This Week in Daytime: Snubs, Lovers and Recasts


This Week in Daytime,

I choked at some of the people snubbed by the 37th Annual Daytime Emmy nominations. I realize there are only so many people who can be nominated in each category, not to mention sometimes less-than-stellar submission reels and backstage politics playing factors, but Stacy Haiduk, Alison Sweeney, Laura Wright, Maurice Benard, Sharon Case, Scott Evans, Brett Claywell and Ron Carlivati and the One Life to Live writing team all deserved nominations. There is absolutely no justification for that hack Chuck Pratt getting a nomination for almost destroying All My Children. Just once I’d like to see a nomination list that didn’t make me go “huh???” A pipe dream I know.

I realized just how much the soap genre is in trouble, thanks to a miniature horse named Einstein who received more promotion on The Early Show than the build up to the announcement of the Daytime Emmy nominations.

I wondered if General Hospital’s Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) would forget Elizabeth’s (Rebecca Herbst) birthday–if they were still together–like he did Sam’s (Kelly Monaco). For some reason I doubt it.

I imagined that Cody Paul (Graham Shiels) would make an excellent addition to Michael’s (Chad Duell) prison storyline on GH. Having already served time, he could be written into the storyline in a variety of ways.

I shouted NOOOOOOOOO while watching Billy (Billy Miller) and Victoria (Amelia Heinle) get married in Jamaica. For the longest time I always had a The Young and the Restless couple I could get behind, but lately there isn’t a single romantic relationship in Genoa City I care about. Where has the romance gone?

I loved Betty White on Saturday Night Live. She was hilarious! Now people are talking about her hosting the Oscars and I have to admit I think she’d do an amazing job.

I anticipated Adrienne Frantz’s return to The Bold and the Beautiful as Amber. DC’s Jillian reported it months ago, but now that Amber has finally said goodbye to Genoa City, I am popping myself a big bowl of popcorn and getting ready to watch the chaos she wreaks when she returns to mix things up with the Forresters and Logans. Amber is one of my all-time favorite B&B characters and one of the reasons I got hooked on the show. I enjoyed her on Y&R, but someone needs to knock Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) down a few pegs and who better than Amber?

I decided to give Christina Bennett Lind a chance, and take a wait-and-see attitude towards her as All My Children’s Bianca Montgomery. When considering everything AMC did to Eden Riegel’s Bianca I still find it highly suspect that the show felt it was oh-so-important to bring back a character they’ve routinely written into corners and subjected to humiliating storylines, just as Riegel signs with another show. Lind has giant shoes to fill. Let’s hope ABC Daytime doesnt do to her Bianca what they did to Riegel’s.

I expected to enjoy the debut of One Life to Live’s Starr X’d Lovers: The Muscial a bit more than I did. Not that it was bad, I just think I’ve been spoiled by Glee and my expectations might have been too high. I’m looking forward to Monday and Tuesday’s episodes, though.

I laughed when As the World Turns’ Carly (Maura West) realized her do gooder, ex-hubby Jack (Michael Park) was onto her and Parker’s cover up and rushed home to try and prevent him from finding out Parker’s (Mick Hazen) secret. Now that Jack knows the truth, next week’s ATWT should be explosive, pardon the pun.

I pitied Days of our Lives’ Chloe Lane (Nadia Bjorlin). That poor song bird doesn’t have a clue Vivian (Louise Sorel) is destroying her life. I actually prefer her with Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson) over Daniel (Shawn Christian), but it would still suck to have everyone think you’re cuckoo cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs. On the other hand, is anyone else tired of Carly’s (Crystal Chappell) sickeningly sweet innocence? Something must be done to make Carly more interesting. At this point she just comes across as a perpetual victim, unless she’s roughing up Bo (Peter Reckell) in bed that is.

