GH’s Dominic Zamprogna and Wife Linda Expecting

ABC Soaps in Depth is reporting that General Hospital’s Dominic Zamprogna (Dante) and wife Linda Leslie are expecting the delivery of a pink bundle of joy later this year. Congrats to the soon to be parents!

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    Congratulations to Dominic and Linda!!!

    Wonder what’s in the water over there at GH?  RH, JJ and now DZ are all having babies.  Congrats to all of them!


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    Congrats to Dominic and his lovely wife.

    Now if he could just take a few months vacations to take care of her before the baby’s birth, I would be even happier ;)

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     Congrats to DZ, all the best 

    PS  GH set is really  a baby  boomer  .. Derk Cheetwood’s  that play’s max wife is preg RH is preg, JJ’a wife is Preg and now DZ’s wife 
    Congrats to all.. 

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