This Week in Daytime: Cliffhangers and Red Herrings

This Week in Daytime,

I cheered The Bold and the Beautiful for the best Friday cliffhanger I’ve seen in a very long time. Jamey thinks it’s all a giant red herring, but hypothetically speaking, if Oliver (Zack Conroy) and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) did have sex I want to know how Oliver couldn’t tell the difference between a dusty muffin like Brooke and fresh cupcake like Hope (Kimberly Matula)? I haven’t wanted to tune in for a Monday episode of B&B this much in years. (Editor’s Note: Brooke Logan’s muffin is the freshest, warmest, tightest muffin around and that boy would be eternally blessed even to partake in one, delicious crumb you MOTHER $%*#$#! Team Logan-4-Life!)

I smiled at Bo (Robert Woods) and Nora’s (Hillary B. Smith) wedding day woes on One Life to Live. Yes, the premise was simple and one we’ve seen before, but it also made me laugh and heaven knows this show needs some good laughs.

I looked more closely at EJ (James Scott) and Arianna (Lindsay Hartley) on Days of our Lives. These two have great chemistry and I wouldn’t mind seeing something  develop between them. We’ve watched Arianna roll a mean neck facing off against Nicole (Arianne Zucker), but opposite Alison Sweeney’s Sami poor Arianna would need a permanent appointment with a chiropractor.

I cherished the Helen Wagner scenes on As the World Turns. Her scenes with Casey (Billy Magnussen) and Alison (Marnie Schulenberg) reminded me of when I was a new ATWT viewer and she was giving wise advice to Simon (Paul Leyden) and Katie (Terri Colombino). We miss you.

I groaned watching The Young and the Restless this week. It needs to be renamed The Dumb and the Dialogue-less. There is no excuse for the leaden exchanges in the post-Billy (Billy Miller) and Victoria (Amelia Heinle) "wedding" reveal scenes and the 1 + 1 = 4  scenes at the Newman ranch. Combined with the oppressive listessnesses that permeates the wombat surrogate storyline, Y&R was almost unbearable to watch this past week. Thank goodness for Marcy Rylan’s Abby Newman and Emily O’Brien’s nuanced subtlety as Jana, otherwise I would have wanted to delete the entire week after Monday’s show alone.

I thanked my lucky stars for three excellent couples on All My Children, JR (Jacob Young) and Annie (Melissa Claire Egan), David (Vincent Irizarry) and Greenlee (Rebecca Budig) and Jake (Ricky Paull Goldin) and Amanda (Chrishell Stause). You wouldn’t think it would be that hard to come up with three couples per soap that you really care about and root for, but I’ve discovered in recent years it’s more difficult than one might think.

I realized I’m over DAYS’ Carly Manning (Crystal Chappell). My distaste for good girls is well documented, but it is impossible for me to enjoy a character that is constantly being written as the ever-persecuted victim of someone else’s schemes. She would fit in perfectly among AMC’s Martin family. Seriously, what fun is it watching favorites such as Vivian (Louise Sorel), Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) and Hope (Kristian Alfonso) all target "poor, put upon" Carly all of the time? All this storyline is doing is making Vivian look like a cartoon, Hope a maniac, Chloe a dope and Carly a martyr.

Bo (Peter Reckell) and Hope’s marriage was already on the rocks before Carly returned to Salem, so Carly isn’t really to blame for Hope’s night and day personality shifts. As for Chloe, the Carly Factor has turned her into a warbling idiot. You know in the first Shrek movie when Fiona is running through the forest singing and the cute little blue bird explodes trying to sing as high as Fiona does? This week I imagined Chloe, in that blue dress, exploding from the pressure Carly’s presence has put on her. I can just see it now. KABOOM!

I applauded Lexi Ainsworth and Maurice Benard for their acting in the counseling scenes on GH. It was so good to see Kristina hit home the point that there are other types of abuse besides physical abuse and watch Sonny’s reaction. Good job to both.

I wished Lesli Kay’s return to ATWT wasn’t being wasted on this storyline. I enjoy Molly and Holden (Jon Hensley), while recognizing that Holden and Lily (Noelle Beck) are the end game, but come on ATWT! Time is too short to be wasting on this type of storyline.

I pinpointed why I’ve had such mixed emotions about OLTL’s Gigi (Farah Fath) and Rex (John-Paul Lavoisier) over the past few years. They spend way too much time together in scenes by themselves. I enjoy both characters as a couple infinitely more when they are in scenes with other people. While on their hunt for Rex’s father I couldn’t stand them, but after their return to Llanview and began interacting with other characters, both individually and separately, I started enjoying them again.

