Corrie Character Hits Twitter

Hit UK sudser Coronation Street is tweeting via busybody character Norris Cole. All this week, during Gail’s Platt’s murder trial (currently airing in the UK), Norris will be on Twitter with the latest developments: 

Norris is back to his usual, gossip-fuelled self after a hilarious Misery-style storyline that saw him holed up in a Yorkshire cottage with fellow competition obsessive Mary Taylor.  

As well as the trial storyline, Corrie’s six special episodes this week feature Tony Gordon’s escape from prison and his explosive revenge on former Street adversaries. The episodes reportedly cost ITV £1million (almost $1.5million).

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    Coronation Street is AMAZING right now. This week the show also went into HD and showed off its brand new opening which has some fans in an uproar.

    I LOVE the siege week drama, and I am sooo glad that I came back to this show. Now if only Hollyoaks can turn it around (*counting down the days until July 5th when the new EP’s episodes begin to air*) all will be well with the soap world lol.

    Darren, what are your thoughts on Siege week so far? Are you enjoying the drama? 

    I have kinda been spoiled as to what is going to happen (DARN YOU INTERNET!) but I am really looking forward to seeing it all play out and the aftermath of the siege.

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    Oh I missed news about the British soaps.

    Corrie really is amazing right now and Emmerdale has been on fire for some while as well.

    I’d love more news on the Brit soaps again.

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    Darren Lomas

    Jonathon, I am absolutely loving Corrie right now… I have gone cold turkey with B&B and Y&R… Corrie just blows them out of the water. I have purposely avoided the spoilers… I’m hoping Carla survives, but I’m guessing Haley is toast  It  is a fantastic week so far… I thought Tony was gonna slit Sunita’s throat for a minute there!

    Soapjunkie, maybe we can add some more UK soap news here on DC. You’re right – Emmerdale has been good too, although I watch on-and-off… Corrie I cannot miss an epi  

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    Jamey Giddens

    I’ve been watching You Tube clips of the one set in a farm community that has the angry gay boy who almost went to jail because he didn’t want to come out of the closet. I like it! I can never find them regularly though.

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    That’s Emmerdale, Jamey. ;)

    I just love this soap. It has become my favorite in such a short time.

    And the gay story is really good. The scenes when Aaron came out to Paddy were heartbreaking.
    Also love the Wylde family. Speak about dysfunctional families – bigamy, incest, murder, blackmail.

    Would be awesome if there would be more news about the UK soaps on DC, Darren. :)

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    Darren Lomas

    Yes, Emmerdale! That story is really good, as are the crazy Wyldes… the Aaron and Paddy scenes were brilliant… darn, you’re gonna get me addicted again! 

    Have just been waiting for tonight’s Corrie, but it’s postponed due to a gunman who went on a rampage in Cumbria (UK).

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    You’re make it almost sound like it would be a bad thing getting you addicted again.

    But yeah, the Aaron/Paddy scenes were big, so were the scenes in court or Chas fearing that Aaron is dying after he tried to commit sucide. Such great stuff over the last months.

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    Finally someone who might tempt me to join Twitter! Norris is always funny and getting to read his erudite comments on Twitter will just add some extra giggles to my day!

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