It’s Official: Brenda’s Back Baby! Vanessa Marcil Returns to GH!

USA Today has confirmed what we’ve been telling you in spoilers and Jamey’s Blind Item, Vanessa Marcil is returning as Brenda Barrett! Bob Guza is doing his happy dance for sure.

Emmy Award-winning actress Vanessa Marcil will make her return to ABC’s General Hospital in the Aug. 11 episode. Marcil will reprise the role of Brenda Barrett, which she created in 1992 and for which she won a Daytime Emmy in 2003 for outstanding supporting actress. Brenda Barrett will return to Port Charles with a big secret that, of course, is sure to wreak havoc.

Is any fan surprised that Ms. Barrett returns to Port Charles with a secret? That is typical Guza, isn’t it?

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    She had Jason’s kid! ha!  Now that I would want to watch.  get vanessa marcil out of sonny or jax’s orbit.  it’s been done ten million times and that would get rid of brenda clone sam in the process….win win!

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    Regan Cellura

    Her secret affects Sonny, Jax and Jason… I would love to see Genie come back as well, however, there is no denying that VM’s return was a much larger ratings boost than Genie’s was.

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    So Jamey’s blind item about a SOAP SUPER STAR SLATED TO RETURN was clearly about Brenda coming back to GH!

    Now I just gotta figure out all those other blind items!?!??!??!?!??!?!

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    Meg don’t even tease me with that because God knows I would love and adore that more than anything..

    My girl is coming home…I am rolling out the red carpet to the one and only Ms. Barrett.  Is it August yet???

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    I wonder if she will be tied to Franco in some way– considering there was talk once she heard he was going GH she was open to come back for a short stint.  I wanna see VM and LW in a scene as Carly and Brenda

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    I think it will be a Jax’s child that will be a boy.  I can’t wait. I would love to see her work with Megan Ward get Olivia off the show.  I bet she and Johnny will hook up and be a triangle with Brook lynn… Wooohooo…..  Yes I would live to see Laura back as well.  Get rid of the nu micheal can’t stand him, his mouth is to small for his head and he can’t act!  If Drew was let go because of the story line, it doesn’t even show anything, it is left to the viwers to figure out what happened.  I thing DG would have done the story a LOT better. I agree with Regan, NuM needs to GO!

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    OK! if she comes back and has JASON’s kid…..I will watch just to see Liz’ head explode!!
    Forget about Liz she already has a child from Jason …….What about poor Spamantha two women with children fathered by Jason I wouldn"t 
    be surprised if the poor girl drowned herself in her hot tub………LOL

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     I am glad Vanessa Marcil is returning I bet Guza is thanking the soap gods big time. By the way what if she has Jax’s kid a boy and Carly get’s all jealous . Awhile She and Brook Lynn starts L and B Records up again. Like she did with Lois all those years ago. Have her and Brenda become enemies with Olivia and Sam. 

    Please don’t waste Marcil cough cough Guza and Frons especially Frons cough cough… Look at what they did to Robin Christopher as Skye . They didn’t do anything with her except making her broke which I don’t get and where is Lila Rae at anyway ? Just say she is in boarding school somewhere in europe or rhode island for goodness sakes. Send Skye back to PV and bring back Lila Rae with her to the chandler mansion. Have her run a division of Chandler enterprises and have her paired with someone . 

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    I used to hate Brenda until she moved in with Jason. They were so much fun together! Whatever her secret is, I hope it means more Brason/Jaden (how do they mash up?) time together. As for Sonny, I’m hoping he’ll be institutionalized by then – he’ll need to be after he finally realizes that he DOES abuse women after all.

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    I have never been one to chug the "I HEART Vanessa Marcil" Kool-Aid, but I just hope they have something good in mind. It seems pointless to bring back  this actress—-who I am sure didn’t come cheap— for a story that makes no sense and is not gonna contribute (POSITIVELY) to long-term storyline.

    And I don’t want her anywhere near Franco. I am TOTALLY a member of the "FraSon" club!!! JASON AND FRANCO, SITTING IN A TREE……….KISSING!! LOL!!!

    Okay, I just went back to first grade, but who cares????

    What are the chances of me getting some Jason and Franco loving this time around?? Probably slim to none, but a guy can still fantasize…….

