GH’s Vanessa Marcil Sticking Around “For The Foreseeable Future”!

Anyone wondering if General Hospital fan favorite Vanessa Marcil is coming back for a just another brief stint, rest easy. According to ABC Soaps In Depth, Marcil may be back for the long haul.  Posting via twitter the magazine stated,
When asked how long Vanessa Marcil will be staying on #GH, a network rep says “for the foreseeable future." #GH

Yes folks, the sound you hear is our Jamey Giddens singing Kool and The Gang’s "Celebration".

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    If the Muse of Port Charles is sticking around, I would be very afraid of getting cut if you are not connected to Sonny, Jason, or Jax.  With the exception of Luke of course, always the wild card :)

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    I wish someone would explain to me what the big deal is.  I have nothing against Vanessa Marcil.  I liked her initial run  and she’s cute  and she was fine on 90210 and Las Vegas….But I sometimes get the feeling that most people think she’s the SECOND COMING of Christ or something.   This show is still in a very bad state right now  and it already doesn’t use the really good actors it has under contract ?   And with Guza still writing the show…..

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    Sonny can have halfway decent moments again. 

    Jason can be smoking while we actually watch his ears smoke in annoyance (I love their chemistry together), she and Jason totally need a turn. 

    Edward can be adorable. 

    Jax, oh dammit, I have to watch Jax again.  

    Vanessa just has chemistry with all of the actors she interacts with, I think that has to be what inspires the writers.  Okay or at least my fingers are crossed that since they haven’t completely screwed up her character in the past, they won’t do it this time around.  Ugh I want to love Steve Burton and Maurice Bernard again on my screen.  Please, please, please don’t let them screw this up!!!  

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    Haha.  People get excited for Brenda because waaay back when she was on the first and second time, storylines were good, and actors actually acted.  We all have faith that something will bring that back. 

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    Daniel St. John

    I would probably be a lot more excited about Brenda coming back if her retunr was spurred by her having to attend the double funeral of Sonny and Carly who were blown up by a car bomb (which coincidently caused an injury to Jason that made him remember he was a Q) but alas she is just coming back to ensure more air time for the unholy triumverate and I am almost positive that Guza ranks Brenda 5th on his scale of characters he has wet dreams over (behind 1. Sonny 2. Jason 3. Carly 4. Sam).
    Her return will be absolute ass. Bank on it.

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    Bourgeois Nerd

    Well, it sure ain’t bringin’ me back (yippee, more screentime for Sonny!), but I’m glad Jamey’s happy.  I hope she took them to the cleaners with the deal, too.  If she doesn’t have at least the perks Ingo and Tony Geary have, I’d be indignant.  (Take THAT, sexist JPL!)  Let’s also hope part of contract involves increasing the temperature in the studio so she doesn’t have to pull her sleeves down all the time.  That always bugged the shit out of me.

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     So this will surely mean more screen time for say, Leslie Charleson and Jackie Zeman or John Engel or Jane Alexander, right? No? Oh that’s right, even more time for Sonny, the Borg, Carly etc. First the entire town will come to play tribute, in a manner never afforded to even Laura and then we’ll get to same old, same old. By then, Carly will be halfway through the divorce with Jax, then decide it’s all a mistake when Brenduh shows up…bitchy scenes will result, which would be good if you didn’t already known what they are about. 
    I just never got the Brenda worship myself. I think she is kind of meager in the acting department, think Laura Wright can act circles around her. And storywise, they’ve played out the Sonny/Jax thing 500 times. So is it Sonny’s turn to leave her at the alter? Or will Brenduh be Lulu’s revenge on Carly or some such? Of course, the huge salary they are offering her will mean cuts elsewhere, we will probably see Robin less, the Q’s less. I think the idea of having African American actors on the cast will again come to an abrupt end. Expect to see Leslie Charleson on the Christmas show only. 

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    I already watch the show even though i’ve been slacking for the last few days because I HATE this prison storyline but i’ll make sure to not miss her first airdate thats for sure!

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    The only reasons I’m happy is because

    1)That prison crap will be cut short so it can free Jax up to stalk Brenda and Carly will be free to freak out that Jax will be paying attention to Brenda.  I just pray Brenda’s return will turn Skye back into an alcoholic.  I want to see Skye v Brenda. Please Guza Please.

    2)Claire will be backburned.  They won’t have time to do So-Claire if Sonny will have his paws all over Brenda.  Also, hopefully, Lois-bot OLIVIA WILL BE BACKBURNED!!!!

    3)Kristina will be backburned.  Even though it’s summer, there isnt’ enough teens to do a teen summer story so hopefully they (especially Michael) will be backburned.

    4)Less Dante/Lulu although for some reason they are Guza’s IT couple. He’s been promoting them like crazy.  Time to slow it down.  Please don’t make Lulu Brenda’s assistant or something.

    5)ROBIN AND BRENDA!! Last time Brenda was in town Robin wasn’t around so this time Brenda can see her goddaughter and she can meet Robin’s husband. Also Brenda can see her other goddaughter Brooke.

    I’m worried though that they will try to tie Brenda with Franco.  I really hope Brenda is Franco love and he got with her because she use to be married to Jason now he will try to kill her if Jason doesn’t show up and rescue her.  Also what will happen to Brenda-bot Sam?  Thankfully Liz will be off screen. Maya will be around with her attitude. Skye will hopefully go crazy to see Brenda again.

    I just hope Brenda fans don’t get too upset.  Vanessa has really chopped up her face and since they show is in HD now, you been hope she doesn’t look like Taylor from B&B on screen.

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    of course she’s staying for the long-haul.

    Who else is looking for her?!?!!?

    her primetime & movie career (lol) are fading away and the last thing she was in was a Internet show.

    Back to soaps!

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