Will Betty Move in With Archie and Veronica on The Young and the Restless?

Ring around the rosey, pocket full of…polygamy?
After donning fetch, designer hooker heels to traipse around in a corn field to solve the Mystery of the Missing Adam (Jinkies!) this past week on The Young and the Restless, Nick Newman’s (Joshua Morrow) two best dames Sharon (Sharon Case) and Phyllis (Michelle Stafford) are about to make their Big Love fan’s dream come true, by moving the three of them all onto the Newman Ranch together. CBS Soaps in Depth has all the dirt. Check out the blurb below, then go pick up a copy of the magazine, on news stands now!

Sharon and Faith move to the Newman ranch this week on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS, and you can bet your paycheck that not everyone is thrilled by the duo’s new address! But will Phyllis’ grand plan to save her marriage backfire?

Only Soaps In Depth has the scoop on Nick, Phyllis and Sharon’s new living arrangements! Plus, celebrate Father’s Day with the stars from Y&R, AS THE WORLD TURNS and THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL, and revisit some of soaps’ worst-kept paternity secrets, only in the new CBS issue of Soaps In Depth!




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  1. Profile photo of othell

     This is so lame– I am SO tired of this worn out triangle.   At a time such as this,  when all soaps are in jeopardy, you would think that the writers would be going in new directions story-line wise to bring the viewers back– not re-hashing the same old stories over and over.   I stopped watching this about one month ago, and do not miss it at all.  With writing like this, I don’t see myself tuning back in anytime soon!

  2. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    I have COMPLETELY lost interest in Sharon/Nick/Phyllis…..I have no desire to see Phyllis have ANOTHER nervous breakdown over Nick. No more tearing up hotel rooms, writing messages on mirrors with red lipstick, plotting and scheming to try to make Sharon go crazy, contemplating hiding paternity test results and whining every episode like clockwork. Enough. This foolishness no longer holds my interest. Every good cowboy (AND HEAD WRITER!) needs to know when to hold em’ and when to fold em’!!!

    These three have OFFICIALLY become the new Ridge/Taylor/Brooke…..a tired, repetitive love song that needs to end YESTERDAY!!!

    P.S—-If this show wanted to TRULY be creative, they could do a Billy/Victoria/Sharon triangle and have Phyllis fall back in love with Jack, bumping Emily out of the picture. I am also not invested in the Emily character. They brought her on, gave her some rushed back story, played up the fact that she looks like Patty, married her off to Jack in 2 seconds, and then put her in the nuthouse. Why should I care about this chick again???

    Honestly, I think Phyllis needs a NEW man—how about Tucker McCall??? A Tucker/Phyllis/Ashley triangle would be a nice change of pace….and INTERESTING.

    Hell, put Phyllis with ANYONE…..Michael Baldwin, Kevin, Ryder, hell, I would even be open to a Murphy/Phyllis relationship (joking of course, but barely…….) Just not more of the same garbage that they’ve done a million times before!!! CREATIVITY, WRITERS!!!! It’s a wonderful thing, and it doesn’t have to involve a buttload of dopplegangers running around town simultaneously!!!!!!!!

  3. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    I find this idea absolutely hilarious.  Just last night,  as my wife and I set watching the show,  I told her that since Phyllis and Sharon,  were getting along so well,  they should all just move in together.  I think it is a great idea.

  4. Profile photo of craigcp

    We love soaps is reporting that there will be a tribute for ATWT. Said worked out a deal at first P&G didn’t want to spend the money to send the cast members to Vegas. Why didn’t the morons have it New York? OLTL will be the last N.Y. base soap. There had better be a tribute for Helen Wagner. Or at least address the character Nancy death on ATWT. That was sure nice to see her one last time a few days ago, and to have her scene with Katie. I always liked that.

  5. Profile photo of CarlyCfan

    WTF? The Young and the Restless is a mess. Do the writers really think that it’s a good idea?? Are they stupid?? The answer is obviously yes. At this point i think BOTH fanbase are over this crap. If they want to keep Phick together why can’t they let Sharon have a life away from Niclueless and his Red Hag. I can’t believe that a woman is charge of the show, as much as people like to talk about the misogyny on GH i think Y&R is actually worse.
    Yes Guza writing for women offend me less MAB’s.

  6. Profile photo of Joan76

    Help me out on something, didn’t Victor shove Adams body out of a plane? What body are they dinging up in Kansas? What’s Sharron’s problem was their a Tornado since there in Kansas, sometimes that soap is hard to follow. I loved it when Micheal said quote: Can’t the Numen’s stay out of trouble for 24 hours.

