really good! I LOVE the remake of "Rainbow’s End" by Kassie De Pavia (Blair)! I downloaded the soundtrack to Starr X’d Lovers and there are 3 versions of the OLTL theme song, one done by Kassie, the other version I think is sung by Brandon Buddy (Cole) & Kirsten Alderson and the third is done by Mark Lawson (Brody).
    I’m glad that The View showcased them on Friday. I guess Frons might be out of the country or something, because he would never let "the middle child" of the three soaps out of the closet to shine!  LOL!

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