My Totally Subjective Soap Ranking for the Week of May 10 – 14

1. General Hospital
2. Days of our Lives
3. All My Children
4. As the World Turns
5. One Life to Live
6. The Bold and the Beautiful
7. The Young and the Restless



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  1. Profile photo of east.west

    I think Stacy Haiduk is totally rocking the sexy catwoman look in that pic. It’s unfortunate that she was left off the list, would’ve given Bree’s slot (love her too) to her, but hopefully she’ll get in next yr. I classify this under the Sabryn Genet/Rick Hearst snubs of 2002, which ironically lead to the prenominations system being made the following yr.

    I knew Ali Sweeney wsn’t going to get nominated this yr. She submitted the wrong tape. I believe more now than ever if she submitted what the show submitted for series, she would’ve been nominated.

  2. Profile photo of cheryl85

    [quote=east.west]I knew Ali Sweeney wsn’t going to get nominated this yr. She submitted the wrong tape. I believe more now than ever if she submitted what the show submitted for series, she would’ve been nominated.

    That’s exactly what I heard.  And with that Sweeney blow her own chance at a nom.  I’m also like alstonboy I hate most of the list especially with Pratt getting recoginzed in both writing and drama nominations, but it is what is.  Most of the time poltics play a big part into who gets nominated and wins. [/quote]

  3. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    I have made peace with the Daytime Emmy nomination list. That’s not gonna stop me from complaining (hell, what does?? LOL!)  Despite the few glaring WTFs (Molly Burnett nominated for an acting award?? Or Dylan Patton?? On what alternate universe does this make sense?), I applaud the diversity among shows, and the fact that the Lead Actor category, despite not having the magnificent David Canary on it!!, is diverse and has new faces and fresh meat on it!! Ditto for the other categories!! At least it’s not the "usual suspects," and although some of the nominees clearly have NO chance of winning, I am trying to focus on the good.

    I honestly believe that Laura Wright should have been nominated over Bobbie Eakes (even though I like Bobbie as an actress, and love that country accent to death!)!! WHY CAN’T THIS TALENTED ACTRESS GET NOMINATED?? Is there a conspiracy to shut her out?? Don’t get it!! I am STILL trying to remember what Bobbie Eakes did in 2009 that was Emmy worthy! Anyone care to enlighten me?? And where is Terri Colombino’s name? I think the writers of Y&R killed Stacy Haiduk’s chances of getting nominated for an Emmy with their cartoonish, one-note writing!! Bad writing undermines good performances ALL the time!!

    I heard that Ron C. and Frank V. submitted that Grey Gardens episode for Best Writing and Best Show, which would explain why they didn’t get nominated. They should have submitted something with more SUBSTANCE if they really wanted those nods. Not that I am in any way condoning Chuck Pratt getting a nomination!!! That man deserves a boot in the ass, and nothing else!!  Please excuse my French, but all things Pratt irritate and anger me!!!  I think that this show keeps getting nominated out of respect for Agnes Nixon, who is still involved as a creative consultant, even though I don’t think she was actively involved in ANY of Pratt or McTrashy’s horrible writing!!

    I also wanted to know if that RUSHED, "blinked twice and you missed it" marriage on Y&R was fake, or if I was dreaming!!! Damn, I was hoping it was a figment of my imagination!!! I am hoping it’s not legal or binding, because just because I was starting to LIKE Billy and Victoria, that doesn’t mean I wanted to see them jump the damn broom!! Maria Bell has NO idea what MODERATION means, does she?? It’s all or nothing! 200 MPH or barely moving !!! I do like some of the couples in Genoa City, but I wanted to know why Chloe called Billy, in what seemed like an attempt to engage in some random, FWB grief sex??? Come on, Chloe!!  She had shown so much growth and maturity, and now she’s back to square one? I don’t want her to be boring, but I don’t want her to turn into a promiscuous character who lets her libido do the talking OVERNIGHT, either!! We already have ONE Billy Abbott in town, and don’t need another one!! This character seems to be taking two steps forward and 12 steps back!!!