My Totally Subjective Soap Ranking for the Week

1. General Hospital
2. Days of Our Lives
3. The Bold and the Beautiful
4. All My Children
5. One Life to Live
6. As the World Turns
7. The Young and the Restless





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  1. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    Luke, Brooke’s provides her muffins to the whole LA community., LOL.  But I can get behind a Brooke and Oliver pairing.  Once you taste Brooke’s goodies, you never want to give it up…!!!

  2. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

     Sigh I want a wishful casting for Crystal Chappell because now its apparent that Carly and Hope can’t exist in the same time frame. If they arent going to make Carly turn crazy, or have an evil twin just let her go. 

  3. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Yeah, it seems that Crystal Chappell is the Sarah Brown of NBC…a great actor stuck on a show with writing that’s mediocre at best, and forced to waste her talents when she could be far better utilized elsewhere. Sad. At least she’s making her mortgage payments, but I still find myself wanting more for her (and for myself!)……..

  4. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    I actually did like B&B for a change on Friday. I have said it before, and shall say it again: If you can’t tell the difference between your husband, who is old and wrinklier than Methusela, and a hot young 20-something guy, then you need to run to the nearest divorce lawyer. Brooke and Ridge have probably had sex together COUNTLESS times over the years, yet she can’t recognize his "male part" from that of another man’s??? Silly, but still a good plot twist. I am sure that once Brooke discovers the truth, she will act all victimized but SECRETLY want seconds (and thirds, and fourths!)…..She is grinning pretty big in that photo. Just saying…

    This show was directed and produced wonderfully. Kudos to Brad Bell, who I have been hard on over the past few months, and will continue to be hard on in the future…… managed to hold my interest for an entire 19+ minutes (commercials not included!) Brava………….

    I also agree…ATWT writers have given up, it seems. They have been struggling for YEARS to write multigenerational stories that encompass the veterans and newer characters, and have been failing more often than they have succeeded. This is partially why they are going off the air. They keep showing all the characters that I don’t want to see while ignoring those who I want to see. ALL OTHER SOAPS TAKE NOTE—FIND OUT WHO THE AUDIENCE WANTS TO SEE, AND THEN SHOW THOSE CHARACTERS 95% OF THE TIME. Then sprinkle in the disposable characters bit by bit, but don’t shove them down our throats until we start to choke on them!!

    Gigi and Rex are contrived and ridiculous. Fast forward material……..Come to think of it, 90% of OLTL nowadays is fast forward material.

    I feel bad saying it, but I am losing sympathy for Kristina. She just whines and never seems to listen to anyone or learn her lessons. She continuously asks the SAME questions ad nauseum, and seems denser than a box of rocks!!! I will pray for her to develop a clue someday soon!!!! Poor thing.

  5. Profile photo of Katiebug9624

      alstonboy4315 Yep that’s what I’m going to start calling her I love CC, and I actually like Carly more than Hope but the writers can’t write her properly, the character is lacking since Lawrence is not there and she might have chemistry with Daniel but I find myself only enjoying Carly when she’s with Vivian, Bo, Victor and strangely Kate. I hope when Jennifer comes back that we wont hear all about how awful Carly is for breaking up Bope (insert me rolling my eyes) I would love some real interaction between them oh and for Brady to acknowledge she’s his godmother but thats probably asking to much. I’d love for CC to go to OLTL, or GH or Y&R OR ha ha you get the drift.

  6. Profile photo of craigcp

    I could tell between Brook and Hope, I’m a guy, just by looking at the T&A; Come on a guy could tell difference a blind person could tell the difference. If he had both. She sure likes screwing her daughters boyfriends.

  7. Profile photo of luverica

     Oh hell!  I’ll be the one to say it.  If it wasn’t for Brooke Logan’s muffin, there wouldn’t be no THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL.  lol

  8. Profile photo of east.west

    Called her muffin dusty LMAO Mr. Kerr. I would say it’s a breezy hallway. I am sure this will lead to something happening, but not holding my breath. This is no Brooke/Deacon/real-Bridget! 

  9. Profile photo of PaulV8148

    I will say that Brooke has not look as happy since Deacon.

    As for OLTL and the Bo and Nora stuff. As much as I was like it I cannot help and compare it to Victor and Vivan wedding and how OLTL has become so plot driven and Days is the show more and more charcter driven show playing up it history and roots. I wonder if Ron is already writing for Days figuring OLTL will be gone first.

  10. Profile photo of east.west

     That a perfect comparison Paul! Days stuff w/Vivian & Victor’s wedding was witty and smart and intertwine w/history.

    I don’t know the history of Bo & Nora, but even though the flashback and clothes they wore at the wedding was nice it was overshadow, by the typical "all the things that can go wrong" that was not the witty comedy OLTL used to excel at and the actors, besides Tuc Watkins, did not sell it.