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    Katiebug – I always  loved Jax & Brenda, but the minute I saw Brenda with Jason it was over for me.  I think because they were so firey together.  For me they were how super couples get started two people who hate each other and then when the passion builds up too much they explode.  It’s why it worked so well for me with Carly 1.0 & Sonny..they were TNT.

    In his current incarnation I wouldn’t wish Sonny on my worse enemy.

    I say she comes back involved with Franco, still married to Jason and brings a baby by Jax (though I want it to be Jason’s, and for me it would be icing having Carly deal with two women she hates having Jason’s children)  I think I might feel sorry for Sam just a little

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    I doubt Sam will be as pissed as Snarkabeth when she finds out she ain’t Jason’s ONLY baby mama!!

    You really think Spam is not gonna have a meltdown……

    I say she comes back involved with Franco, still married to Jason and brings a baby by Jax (though I want it to be Jason’s, and for me it would be icing having Carly deal with two women she hates having Jason’s children)  I think I might feel sorry for Sam just a little

    Totally forgot about what Carly’s reaction would be, she may just have an Exorcist LINDA BLAIR moment….lol

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    Forgive me for this stupid question, but I was in college during the last Brenda return, so my memory is a little hazy due to abundant alcohol consumption and inconsistent viewing: but were Brenda & Jason actually together?  I remember them being married, but I remember there being a catch, like they did it to help out Sonny in some roundabout way.  Someone with a history of the storyline refresh my memory, ASAP

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     @sassydreams If Sonny has ANOTHER child I think my head will explode!  

    If she has a secret child let’s hope it is Jax’s or Jason’s!

    GH is getting even more interesting…….

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     Good news. IDK if she’ll bring back 800,000 viewers, but it’s good news still. The connections and story possibilities. Laura Wright and her going at it! And hopefully Brenda’s secret if it’s a child, let it be Jax’s or Jason. After Dante, Sonny doesn’t need more kids.

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    Jmoney this is Guza’s GH – If Luke can cheat on Laura and produce Ethan.  I am sure we will find out that Jason & Sam did the deed one night before she departed.

    Question – Will she push Spinelli out of the regrettably pink room?  LOL

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    I don’t get the appeal, i never have and probably never will but i guess that it’s a good thing for GH and their ratings. I won’t be watching the show this summer, anyway, so i shouldn’t even care.

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    Good point Raven!  LOL =)  There say to be a lot of BrenSon fans on this thread.  I don’t really remember them really liking each other, although, I guess by the end they had grown to understand and appreciate each other…love is not far off.

    What about Spinelli being Brenda”s son…would that work….ROFLMAO…I crack myself up!

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    Great news. Vanessa Marcil & Brenda Barret will be the one thing to get me to tune back into GH this August. I hope Brenda’s return will be exciting & shake up the canvas. I want it to be entertaining.

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    Remember during the first season of Nigh Shift there was a mystery woman, which we were to deduce was Brenda? She kept trying to speak to Jason, didn’t she?

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    Forgive me for this stupid question, but I was in college during the last Brenda return, so my memory is a little hazy due to abundant alcohol consumption and inconsistent viewing: but were Brenda & Jason actually together? I remember them being married, but I remember there being a catch, like they did it to help out Sonny in some roundabout way. Someone with a history of the storyline refresh my memory, ASAP


    Jason and Brenda used to get along like brother and sister. They were always fighting and sniping at one another. Their wedding in Vegas in 2002 is a prime example of how they got along. It is a riot. Half the time they acted like they barely tolerated one another. Besides Jason knew how hung up Sonny was on her, so that sort of put her off limits. So as far as I know, they were never romantic. She slept in "the regrettably pink room", when she lived at the PH. The chances of her bringing home a "Jason kid" are pretty slim. But then again this is GH and they rewrite history ALL the time. The most likely scenario if Jason is involved in the secret, is that he is  probably still legally married to her, and the annulment was never completed.

    I am pretty excited about her coming back. I loved her, and think she is a great character…the only downside I see to this is….we are going to have even MORE Sonny time probably with her back. Yuck

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    For the love of God, PLEASE no more kids for Sonny! Talk about someone who shouldn’t be allowed to reproduce!  IF there’s a baby, I hope it’s Jax’s or Jason’s. Carly would explode either way, and if it’s Jason’s, Sam would most definitely see red!

