Venice’s Second Season Premieres in August

Crystal Chappell’s hit web series Venice returns for its second season this August, according to TV Guide Canada. Filming of the new season begins in July.

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    I loved Venice. It had a few rough spots but it has great potential (Not to mention one of the hottest looking casts EVER) and I will definitely be tuning in for VS2!!

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    Venice has an amazingly talented, seasoned cast and crew, led by the brilliant and beautiful Crystal Chappell.  The acting and the camerawork are simply divine.  Sure, there were technical glitches the first season, but they were all fixed.  I can’t wait for season 2, 3, 4…

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    [quote=Katiebug9624]Well I consider it a hit, since she can afford to pay for a second season (and give the cast a little bonus) because of the first season purchases.[/quote]

    It’s a success in that respect, but I don’t think I would call it a hit. That would have to include wide audience appeal and the ability to grow the audience. Also, a little critical acclaim couldn’t hurt. For me, season two will be the test of hit or not.

    And Daxilla, I think you said it best that they have great potential. I think it’s pretty telling too, that in all the comments of praise for Venice, so far in this post, the writing is not mentioned.

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    OhOH,looks like the critical critique gang found a new place to go after kimmy and crystal, eh trans.Are the critique gang still upset that crystal had to slap your gang down in one of her interviews,lol.Venice had some start up problems,,mostly because crystal didn’t realize how much demand their would be for venice,but crystal  worked hard and has them fixed.Can’t wait for season 2 to see what crystal and kimmy bring us.

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    It had its bright spots, but, really, if I’m being honest, it’s not that good. Crystal should listen to some of the "critique gang" as you put it.  It probably wouldn’t hurt.

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    Well, I had a lovely post all written out and connection dropped and I lost the post. Bugger. So to see if I can remember all I wrote :)

    Once the technical glitches got cleared up, things started to move more smoothly. Also, the writing (for the most part) improved over the course of the series, there were certainly a few gems in there. 

    I felt there could have been less swearing. I feel like it was very sophmoric. Certainly they didn’t have the restrictions that would have been imposed on them had they been on television (at least network tv), so they were ‘free’ that way. However, with all the swearing, it has less impact. For me, it worked with the few times Ani used it, because you could tell when she used it she was very frustrated with a situation, or person, whereas the usage of cursing by Gina and Owen had no impact at all; it didn’t mean anything – just became another descriptive noun.

    Relationships: less of Gina/Tracy – that was about the only relationship I couldn’t buy. I could easily buy the relationship between Ani/Lara. I really enjoyed the aunt/niece relationship between Guya/Gina.

    Things I’m looking forward to:
    – longer episodes
    – more tie-in from one episode to the next (arcs), which we started to see towards the latter part of the season.
    – flashbacks to Gina/Ani past
    – appearance (or at least more discussion) of the mysterious Logan and how/why she screwed up Gina.
    – more exploration of the antagonistic relationship between Gina and her father; why, aside from obvious bigotry shown in S1.
    – personal growth/development of Gina (see her acknowledging the mistakes of her past and why she’s made them)

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