GH’s Berman, Barash and Leon at ABC Summer Press Junket

General Hospital’s Julie Marie Berman, Brandon Barash and the soon-to-be returning Adrianne Leon were among the ABC stars who attended the Disney ABC Television Group Summer Press Junket in Burbank on May 15. See more photos of them after the jump.

Brandon Barash 

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    I can’t wait for Brookelynn to be back on screen again. I just wish she wasn’t going to be involved in anything Lulu, Dante is okay off and on but Lulu is just horrible 98% of the time. I wouldn’t mind BL/Johnny because I can’t stand Olivia and Johnny together. But I kind of wish that Logan was still alive Brooke/Logan would have been an interesting couple.

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    On a purely shallow note, they all look so cute (especially Brandon!! LOL!). Just an observation. It also helps that they are all great actors. I really hope that GH uses Brook Lynn in a creative and useful way!! We all see how "creatively" the show is using Skye’s character!!! I hope her return won’t be more of the same!!!

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    Suck on it y&r! Adrianna is talented and beautiful!  I’m so glad gh is giving her another run. It’s nice to see a slow build up to the Q’s again.

    my only concern is olivia gets thrown sonny’s way if johnny and brooke hook up.

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    I would be so happy if Johnny at last dumps Olivia ! The woman is playing him while in love with another man …

    And my JoLu love is coming back big time when I see BB and JMB together … So much more chemistry than JMB/DZ … And my girl Lulu was much more interesting before she was paired with Dante …
    It makes me sick that so many people hate her now because of this stupid pairing.

    JMB rocks and she will win her second Emmy in a row …So I just hope and campaign for Lante to break up and for Lulu to be free to be herself again ….

    And AL looks very hot too … BB is a lucky guy :)

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    This is interesting.. Most often publicity Things are done with actors you are currently you are in a scene with or TEASERS…





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    In a perfect world it would play out like this:

    Carly brings Brookelynn in to mess with Dante/Lulu, Brooke starts to back out and Carly tells her all about Lulu breaking up Dillon and Georgie because she got pregnant by Dillon when she lied to him about Georgie sleeping with Diego.

    This would really make for a great multi-family/generation fued.

    Carly/Brooke against Lulu/Maxie/Sam – Brooke wouldn’t understand how Maxie could forgive Lulu so that would make Brooke want to start something with Johnny knowing how Maxie feels about badboys which could bring Sam into the whole thing if they played it up that Brooke didn’t know Johnny was in the mob.

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    Well HOT DAMN Adrianne is lookin FINE!  I’ve definitely missed her and am looking forward to her return.  I always liked the character the last time she was on the show and was really disappointed when they couldn’t manage to come up with a decent story for her.  Seeing as Brook and Dante share a former hometown (and apparently a history), I’m very interested to see how she’ll be playing into the Lante story.  I don’t often give the GH writers a lot of credit, but I think it’s brilliant of them to bring back a Quartermaine for this story rather than creating yet another random new character with a limited purpose *cough*Lisa*cough*.

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