    Personally, I hope the secret is a little more interesting than that, like Brenda is now a lesbian!  Wouldn’t THAT frost the cookies of all the men of Port Chuck? Everyone would want her but she’d only be interested in avenging her secret lover, Claudia’s (they were together in Europe before Claudia came to Port Charles) death?  Little would she know that Michael is the one who killed her, keeping her at odds w/ Jason and Sonny!

    Sorry, went off on a tangent there, but I’m truly hoping the secret is not another long-lost child. There are way too many of those in PC already.  Can’t wait to see scenes w/ LW’s Carly and VM’s Brenda.  These two have never gotten along, and with these two powerhouse actresses in the roles it should be killer!

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    Meh…..I have mixed feelings about this. The best thing that came from VM’s ’02 return was The Amazing Grace montage and the Jason/Brenda Vegas wedding. Everything else was a nightmare, IMO. Hopefully, this return will be better. My expectations are very low, though. LOL!!

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    Personally I’m not excited about this because it’s YET ANOTHER woman to orbit Sonny’s world.

    Simple C you and I are on the same track. I was thinking before she left Brenda whored it up and slept w/ Jason, Jax and Sonny all in 1 night and had triplets by each of them.

    Other than that what could possibly tie all 3 character to Brenda in 1 big secret?

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    Soooooo, I’m going to assume that the non-mob related cast members have been told to go ahead and plan that trip around the world they’ve always wanted to take by TIIC?  It’s not like they’ll be onscreen or anything during this time.

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    [quote=FaisonFanInTexas]OK!  if she comes back and has JASON’s kid…..I will watch just to see Liz’ head explode!![/quote]

    Are you sure that it will be Liz’s head that explodes??  I am pretty sure if Brenda has a kid and it’s Jason’s, SAM’S head will be the one exploding.  The girl can’t have kids and Jason having another kid w/out her would be like a knife in the gut.  Just sayin’…

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    Getting Brenda Barrett back will at least give us something to look forward to and get us through the deplorable, disgusting, diddle-worthy Psycho Franco episodes.   Personally I expect it’s too much to hope for that there will actually be a story involved with the big secret she is going to unleash.  The Powers that Be really need to do more than they have done with Skye’s return — what a letdown.  On GH we have to accept that anything that isn’t 100% mob-related is going to get the sh*t end of the stick because everyone knows that Sonny Corinthos IS the show — NOT!!!!!

    Get rid of the mob, even the pretty boys like Jason and Johnny.  Send Spinelli to a rest home for cyber abusers.  Throw Carly in jail for a while for perjury where her moral compass can be reset.  Even the cartoonish Cassadines are better than the mob garbage.  Shoot, even Lisa the drunken slut is more entertaining than the mob. 

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    [quote=MichaelKnight]Why do I have a feeling that she’s going to be Franco’s wife?
    And wreak havoc on CarSaSon’s lives. Then once the damage is done, she throws up the deuces….."HOLLA B!TCHES!"

    I’m down with that. LOL!!

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    Alstonboy, Team Frason here too, LOL.  When Franco comes back into PC, just have him and Jason be a couple, yet right, but it could happen.  But love Brenda and Guza better this VM and the s/l justice,  I doubt it.

    ETA, have Brenda interact with the Qs.  She is a big part of the family, too.

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    Two Scenarios

    1. She has a Jason baby that is being raised with her and her Fiance..Franco.  Franco would have the ultimate accessory Jason’s child

    2- She got knocked up by Jax after he found out about Carly & Sonny, and even though he told Carly he never found her…I don’t have a problem with him lying.  Brenda could claim she never told him because she saw that he went back to Carly and did not want to interfere.

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    I can see the Soaps in Depth cover now!  GH Shocker: Watch out Port Charles a new quad is brewing: Brenda, Jason, Sam, and Franco!   Does Brenda have a secret child by Jax?  How will Sonny and Carly react!  Everything changes forever! 

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    [quote=engradypind]Shoot, even Lisa the drunken slut is more entertaining than the mob. 

    I hate to call you out here, but this is just not true. Lisa the drunken slut isn’t more entertaining than anybody – except maybe Marissa on AMC. I agree with the sentiment, though. Too much mob, not enough anything else.

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    Love Brenda!!!  Her secret is most likely that she is still married to Jason.  I like that.  I know she will have to interact with Jax and Sonny but I hope it isn’t too much.  I really want her and Jason back together.  That sounds like fun.  I want her to interact with Spinelli and get him out of his funk.  I hope her return means more Robin.  I want fun Robin and not crabby and fighting all of the time Robin.  I want more Quartermaines.

