Fancast’s Sara Bibel Weighs In on Disney Axing SOAPnet

Fancast’s Sara Bibel gives her on-the-money thoughts on Disney’s decision to give SOAPnet the heave-ho in 2012.

The ramifications for daytime television are huge. Not only does this remove Disney’s incentive to keep all three of ABC’s soaps on the air to provide programming for the network,it removes a revenue stream for the Sony-produced ‘Days of Our Lives‘ and ‘The Young & The Restless‘ which also air on the network. That hurts their bottom lines. It is unlikely that other cable channels will pick up the shows. Actors and writers for all five soaps will no longer receive residuals for the SoapNet airings, slightly lowering their salaries.

Read more of the former Daytime Emmy-award winning insider’s piece here.



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     I wish the Nielsens would take in the DVR recordings and online viewing when compiling the ratings for soaps.  I truly believe they would be hire, or at the very least, be a lot more consistent

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    TV Gord

    DVR and online will never be given the same credence, because ratings are not about monitoring the SHOWS we’re watching; they’re about monitoring the COMMERCIALS we’re (presumably) watching.  It’s not a perfect system by any means, but it’s the one the advertisers have relied on since the dawn of television (and people have been complaining about ratings since the 50s).  Nothing will ever change.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Soaps need to go backwards, in terms of more branded content like when they first began on radio. If say, Spinelli loves drinking Sunkist instead of "unnamed orange soda", then GH can get a sponsorship deal. Bradford Anderson could appear as "Spinelli" in branded spots for Sunkist’s website and these spots could be on Maxie and Lulu could mention real designers, not fake ones. When Sex and the City began, designers weren’t already onboard. It wasn’t until all of the name dropping the characters did, that brands like Louis Vuitton and Manolo Blahnik lined up to be connected with SATC. Show runners are going to have to aggressively go after branded content sponsorship ideas. What if uptight lawyer Alexis Davis can only unwind by snacking on Pringles? Mac comes over and she is rushing to wipe the crumbs off her mouth and he tells her, "Uh, Alexis, you have a Pringles crumb on your face" and picks it off, smirking. Sometimes I worry TPTB are much to worried about their next casting "get" than actually trying to come up with smarter ways to monetize these shows.

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    As much as I respect you, Jamey, I never thought I’d find myself agreeing with a post like yours but, in light of recent events, I have to concur.

    It’s not like other shows aren’t blatantly using specific product placements to augment their earnings, so why shouldn’t soaps?  If it means we get to keep Viki and Dorian around longer, I say let them talk about their Jimmy Choo’s while pouring themselves a glass of Francis Coppola Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon. 

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    Max isn’t a big TV fan (he’s just turned 2) but the couple programs he enjoys are on Nick Jr and all of the moms I know agree, it makes sense for Disney to go after these kids and moms.  And it makes sense for cable and satellite providers to cancel soapnet so they can collect an extra $10 a month for DVR service from soap fans.

    I am not sure about lots of sponsers but surely a single major sponsor like Johnson & Johnson (maybe we’d be assured the hospital would get stories in order to promote the product) or perhaps arc sponsers like tied to story arcs i.e. Sonny is on medication perhaps he might need a change in dosage or a new medication.

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    [quote=maxsmom]…it makes sense for cable and satellite providers to cancel soapnet so they can collect an extra $10 a month for DVR service from soap fans.[/quote]

    I never thought of that but you’re probably right.  As for me, so long as it continues to be free to watch online, that’s how I’ll be watching.

    By the way, your idea about Sonny’s medication was inspired.  Think of it–with all of the characters that are in and out of mental institutions, the amount of drugs that get prescribed must be staggering!  Some pharmaceutical company should snatch up this opportunity while it’s available. 

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    Okay, if they wanted to create another Disney channel for for young kids, why not just add it to the channel list, because a lot of people depend on SoapNet, and i’m not just talking about watching them at Night.

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    TV Gord

    Dueler312, because it’s easier to change the format of a channel that wasn’t making money than it is to start a whole new channel.  Radio stations have been doing it for years.

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    Jillian Bowe

    DaytimeFan001, soaps saw that $$$. It just wasn’t a HUGE factor before the economy went bust. Sony sure as hell didn’t air those 2 shows of theirs for free. As for the ratings, I think everyone knows the ratings didn’t mean jack for the shows on the main 3 networks.

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