GH’s Julie Marie Berman Dishes Blurred Sex

No, your eyes weren’t playing tricks on you, and no need to adjust your television or snap at the cable company. During the May 5 episode of General Hopsital, the love scene featuring Dante (Dominic Zampronga) and Lulu (Julie Marie Berman) had a little blurring of certain parts by ABC. Berman chats with Fancast’s Nicholas White on the great pixliation debate.

Berman states,

We filmed it, it was beautiful, [and] it was wonderful. Just to be on the safe side, they chose to blur certain things out to not get in trouble

Viewers can rest assured GH didn’t get too hot for television. Berman revealed,

It’s not the first time that’s happened. I don’t think it’s that big of a deal. I don’t think we did it with the intention of, ‘Oh, we can’t wait. We’re going to blur some stuff out to make it look [racy].

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    I love it …
    First we had to suffer this massive prop of this stupid sex scene as if it was going to be the eighth wonder of the world then … it’s a flop, a huge one in terms of ratings (1.8 … still on the floor laughing) and a huge one in terms of comments about the scene as 90% of the comments were about the blurred boobs … 
    So now we get JMB to also comment about the blurred boobs and explain that nothing was tacky ????

    Get a clue GH, more and more people are fed up of your overpromoted and overused Lante !

    JMB is a great actress. Too bad that she has been reduced to being a pimp of Dante … and to such a point that she had to show her breasts …

  2. Profile photo of Annie190

    I love Lante .  They are the best couple on daytime right now.  Whenever they are on they make me smile.  Can’t get enough of them.   Julie and Dominic fantastic together.  Thanks for the article.

  3. Profile photo of JasonMorganIsAHottie


    I love Lante .  They are the best couple on daytime right now.  Whenever they are on they make me smile.  Can’t get enough of them.   Julie and Dominic fantastic together.  Thanks for the article.


    That’s exactly what I was thinking, thanks Annie!

  4. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    I like Dante and Lulu.  I cannot say that I love them but they do occasionally smile.  That ismore than I can say for all of the other couples.  Robin and Patrick never really got a chance to be happy after their wedding.  They went from the altar to the kid in the tree and then Lisa causing angst.  You have Liz between Nik and Lucky.  Carly is bouncing between Jax, Jason, and Sonny with all of her Michael troubles.  MAxie and Spinelli are a non-couple.  They are never on together anyway.  Johnny and Olivia are together but she has one eye on Sonny and the other on Dante at all times.  Who is left?  Dante and Lulu are it for couples and happiness and that is about to go buh-bye.  I hope Brook-lynn fails.

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    I am a die hard Lulu fan and I HATE Lante and I HATE what being paired with Dante has done to Lulu’s character ….

    I want my 3Lulu with a brain" back, I want my Lulu SPENCER back (what is left of a Spencer in Lulu right now ? Nothing …), I want LOYAL Lulu back …

    And I am so sad that JMB has to comment on her blurred breasts because everything people could speak about after this pathetic love scene was blurred boobies and pathetic ratings for such an overly promoted scene …

    Julie, you are a classy lady and you deserve much better than that pairing for your character !
    And by the way, dear Julie, thanks for your letter that shows you still care about what you longtime fans think and shows that you have some doubts about where your character is currently going ….

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    I am not a Lulu fan but at least I didn’t hate her until she got paired with Dante …

    Lante is the most forced, boring and chemistry-less couple of GH …

    Can’t wait for them to be broken up for good !

    I believe I have never hated a pairing on GH that much … Because I have never seen a woman look that stupid when paired with a man …

  7. Profile photo of loungta

    I hate dante (he is the reason I have stopped watching GH at the beginning of the year), I can’t stand Lulu and Lante are so cheesy, forced and desperately boring that they make me want to throw up … So "hot" ???? In Guza’s dreams perhaps …
    But Guza and Frons should just check the ratings of their gigantically promoted lante sex scene … 1.8 !!!! During sweeps !!!! Perhaps they will get the message in the end ?

    And poor JMB who has to lower herself to such a point she has to comment on her blurred boobs … pathetic … Not a fan of her but she truly deserves better !

  8. Profile photo of nickskelton

    So now they have JMB comment on her blurred boobs to try to create some buzz on the Lante sex failure again ? Doesn’t an Emmy actress deserve a little better ?

    Lante is such a bore. They have nothing and never look natural. Can’t wait for the moment we won’t have to suffer Lante anymore …

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    I really liked Lante in the beginning, but whenever a couple becomes "too cozy" for too long, I always get a little antsy and restless. I like my conflict. This is a soap opera, after all. I think that Dominic Zamprogna would have chemistry with almost ANY female actress on the canvas—except for Olivia, (ugh!!! LOL!!! Freudian much??? )!!!!!! The sex scene was good, but I don’t think that daytime sex scenes should be so heavily touted. After all, they leave all the good stuff out. 99% of sex scenes are interchangeably boring. Slow kisses, music slowly builds up to a crescendo…….man picks up woman and carries her over to bed, lots of shots of flowers and random objects in the background. Blah, blah, blah……I get bored and turn the channel for two minutes until they go to commercial break or show someone else.

    And I don’t think that Julie Berman being an "Emmy winning" actress has much meaning, since the Daytime Emmy Award has become a JOKE over the past decade or so. Yeah, they get it right sometimes, but they get it WRONG far more often than they get it right. Julie certainly deserved her Emmy–don’t get me wrong—but until actors like Dominic Z, Bradford Anderson, Lisa LoCicero and Laura Wright earn the title "Emmy winner," I will REMAIN convinced that the award is meaningless.

    Okay, I veered off topic: Julie Berman deserves great material because she’s a GREAT ACTRESS. Ditto for Dominic Z. All in all, I think that Julie is having fun with Dominic Z. Hell, who wouldn’t—with all that tallness, darkness and handsomeness within grabbing distance?????

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