  7. Profile photo of yojoromo4469

    Joan,  Victor shoved Adam back on to conveyor belt at airport and he was buried in GC.  Not sure about DINGING in Kansas.  SHARON’S problem with a tornado,  has nothing to do with Kansas as they are not in Kansas.  MICHAEL, was okay on quote of NEWMANS staying out of trouble for 24 hours was alright and I find the soap very easy to follow,  if you just pay attention.

  8. Profile photo of kcgeban

    There really is a creative dry spell going on over there. Contrived plot devices only work when acting, dialogue, and the pacing of stories are on point…Y & R certainly has the first two covered, mostly.

    It’s the last one that has not been very well done of late.

  9. Profile photo of tedew

    alstonboy4315 … right on with everything!

    yojoromo4469 … not sure about you yet or are you just saying the things I’m thinking and want to say? Anyway, it is becoming quite amusing.

    Regarding Phyllis … she is a very smart and shrewd woman and could use her talents much better if she were paired with anyone other than Nick and in the right situations. She could be formidable with the right man wrapped around her little finger.

  10. Profile photo of alstonboy4315


    LOL!! I have wondered over the years how Phyllis and Victor would fare as a couple. However, they are too much alike. Victor likes his women weak, insecure and SLIGHTLY submissive. Look at his history….Hope, Nikki, Ashley,….they were arguably his most successful marriages. Of course, he married Diane also, but I believe  that was before she turned slightly psychotic in the early 2000s. She was still slightly submissive and following behind Victor like a little lap dog, afraid to rock the boat or upset him.

    I could see Phyllis and Victor having a fling….kinda like Victor and Jill had in the early 90s, but the second Victor tries to tell her what to do or control her, she’ll probably rent another car and run him down like roadkill. Or have him kidnapped—like she did with Michael Baldwin?? LOL!!!

    They would be a GREAT" power couple", though…….. and it would drive Nick (who I am starting to hate!!) up the wall……double plus!!!!

    Tedew—THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!! JUST GIVING MY HUMBLE OPINION. Phyllis, Nick and Sharon are as exciting as 2 year old potato chips, and just as stale….

  11. Profile photo of othell

     How about this idea for Sharon– let her move back into her old house with Faith and Noah (if he ever gets back home), then have her offer to let Rafe and his partner move in temporarily (they are thrown out of their apartment by a prejudiced landlord).  Sharon is friends with Rafe so it would give her new people in her orbit to talk to, it would give the gay couple a more visible venue on the show,  maybe even leading into a story-line of their own, and it just makes sense– they have both had relationships with Adam, and thus have a lot in common.  I know this is just a skeleton of a concept, but it sure beats having Sharon involving herself in a BIG LOVE type storyline with the redhead and her HUSBAND.  Maybe it sounds crazy, but I think it has possibilities.

  12. Profile photo of othell

     You are right, Siomonstuart2003.  It seems the writers are the main stumbling block in getting this show back into shape.  Running through the muddy cornfields in extremely high heels seems to make more sense to them than a reality based story-line.  I, myself, like a story I can, on some level, identify with and connect to– that is what pulls me in.  This foolishness that has been written as of late is comic book stuff, and poorly written comic book stuff at that.  I very rarely watch, but when I do tune in all I get is Nancy Drew and her younger helper solving the mystery of the week, or other such hard to believe dribble.  So, as you would expect, I tune out again for days and days.  I love the show, so, of course I tune in once in a while to see if it has been rescued from the poor writing, but more often than not I am disappointed with my findings.  I know there are many people like myself,  and that is why the show is slowly losing it’s large fan-base.  Maybe once the ratings dip below the 2.9 level we might see some real concern over the story-telling on the show and a better batch of writers might be brought in.  I like almost all of the actors on this show, but the writers are ruining their characters and making them un-recognizable.  Surely the actors must notice the poor writing on the show, but must be afraid to voice anything but the company propaganda.

    Sorry for going on, but I miss the show that used to be.

  13. Profile photo of Pure_Diva

     Phyllis and Sharon should start wearing long dresses, lose the makeup, pull their hair back into a bun and start living The Principle with Bill Hendrickson…er… I mean… Nick Newman.  They seem to work well together as sister-wives. 

  14. Profile photo of Jazzy

    Phllis is so nasty.I guess she don’t remember when she thought Nick was dead, and Sharon and Jack couldn’t get her off their couch. Insecure,wicked, home wrecker. She is so afraid that she will have to become a groupie again.She donot love Nick she love the idea of him.She can play that same possessive game with any man.

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