Chad Duell Talks Digging Tom Cruise, Playing “Tough Kid” Michael on GH

General Hospital newcomer Chad Duell chatted with Crushable about how megastar Tom Cruise inspired him to be an actor.
“He’s the reason I’m doing what I’m doing,” Chad tells Crushable during a break between filming scenes on the ABC soap opera. And if he had to work with anyone in the business, “It would be him.”

The actor also gives his take on how he views his alter ego, Michael.

"He’s a tough kid,” says Chad. “He doesn’t want to be in the mob. If you’re ever a kid .. . in jail with scary people around you, you’re gonna be a freaked-out shell of a kid. … I like showing more sides to him. I want (to show) his heart more than his anger. I don’t want him to be one way.”


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     If he wants to show more sides to Michael, and doesn’t want him to be one way, perhaps he should learn some new facial expressions, and stop twitching and bouncing his leg up and down like a nervous rabbit.  I was really hoping that he would have some great scene that would make Drew’s firing reasonable,but I have yet to see anything worthy of praise from Chad.
    Hi my name is GHteenybopper and I am a hater. 

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    I agree, GHteenybopper—This kid’s acting coach is clearly not doing his or her job, and Phelps and company can’t see how clearly LIMITED he is as an actor.

    I wonder why people aren’t TELLING him that he needs to improve. Are they biding their time until someone more RECOGNIZABLE comes along so that they can fire him and fill his spot with a "bigger name"??? Stunt casting seems to be the name of the game on the soaps lately, so maybe they are just trying to find another James Franco- like actor to fill Chad’s shoes?? I wouldn’t be surprised if they announce a few months from now that he’s being fired like Drew was.

    Two facial expressions don’t cut it on this show, neither does a lack of emotion. Some call it showing "vulnerability" or "a softer side"…….I call it lazy acting. As I’ve said before, I am looking forward to the day when Chad starts turning in stellar performances, and when that day comes, I will offer an immediate apology and eat whatever crow falls onto my plate. However, until that day comes, I will continue to nitpick. Wish I didn’t have to…..

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    I also did not like his saying that he wanted to play the character with more vulnerability, as if to say that Drew did not.  For the material that Drew was given, he did a great job.  The ONE time they had Drew play vulnerable was with Laura when he broke down about his guilt, he was more believable and vulnerable than anything that I have yet to see from Chad.  It anoys me a great deal that the powers that be feel that changing the actor is a viable option to completely changing a characters personality, i.e. Lucky with Greg and Johnathan.

    I do not know the behind the scenes dynamics, so I could be wrong, but I feel that if they wanted Michael softer and more vulnerable then all they had to do was write that in the script that they sent to Drew.  From what we have seen, he is a far more capable actor than Chad.  Drew portrayed Michael perfectly as the spoiled, overindulged little punk, who shot Kate and ran away, and then got shot, lost a year of his life, and awoke with impulse control brain damage.  Like Carly and Dylan Cash’s Michael, I hated Drew’s Michael, but I respected and enjoyed the actors portrayal of a character that did actions that I hated.  Chad portrays all the bad qualities of Michael ironically without any of the humanity that Drew had, so his performance is far less enjoyable.

    I do not fault the actor for taking job, talking out of his rear in interviews (like this one), or his coworkers for trying to be nice and saying that he is doing a good job (when it is eveident he is only a little better than mediocre).  Who I do fault is the executives for replacing Drew with someone of lesser talent and expecting the fans not to notice or care.

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    I don’t get the "talking from his ass" or "limited actor" argument at all, but these will be arguments that will be going on for the for seeable future.


    As for Drew, let us not forget two major factors going into him being let go.


    1. He was "allegedly" late all the time. That art form of yesteryear is a unneeded headache for the studios since they don’t have the money to put up what.


    2. Hinted on the podcast, the acting coach did not like Drew and thought he could only play one emotion (many of what ppl who are not feeling Chad, are accusing him of doing).


    As for the interview, of course I liked. One thing I found really funny and telling is that he was originally slated to be a character that was supposed to be a love interest for Kristina. Their first scenes all I thought was "Kiss her Michael!" 

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     east.west, who is this acting coach lol? Would he/she happen to be associated with the likes of Lindsay Lohan and whatever substances she "allegedly" uses? 

    From what I’ve seen thus far, Chad is a VERY limited actor, I would even go further and say he can’t act at all. Not even passions would consider him if it was still on the air. He’s just not at the soap opera level type of acting that one should be.  I’m sorry if this is coming off as rude, but I just don’t get how people can see Chad as good.  Would anyone who thinks Chad is doing a great job send me some youtube clips of this so-called "great acting job" cause I sure haven’t seen any of it.  TPTP screwed up big time when they let Drew go, I’m sure he could’ve found a way to adapt to the "new direction" they wanted Michael to go in. 

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     Lord have mercy! All I am saying is stuff that I have read and heard. And the Passion thing is ridiculous. By your logic Chad would be fine on there b/c most of the actors on that soap were bad (or the more I think about they acted bad to fit JER’s original vision of a soap spoof, but I digress). And no I don’t think me or anyone else who think Chad is doing a good job needs to "go to Youtube and send you clips" to prove our opinion. B/C I have said it’s all subjective.

