Bianca vs. Greenlee Here We Come on AMC!

In an interview with Zap2it, All My Children’s Christina Bennett Lind hints at what fans can expect when Bianca returns to Pine Valley. It looks like Erica (Susan Lucci) isn’t the only Kane woman Greenlee (Rebecca Budig) will be taking on.

"[Erica] will always be my mom. I will always fight for her. I think it will actually be really interesting from what I know about the character and from what I know is coming," Lind teases. "You’ll see Bianca’s real strength and what she wants and fights for, especially with Greenlee because they’re both strong women who have opinions and are trying to make their way in the world."

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    Ok here we go….Greenlee and Bianca love each other this makes no sense already.Yeah they started out as enemies then they became family and they were always loving towards each other.

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    Interesting how ABC Daytime (OLTL) just dumped a gay love storyline which was extremely popular among fans because it didn’t sit well with "mainstream" viewers, yet they are now bringing back a lesbian storyline on another one of its soaps.  If Kish didn’t sit well with "mainstream" viewers, then why would anyone think the lesbian storyline would sit with "mainstream america" either?  Could it be that maybe Mr. Frons wanted to get rid of the popular Kish storyline so as not to have any competition out there for his Lesbian storyline which he loves.  Interesting that Kish has only been gone a month and all of a sudden we are already getting another gay storyline on another soap on the SAME network by bring Bianca back when she has been off the air for well over 2 years.  (I think it’s the girl on girl thing that Mr. Frons loves, not necessarily the storyline).  With Kish gone, and ATWT on its way to cancellation, the lesbian storyline will likely pick up a lot of viewers from these other soaps.

    Is Mr. Frons playing Mr. Valentini for a fool?  It certainly looks like it.  If AMC picks up the viewers that left when Kish was let go (ratings dropped a full 2 points after their departure), then AMC’s ratings will likely get a boost.  In the meantime, OLTL’s ratings are still sinking or not moving at all since the Kish exit.  This definitely will give Mr. Frons the ammunition he needs to cancel OLTL, a soap he has always hated anyway, favoring GH and AMC.  He has been unable to cancel OLTL thus far, because its ratings have not been any worse than GH or AMC’s ratings.  BUT, should OLTL viewers (specifically Kish lovers and fans of the ATWT’s gay storyline) turn to AMC, then OLTL will be in perfect position for Mr. Frons to "give it the axe" as he has been wanting to do for years.

    Mr. Valentini, I think you may have just screwed YOURSELF when you fired Kish.

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