TOLD YA SO!!! Adrienne Frantz Back To B&B

The Bold and the Beautiful is finally confirming that Adrienne Frantz is heading back to the soap. The actress’ first airdate is slated for July 1. The news shouldn’t come as a shock to readers and fans of Frantz. DC broke the news MONTHS ago.

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    I remember Amber on B&B back when she was introduced as Eric’s babysitter so this is cool.

    I do however think B&B’s canvas is kind of full right now.

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    Blech.  Didn’t like her back then, on Y & R, and I barely watch B & B now – that show has gone downhill with the silly emphasis on Stephy being some big business tycoon.  "Amber" coming back is no enticement to watch.

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    I never understood the appeal of this character or Bell’s obsession with her. Adrienne Frantz is overrated and over-the-top (not in a good way), but I’d take her over Jackie McInnes Wooden anyday. While I didn’t always agree with AF’s acting choices, at least there was some honest effort, energy, and some truth to her performance, unlike JMW, who’s like a walking, talking mannequin.

    I don’t mind Amber as long as she doesn’t take over the show.  What I really want, though, is for Deacon to come back to LA. I really hope Amber coming back paves the way for his long overdue return. Make it happen, Brad! Bring Sean Kanan back to B&B where he belongs!  

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    Can someone clue me in for the story that got Amber out of Genoa City. I had to take a Y&R hiatus for a little while because I was not going to watch another minute of Sara and I came back this past Wednesday when Andrea Evans was on.

    From what I gather, Amber took Little Eric (Or Little D as Deacon would call him) who is Deacon’s and Amber’s Cousin Becky’s kid (Not even hers) on the run cuz people are after Deacon?
    Tawny sort ot explained it.

    Can someone fill me in? Is that right?

    And I just have to say the quote of the week was from Nikki Newman on Wednesday to Victor: "What did you do?".

    Nothing can snarl like Melody Thomas Scott! Fabulous!

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    Ok, I’m not gonna lie, I will miss her a little on Y&R. I absolutely adored her and Katherine Chancellor’s relationship.

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    nelson branco has no shame. He’s claiming that he along w/ daytime confidential broke the news first that Frantz was returning. He’s taking credit for a scoop that Confidential broke first. At least Confidential always gives credit to whoever scoops something. branco has no ethics and integrity.

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    Bell had no guts to reject Frantz! lol!

    Great, so she’s back! Good luck to SJB and Heather Tom since they’re on their way to becoming the next Eileen Davidson and Lesli Kay of B&B, actresses who’ll be pushed to the background for the likes of scene chewing, one dimensional, annoying, terrible actress Frantz.

    Bell is going to write for Frantz. The sad part is Kyle Lowder is most likely going to get a storyline at this point. Great. Terrible Frantz and untalented Lowder. That’s a ratings disaster and Talk Soup fest waiting to happen.

    The cast is already so bloated. They don’t need Amber! They never even use SJB and Hearst, thankfully they don’t really use Diamont and Wagner much, and thankfully they never use Lowder, Harmon and DTB.

    But awful, emotionless, pathetic “actors” Moss, Jones, Beemer and Downe are front and center. And Bell loves to write for the very uneven Gareis. Now you throw in Frantz there, and there’s no hope of the actors who can actually act like Lesli Kay to return or for the impressive Aaron Spears to have a storyline or for Alley Mills’s Pam to do something other than pull pranks on Donna.

    The dumb part is they have sooooooooo many women on the show, and they don’t need Amber. They need Deacon! If the Forresters want to mess w/ the Logans, they should have Deacon back. Felicia/Deacon would be fantastic.

    This show is going to hell in a handbasket! I hope the ratings decline when Frantz returns. So will Little Eric/Deacon be in his late 20s since he’s older than Steffy and his half sibling/former aunt Hope?! Or will Bell ignore that since he doesn’t want Frantz to seem older?


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    The only way B&B can redeem this is if Andrea Evans returns as Tawney to B&B and she goes after Eric. How annoyed would that make Pam and Stephanie?! After getting rid of Donna, they now have to battle trailer trash Tawney for Eric.

    But that won’t happen since Bell likes the actors who cannot act to be front and center on B&B like Moss, Gareis, Beemer, Jones and Downe.

    They should not pair Amber and Rick bec Lowder is awful. If they want to go that route again, recast Rick! They need a hunk who can act. Lowder is the Jennifer Aniston of Daytime in terms of appearance. Baristas at Starbucks are cuter than lowder. There should be many actors in Hollywood or undiscovered actors or soap alums who can portray Rick better than Lowder.

    Also, if B&B does not recast Rick, then they should not put Amber in a romantic rel. Not every character needs a love interest. Brooke vs. Amber would be better. Brooke can make Amber’s life a living hell. KKL needs a storyline.


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    I am not really sure where Amber is going to fit in.  Does this show, even if it supposed to revolve around fashion designers, need another no talent designer?

    The Amber of B&B that moved to Y&R, kid of redeemed herself as a person.  Let’s hope they don’t bring her back just to be another blonde bimbo like the infamous Logan sisters.. Brooke and Donna.

    Pit her , some how, against Steffie so that little twit can be brought down a peg or two.

    Just don’t let her whine all the time, there is enough whining on the show already from Bridget, the queen of whiners.

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    Far be it for me to try to defend an actor for a change, but just want to throw in my two cents:

    Adrienne Frantz is NOT a terrible actress. She is a GREAT actress, capable of doing both comedy and drama, with an Emmy to prove it. Many great actresses in daytime can’t do comedy AND drama. She just happens to have a somewhat squeaky voice!! Should she be crucified for something over which she has ABSOLUTELY no control??????

    I’d take one Adrienne Frantz over a dozen Jacqueline Woods’ and that other chick who plays Hope, who is slightly less horrible, but also needs to be sentenced to a thousand hours of acting classes. Forgot her name, but it’s irrelevant anyway. She still sucks.

    And, I agree, Nelson Branco is a piece of crap, but that’s something that we’ve all known for a long time, and every time he opens his mouth, he proves all of us right.

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    Alstonboy, you always get there before I do! LOL I quit B&B when Steffy started in on Bill& Katy. Can’t stand this so called actress.
    But can’t wait for the Amber return, and the main reason is because it hopefully brings back Sean Kannan!
    The actors that are being wasted on this show because of the steffy storyline is pitiful. I wonder how they can have JW, RH, and SB and then not even have them on more than once or twice a week? How can they even have an excuse for keeping Ronn Moss & Jacqueline Woods on this show? Neither can act their way out of a paper bag. Maybe they are nice people, Great ,but for the good of the show, FIRE THEM!
    Wow now I feel better!
    Oh, and I almost forgot the other thing. Little D, or Eric is older than Hope!!! I understand sorasing, but at least let it be according to the history of the show!

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