  4. Profile photo of troymcclure

    The Bell soaps rush all their couples.  I start liking a couple on a Bell soap and a week later I read online that they got married and 2 months from now they will be divorced and moving on to the next victim.  Wwhatever happened to build up?  As frustrating as it is watching JR and Annie on AMC being stalled, I prefer that to what Y&R is doing.

    Sorry, I watched 10 minutes of the Highs Scool musical crap on OLTL and I thought it was awful.  I just prefer musicals being done by professionals in the right setting and not on a daytime soap.  I also thought the premise was ridiculous.  I get wanting to prop the Starr X’d lovers (Uggh, my soul just died a little typing that) but give them some real angst that has lasted more than a week.

    I still think the biggest WTF re: the emmy noms was Drew Tyler Bell being nominated. WTF indeed????

  5. Profile photo of KMRDaytime

    Luke, I totally agree with you about Carly on DOOL.  I had an idea –I would love to have it turn out that Lawrence is still alive.  He could come back with "proof" that Carly’s description of his awfulness was overstated.  For instance — what if he could convince Daniel and Melanie that it was Carly’s idea to give up the baby and that he actually wanted to keep her, maybe he even tried to convince Carly to get Melanie back after he heard some bad things about her adoptive father but Carly refused…  Yes Carly would probably eventually need to be vindicated but imagine the fun Lawrence and Vivian could have until then.

  6. Profile photo of GH LOVER

     I still think that Laura and Mo  from GH should have been on the final list….

    I can’t stop laughing with the Liason love out there. Sorry Luke I respect You You know that .
    Jason is not the guy that celebrate B day’s and holidays ,if he does he only does it with Sam!!!
    like this year V day when he said he didn’t understand why do they  need to celebrate the love.. but he did do it FOR SAM!!!
    Also I think he forget it because he really  had lots on his mind in the past few months it had it’s tool on him.. so even if he was with Liz he would have forget that…

  7. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    I also tried to watch the OLTL musical, but found myself struggling to keep my lunch down after about 15 minutes of the sheer cheesiness and contrived dialogue, which did nothing but lend credence to my continued belief that this show has simply forgotten how to tell decent stories for ANYONE of ANY age group!!! I tried, though…….

    Maybe when they untie and ungag Ron C. from the broom closet and let him tell the kind of stories that he wants to tell again, this show will become watchable again. I STILL don’t believe that Ron is writing the show right now.  If so, they must have planted a microchip in his brain or given him a lobotomy!!! Perhaps he has an evil twin that none of us is aware of?? Stranger things have happened behind the scenes.

  8. Profile photo of kcgeban

    Kudos to OLTL for trying something new with Starr X.  I  have to be honest, however, and say that what I saw was just dreadful and unwatchable. Does daytime really need a poor imitation of Glee?

    Even though I’m only an occasional viewer, I’m hoping and praying that this soap sticks around for years to come.  But if the ratings go down even more because of this, then it’s probably B’bye Llanview.

  9. Profile photo of Smitty

     I didn’t think I would like the Starr X’d Lovers but to be honest I really enjoyed it.  I could see a soap like OLTL doing that.  IT was nice.  I don’t watch Glee, but didn’t OLTL do a musical before a couple years ago before Glee?

    Billy and Victoria getting married was just stupid.  Didn’t enjoy it at all.  Why do all the recent marriages on this show happen so quickly?  What happened to building a relationship?  Sharon/Adam, Jack/Emily and now Billy/Victoria.  Do we really need to rush the marriages?  Come on now.

    Can’t wait to see Amber back on B&B.  That show needs her.  She never fit in on Y&R so it will be nice to see her back in her old stomping grounds.

  10. Profile photo of Jazzy
    I love Stacey H. she has got to be the best dual role happening. I watch Y&R every day hoping to see what a get job she do as Patty and Emily. Nobody do it as well as she do. She completely becomes someone else. Kudos!!!!
  11. Profile photo of troymcclure

    [quote=GH LOVER]I can’t stop laughing with the Liason love out there. Sorry Luke I respect You You know that .
    Oh yeah the Liason love *roll eyes*  Jason was besides himself over Michael going to prison, he wouldn’t have remembered his own birthday.
    I will never get this liason love, I really won’t.  It seems like their importance is more in the head of the fans than what has actually been portrayed on the show.