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     Ok I am happy she is back…..
    And I am looking forward to know what her secret is that effect Jax Sonny and Jason  it sounds good…
    Jason and brenda were amazing together they were funny and sometimes I think she brought the Q out if Jason in the way they always fight.

    I wonder if it is connected to franco because both of them were in france and it was wired how from France he got so obsessed in Jason???
    Now if she has Jax baby I don’t see how it affect Jason or Sonny????

    either way I am looking forward to watch her and with these 3 guys it will be like the classic 90’s  or her last return…

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    Sam’s head, Carly’s head, Sonny’s head….let em’ ALL explode!  I ONLY care to watch Snarkabeth’s head explode!  I might even RECORD that for future fun!

    Booblivia and Brenda are a GOOD 10 years (or MORE) older than Sam, who, according to HISTORY, just turned 30.

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    I can’t really see her having a secret child because Robin has seen her over the years like when she was living in Europe and has visited.  And we all know Saint Robin can’t keep a paternity secret.

    However if she has a secret kid by Sonny, then Maurice get’s to utter his favorite word:  BETRAYAL!!!

    Ugh, I just hate that Sonny’s world is about to get even more popular with stupid women who love him.

  37. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    I just don’t see how Liz would be involved.  She and Jason are never in scenes together.  They never even mention one another.  Why would Liz care that Jason and Brenda are married?  Why would she care if he had a child with Brenda?  It doesn’t seem as if she even remembers Jason’s name.

  38. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    Sorry but I dont see this being a secret love child or an unresolved divorce from Jason.   I love Brenda – let me say that first – and I am thrilled that she is coming back!!  The last time she was on, it was a difficult thing for the writers I think because they had her for such a limited time.  I think her secret is going to involve Franco.  Just my guess, but thats my initial thought.

    I also think we are going to see a serious number of characters fired.  The rumor was 5 by the end of summer, 3 more by the end of the year.   My first thought is that Olivia is toast.  I think they have written JOlivia into a corner…she comes on as a major hypocrite that cant allow Sonny around Dante but continues to date the Mob Prince.  Plus Johnny would have more story with somone his own age and someone who isnt necessarily mob adverse.  If SOlivia aint happening now that Brenda is back, I dont see her fighting into the story. The other person that immediately comes to mind is Spinelli.  I could so see him being pushed to recurring.  If Spixie is done I cant imagine him with anyone else on the canvas. Now it gets sticky.  I think KeMo has a contract coming up and as much as I love Sam I think she could be in trouble. I could also see Becky H/Lizard being in trouble – she now has 3 kids and an established career as a nurse, whats really left for her to do on the show.   Brenda being back pushes the mob side of the canvas, so she could be considered expendable esp. if Lucky and Maxie take off over the summer.  Where does Skye now fit in??  I thought they might try SkySon, but now??  Matt hunter??  Again I wonder about Macky, if that takes off and gains a following, thats another contract player that would be expendable potentially (in the eyes of tptb).   I wouldnt be surprised to see Matt and/or Pif being pushed to recurring.  The other character I worry about is Monica.  Where is MONICA??  I miss her character, but given that she is never on I wonder how long they will continue her contract.  Finally the other person I worry about is NLG.  NLG has been really vocal about her displeasure over some of the storylines and their have been rumors that the Bauer vs. Davis storyline was scaled back because TPTB got annoyed.  I also read they were unhappy with some of the neg. stuff she twittered about Franco after his SNL appearance (which I actually think she was right about)  plus she has to be uber expensive and yet she hasnt really had a major storyline in eons.  I could totally see tptb playing hardball with her when her contract is up and if she doesnt cave they could threaten to replace her with someone from ATWT or GL thinking they could get them on the cheap.  Either way that would free up cash.

  39. Profile photo of doctormo77

    Ravennite613 – How about a ‘How’s the Daddy Storyline’ involving the men of Port Chuck (Franco, Jason, Sonny, Jax, plus a ‘wildcard’ like Patrick or Matt). 

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     EET I think the people we won’t see on our screen are Maya, Olivia and maybe Sky even though she had a part in Brenda return in 02/03
    Brook  I don’t know About AL.. I think they should keep her .. luis   and Brenda were friends and I want to see her with brenda..
    Maybe Brenda will move back to the Q’s Edward always saw her has his granddaughter and she will help make the mansion more alive…..