    What I am trying to stress in my post is that the TPTP wanted to go a different direction w/the character and obviously this move was in the works for awhile given the storyline playing out now (which has to be given the thumbs up by the Frons and in a sense has become Chad’s story rather than him jumping in and finishing Drew’s story like he did w/the trial), and the two factors that allegedly lead to Drew being fired.

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     I don’t think Chad is that bad….
    I think he did really good job last week with the jail scenes..
    I don’t think that actor has so many expressions…
    Look I always had soft spot for the Michael character, Because I am Jason fan and Jarly fan and Sonny fan, some of the  times LOL even though he was a brat most of the time ,even in the days of DC time.. I always liked him.. 
    And when Drew came to this roll I had some troubles with him but soon I was his fan. he looked so much like Steve Burton that even Steve called him "mini me" 
    and he was really great Michael he was the teenager version of DC, a brat that was always mad, maybe because of the brain damage  and that remind me of the days after Jason waking up.. he was acting a lot like his mom and also like AJ.. and he tried to be like Sonny ,the big mobster…
    I think one the greatest  scenes of DG was the "little Bitch" scene because he had Jason yelling at him and he still wasn’t scare he continue to play the Brat….
    And that I think was the problem ,that Drew was this angry kid all the time many fans couldn’t stand him.. it came to the point when Jason was finally  Michael’s parent everyone was cheering him on…
    ANd that is what the writers didn’t want.. they want us to feel bad for Michael when he is in prison.. they want us to have sympathy for Michael.
    They thought that with Drew we will not have it..
    I think Chad is doing good job with showing Michael’s venerability and also showing that he is scared and does need Jason’s protection…

    Do I think that Drew could have done it , showing Michael’s fear and venerability
     I think so.. Drew had some scene when he showed that Michael is not the brat like the carly Michael scene when he finally admit that he is feeling bad for what happened.. he also had a scene with Jason few days after he woke up that he broke down because he couldn’t deal with his anger…

    But the writers decide Not too and they gave us Chad, and i think Chad is doing good job with Michael in prison story… 

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    I’m sorry….did he just say that Michael doesn’t want to be in the mob?

    Then what was Michael’s purpose through 2009 then?…..So now that there is a new actor in the role, suddenly Michael doesn’t want ot be in the mob? GMAFB.

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    My talking out of his rear comment was mainly about his saying that Michael did not want to be in the mob.  Either he has not watched anything from the last five years of MIchael Corinthos’ life, or I imagined pretty much everything that Dylan Cash and Drew Garrett ever said or did.  Michael has wanted to be just like Sonny ever since he was a little boy.  Even if you want to get into a psycho analysis, it had nothing to do with his wanting to please Sonny or because he felt he could not have a normal life because of the brain damage (which they have been having him say over and over), he wanted the money, power, and respect that Sonny has.  Michael as a kid was ordering around his guards and trying to pay off Sam, so he does want to be just like Sonny, and he has not changed his mind since he learned all of the danger that goes along with it.
    Also the stuff he said about not wanting to show Michael as just "one way". which too me sounds like a subtle dig at Drew Garrett.  There is also the part where he calls Michael a "tough kid" in one sentence, and in the very next one calls him a "scared hollow shell of a kid".  I guess there could again be some sort of psycho analysis to reconsile those two conflicting statements, but short of that, it sounds like some actor droning on about a character who’s histroy he knows nothing about!

    As far as the "reasons" given for Drew’s firing.  On the podcast and EVERYWHERE else, there has been a lot of skepticism over that whole wanting to soften Michael new direction thing. I put little stock in the official reasons given for firings on the part of the executives unless there has been some public scandal. The late thing is a blatant rumor that I do not believe for one minute, because if nothing else, one of his costars would have unofficially confirmed that by now and they have not.  All of them have expressed their shock and disappointment with his firing.  If he was difficult in such a way that affected the show or anyone else’s work, they would not be sticking up for him like they have.  And the acting coach rumor is either a lie to cover their butts for a stupid decision, or it shows that said acting coach is an idiot seeing is how Drew is the odds on favorite to win the emmy!

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    I’m sorry….did he just say that Michael doesn’t want to be in the mob?

    Then what was Michael’s purpose through 2009 then?…..So now that there is a new actor in the role, suddenly Michael doesn’t want ot be in the mob? GMAFB.

    Thank you Starrgirlfish! I picked up on that quote immediately. All Michael wants is to follow in his father’s footsteps. It was all Michael talked about for an entire year or so. How can this kid play this character when he doesn’t even understand him?

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    I think that Drew would be great doing this s/l because he played Michael, he was hard and a jacka@#, but Chad comes across as a guy who is sadden by what he did to Claudia and don’t want any part of the business that Sonny’s in.  I don’t think that Chad is doing a bad job, it is that I sympathize more with Michael now than when Drew was playing him.

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