  11. Profile photo of cheryl85

    Luke I love it!  Your "I cheered" and "I realized" was spot on the money.  I’m definetly looking forwards to Monday’s B&B it’s been awhile since I’ve been excited for one.

  12. Profile photo of cubfnatic

    I would really like to see better writing for the character of Carly Manning. I would like DOOL to do something exciting with her vs. making her the town beat up doll.  The possibilities are endless of what they could do with her character.  We have been waiting 17 years to see the Carly and Bo love story told.  If they are not going to give us that, then I hope they make Carly an independent woman and bring on her own love interest.  I think Robert Newman would be great or Danny Cosgrove after he leaves ATWT.   I think that they could explore the abuse that she suffered with Lawrence, they could bring back her son Nicky who would wonder why she killed his father.   She is also a princess and they have a lot they could explore with that.

  13. Profile photo of Carol2

    The problem with Rex and Gigi is even when they’re in a scene with other people they seem to be acting for themselves. All those scenes with Rex and Bo before the wedding were interminable. The worst was JPL’s ridiculously overexagerrated reactions over the skunk. A gran mal seizure isn’t comedy genius.

  14. Profile photo of RebeccaJ

    It looked and sounded like Brooke, but up against the wall is more Steffy’s style. I still think it was the evil stepchild and not Brooke.

  15. Profile photo of suzysak

    Crystal Chappell (and the character of Carly Manning) deserve so much more than what DOOL is giving the actor and the character. I waited 17 years to see Carly and Bo reunite and all I see is her being used as a prop for Danloe. I can’t believe TPTB would waste Crystal Chappell and not use her with Bo more. Sadly I see a Bope reunion looming and it boggles my mind that DOOL wouldn’t capitalize on the chemistry between PR and CC.

  16. Profile photo of Smitty

    So that Logan Hoe might have slept with her daughter’s boyfriend…I guess at least this time it wasn’t her daughter’s husband *blank stare*

    There is so much more I could say about that Logan Hoe but I won’t until I see the episode for myself.

    Y&R is just a mess.  Abby has been a breathe of fresh air.  I hate the pairing of Billy and Victoria.  Amelia Heinle needs to be fired!  I’m sorry she will NEVER be Victoria Newman.  She needs to go and go quickly!  I don’t believe in the rules that you in a popular pairing makes up for your lackluster acting skills.  She sucks and Billy Miller isn’t helping her.  Just my opinion.

    Also I hate that Adam is back!  So I guess he will eat the show again and take up time from Nikki Newman!  Great work Sony and Y&R.  Hears to your show being cancelled sooner rather than later!

    Rant over

  17. Profile photo of arielade

     I was truly SHOCKED at the end of Friday’s B&B.  I was sure it was Steffy that he slept with, and I NEVER would have suspected Brooke!  That’s CRAZY!

    It was so fun to be taken by surprise like that again!  I’m used to reading so many spoilers and then the writing usually foreshadows what’s ahead by beating us in the head, but I NEVER saw this coming!

    @Smitty I guess everything you have been saying about Brooke is true! LOL

    And yes, I hate Y&R too right now.  *sigh*  That fertilizer story was just damned ridiculous!!!  And AH has to go……..  

  18. Profile photo of SlutOfSpringfield13

    I have been praying all weekend that Friday’s B&B was just a HUGE red herring, and that since everyone was supposed to be wearing the same hideous outfits, that it really was Steffy that Oliver had, and not Brooke.  I was revolted to think that once again, Brooke would have sex with a daughter’s boyfriend.  I’ve always been a Logan fan, since 1987 thank you very much, but this is truly beyond the pale.  It’s disgusting, despicable, and, oh yeah, been done before.  Come on Brad Bell, if you can’t think of anything even resembling fresh, give up control of the show, for the fans sake, and for the sake of the show itself.  I don’t want to give up watching, but I just can’t condone this hackery.