    But the people I see having  troubles are Olivia Maya Maybe Lisa  …

    About Sam, I don’t think it will effect her she is with Jason and Brenda return is concerning him.. she also has the Davis girls and I don’t see them letting it go..

    I also notice that they didn’t mention Dante Maybe he will also be effected by that 

  41. Profile photo of Marezi

    I am glad Brenda is coming back. I like her but I agree she is not "ALL THAT" and I hope they don’t get rid of people to accomate her or anyone, for that matter. Good writers can write for the entire ensemble, you would think, as a good example is AMC  and OLTL which covers all the characters and Y&R to name a couple shows. Money wise, its like sports to me, I don’t think anyone is worth the amount they are being paid.

    Now about Liz. I don’t see where this would be making her head explode unless Jason was seeing her at the time he was married to Brenda. Was he, I can’t remember. Also Liz has admitted she loved the idea of being in love with Jason or whatever it was they had her say to explain her  not running after him and the easy breakup between them. And I agree, her true love is Lucky, not that I like that, as I like Claire and Lucky. Lucky and Maxie and Lucky and anyone but Liz. I like Liz with Nik.

    Sam’s head exploding I can see Sam being hurt that again she is left out with no baby and Jason has another one (I still think he is Michaels father LOL) but Sam wasn’t on when Brenda was married to Jason was she? so she wouldn’t be all upset about a past romance between them but the baby may really throw her.

    Now Brenda having Sonny’s baby makes sense since all his kids have been taken away,( sent to prison, adopted and doesn’t want Daddy around her), and Brendadoes know how the life of Sonny works and now as he is "trying to find out about himself and his abuse and he will become a changed man "  Brenda may think he would be a great daddy and she always makes Sonny more human/humane. IMO

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    Jason left Liz because she couldn’t deal with him lying to her about Sonny faking his death and that whole situation.  At that time, the one thing she always knew was that Jason would never lie to her, but he did and involved her in the lie and she couldn’t deal with him being in danger for sonny again.  Then he immediately jumped into bed with courtney before liz had even fully moved out.  She had lived with jason at the time…so was zander if I remember.  At the same time, brenda came back into town escaped from Luiz Alcazar…and Jason first saved her than married her as brenda’s master plan to keep away from sonny and jax, cause she was dying.  If I can remember, Jason sprung this on Courtney…and Brenda on the q’s and that’s how we saw the flashback wedding…One of the best episodes ever!  All the references to the regrettably pink room-were Brenda’s.  It was the one thing he let her touch or redecorate.  While they never were in love…they built a mutual respect and friendship.  Brenda even told Jason that he was the only one who was ever there for her and never asked anything in return. 

  43. Profile photo of sb_fan

    at least most people are happy about this, that’s a good sign.
    I can’t wait to see what the big secret is, but definitely not if it’s gonna be yet another kid for sonny.

  44. Profile photo of siomonstuart2003

    sb fan, I don’t want another one of secret baby s/l either, been there, done that don’t want to see it again.  I don’t want Brenda with sonny or Jax because sonny is a jackass and jax treated my girl like dirt so he don’t deserve her.  But jax is the better parent than sonny is so his is up high up on my list, LOL.

  45. Profile photo of golinogal

    This is great news!  Brendabots beware!!! You know who you are!  I was a HUGE Sonny and Brenda fan. I never liked Jax and Brenda. Jax is so weak with her. He’s much better with Carly.

    But I was also a huge Liz and Lucky (round 1) fan and look how that’s worked out… so I don’t have faith that Brenda and Sonny will be able to recapture the same magic. 
    I truly hope that Sam gets knocked down a peg or two from Brenda coming to town. Sam is really just a Brenda rip-off. I agree that Olivia is toast as she is also a Brenda rip-off but without the popularity of Sam. And I truly look forward to a Brenda/Robin/Brooklyn friendship!!! 

    TIIC have soooo many options for Brenda . But I do hope they go the Brenda and Sonny path first as Sonny is the most in need of a character makeover. And since time and time again GH makes over characters I think we may get back the Sonny we all use to love. But I have to say it would also be fun thought to watch Sam pee her pants while Brenda steels Jason away! 

    And what does Liz have to do with any of this? Her character has been completely striped away to basically a shell of her former self. They might as well give her a new name… She never had a friendship with Brenda. I’m not sure if they even ever met. 

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