Y&R’s Lauralee Bell Set For July 15 Return

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Lauralee Bell makes her return to The Young and the Restless July 15.  As previously reported, Bell’s character Cricket Christine is back in Genoa City to help Chance (John Driscoll) and will drop bombshells on pal Nina (Tricia Cast) and ex-husband Paul (Doug Davidson).

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    YEAH!  One of my all time favorites.   I watched Laura Lee grow up on this show.  Feel like she is one of my many grand children.  Sure,  wish one of them would have grown to be so talented.  She is a lovely person and always enjoyed her.  My best to her and her husband and children.

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    This better be worth the time and effort……Cricket has never been one of my favorite characters, so hopefully she has become LIKEABLE over the past few years while offscreen????

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    Oh good grief, can’t Bell find anyone else but these tired old retreads?  Amber, Cricket, Taylor – this country has to be full of talented people, perhaps they ought to try to audition new people. 

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    Cricket will be totally annoying as a "help" to Chance the light headed cop (detective? who sometimes wears a uniform). He needs to lose the military training and start thinking for himself. Having his nose up the district attorneys butt is getting pretty old and making him look stupid.
    I hope that whatever she has to say to Paul and Nina is fun. Paul and NIna have potential as a couple but just need some story to move their relationship along. Two nice people liking eachother isnt much of a story. Being Pauls ex and Ninas bff, she might be able to jump start this couple.

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    [quote=Pure_Diva] Cricket is back.  Lemme sip some iced tea and try to muster up enough energy to give a crap. [/quote]


    Did you ever know that you’re my hero?

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