  19. Profile photo of scarlett78

    Crystal Chappell is the one and only reason this viewer tuned back into DOOL after turning it off when she exited back in 1993.  I’ve followed her career, and she has proven herself over and over to be a multi-talented actress who is also personable and approachable with her fans.  I fell in love with Bo and Carly, even though I was a Bo/Hope fanatic back in the day.  But CC sold me on Carly, and Bo and Carly together sat my television on fire.  I returned to DOOL when Crystal did, in wishful anticipation of getting that same kind of entertainment.  Instead, I feel like I’ve fallen into an alternate universe.  Peter Reckell and Crystal Chappell still ooze chemistry out of their very pores – the atmosphere sizzles around them – but all we’re getting is Carly as a prop for Daniel and Chloe.  The Powers That Be over at DOOL are sitting on a goldmine with Peter and Crystal, and could be doing so much more with the characters.  No one is ever dead on DOOL – pull in Michael Sabatino to resurrect Lawrence and let him wreak some havoc in Salem.  Explore the story of abuse that was alluded to when Carly first returned and then dropped like a hot potato.  Where is Nicholas Alamain?  I don’t understand why DOOL brought a powerhouse like Crystal Chappell back only to stick her in the corner and diminish the character of Carly, and I am sick to my soul over every problem in the history of Salem being blamed on her.  If DOOL blows it with Carly, I’m officially done with DOOL.  Please, PTB, take a chance and capitalize on the talent of CC and PR.  I also love Nadia Bjorlin and Louise Sorel and I feel they are being grossly misused, right along with CC.  DOOL, go back to telling love stories.  It’s what you’re good at.  Tell me the love story of Bo and Carly, and let them work their magic in the ratings.  I follow the actress, and I will go where CC goes.  Please, please DOOL, tell a story worthy of Crystal Chappell.  If the Carly storyline continues down its current path, I don’t think I’ll have to worry about turning DOOL off, as the NBC network execs will probably have already pulled the plug on it. 

  20. Profile photo of KyraB

    I hate the way DOOL is writing Carly. They are completely wasting Crystal Chappell’s talent on lame story lines. Give her something to work with. The Danloe story is boring and predictable at best and why is she in it. The Hope/Bo/Carly  triangle story is just badly written. DOOL has shoved Bo & Hope down our throats for so long that they are no longer believable and need to get a permanent divorce. The current Hope storyline don’t get me started. Suffice it to say what was DOOL thinking???


    Peter and Crystal really deserve better material to work with. Heck all the actors on the show deserve better. Hopefully Ken Corday  & Gary Tomlin can wise up to that and  give their best actors something worth their time.


    I fear that if they don’t Days days are numbered.

  21. Profile photo of xamanthe

    I love Crystal Chappell and am constantly amazed by her talents, but even she can’t make Carly a three-dimensional character when all Carly is given is this Danloe prop crap. Carly’s history has all the earmarks of some great story, but DOOL is ignoring all of it. Oh how I long for Olivia and the wonderful characters from "Guiding Light." How DOOL remains when a great show like GL was cancelled is beyond my understanding.

  22. Profile photo of samxart
    I couldn’t agree with you more re: Carly, Bo, Hope, Vivian and Chloe on Days of Our Lives. Waste! Waste! Waste! A waste of talent, a waste of natural chemistry (Bo/Carly), and a waste of my time.

    The show treats their characters as two dimensional tools and plot devises. They don’t tell complete, character driven stories. They feed us Cliffsnotes!

    Carly alone has so much character angst ripe for the picking, none of which has been utilized in the slightest since her return. Why??? Crystal Chappell is one of the greatest actresses on daytime. They brought her on the show to boost ratings and get their renewal. Now that that is accomplished, she’s shoved into a meaningless, boring story that makes no sense. Even the great Crystal Chappell can’t save this show with this kind of pointless writing.

    Bo and Carly are the most exciting, dynamic, romantic and sexy couple on the show (on all of daytime, even), and yet they haven’t been given the full blown love story they deserve. It pains me to see the writing on the wall: They have no interest of writing for Bo and Carly as a couple. This alone turns me off of the show. If Bo and Carly split, I split! No more DOOL viewing for me.

  23. Profile photo of supermanfan85

    I dont like how they are writing the character Carly. Crystal Chappell has so much more talent then to be wasted on meaningless story lines, especially ones that have nothing to do with her. She was brought on as a subject for Bo and it should stay that way. They got two wonderful actors (Peter and Crystal) and they need to use them to their full advantage. The show would be so much better if they got their own storyline, the show would just be magical at that point. I do not like that the show is ignoring the history the couple has and forgetting everything they went through. Their love wasn’t a joke, it was true to its word and to me its one of the greatest love stories ever told and they need to continue that love story to this day. They brought back Carly to be more then just a Danloe prop… then need to actually use her! and it should be with Bo.

  24. Profile photo of yadda_yadda

    Even without the character of Carly in the mix, Vivian is still a cartoon, Hope is still a maniac and Chloe is still a dope.

    I would imagine if I were an exec or a writer of DAYS, I’d be jumping through hoops to write a story for the marvelous Chappell. Instead, we’ve gotten dropped storylines and missed opportunities. The only benefit of having Crystal back on DAYS is seeing the magic between her and Peter … however, this in itself, has been through their acting skills and not necessarily through the writing.

    A REAL story between Peter and Crystal would rock daytime and Days of Our Lives …

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