  12. Profile photo of uofmichgrad99

     Laura Wright…I love ya babe…please accept my virtual Daytime Emmy Award because you have delivered knock out performance one after the other for the past TWO years.  For the life of me, I just don’t understand why you have not been nominated for a daytime emmy…so I am launching an investigation.  

    You have grown so much from your "Ally" days, yet for some reason you don’t have too many allies within ABC daytime.  Many of the cast members from One Life and AMC are still with their shows when you were in NYC, so they should know you very well from Loving/The City…I don’t get why they haven’t voted for you.

    Then you have the Proctor and Gamble Sorority, 2 shows full of casts that interacted with you on a daily basis…yet still not enough votes.

    Which leads me to GH…where you are playing one of the Top 5 roles in all of daytime…a role that breeds Emmy nominations…yet not fully supported by GH either…

    Someone please help me understand…because I’m just going to write it off to jealousy…LW is undeniably beautiful with a top rated contract and top 5 role…I smell some hateration…lol

  13. Profile photo of good4u

     I agree w\ you Luke about the emmy nods. Sharon Case and Stacy Haiduk deserve better than that. They had a lot of good scenes last year. I would like to know why they got snubbed?  DID THEY PUT ACTOR’S AND ACTRESSES NAMES IN A HAT AND PULLED A NAME? As for Jason forgetting Sams birthday look at all that was going on. If he was w\ Liz she would have made sure he knew about her b-day. Or she would be having birthday sex  w\ someone behind his back.

  14. Profile photo of txriotgrrl

    i am a glee fan, and i LOVED the first part of the OLTL musical.  sure, the singing was a little pitchy here and there… like seriously, they should’ve pitch corrected everyone. i hate pitch correction as a general rule but it would’ve been appropriate to do it in this case.  and considering they pitch corrected kristen alderson, i’m not sure why they didn’t pitch correct mark lawson and everyone else.

    i actually really liked "we belong"… it was very sweet. and "our lips are sealed" was outstanding!  so much fun… loved the girls doing their number. 

    i am still really sore of the kish thing, but i am finding quite a few things about OLTL that i’m really enjoying.  SO GLAD they are wrapping up messica and langston/ford… hate both of those stories.  but LOVING blair & tea, blair & eli, cole & hannah (even if she’s gonna turn out to be psycho), bo & nora, viki & charlie, and yea even rex & gigi (now that psycho slut barbie is gone).  i’m even enjoying the teens (minus lang/ford).

    speaking of… my gawd shennell looked so freaking fabulous in her prom dress! i want her diet secret, because whatever she is doing is working for her.  YOU GO GIRL!

  15. Profile photo of Pure_Diva

    I may have mentioned it, but I do think that Sharon Case was robbed!  From what I’ve heard, she didn’t submit the right tapes, but she deserves an Emmy this year.  I don’t like Sharon Newman, but Sharon Case rocked out the whole crazy act. 

    Stacy Haiduk was phenomenal.  Emmy-worthy even.  But with politics being the way it is, I didn’t see her coming into Y&R as a newcomer and having veterans passed over for her.

    Michelle Stafford – well, I hate Phyllis, but MS has two things going for her:  1) talent and 2) the girl knows how to sniff out an Emmy reel from a hundred miles away. 

    Eileen was also phenomenal this year.  I totally understood why she did not get the nod for her Days portrayals.  I saw that – it was over the top.  But this performance with the gaslighting storyline was amazing.

    I have to hand to Y&R – no matter what scripts they get to play – they knock it out of the park.  (Ok, there’s always exceptions to every rule, but I digress).  Having spent 26 years watching Y&R, Capital, B&B, ATWT, GL (basically all of the CBS soaps), I have to say that Y&R has always had the most talented ensemble of all time.

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