Jeff Branson’s Y&R Debut Set For June 22

Set the date. CBS Soaps In Depth is reporting Jeff Branson’s first airdate on The Young and the Restless is slated for June 22. The former Guiding Light and All My Children star will play Det. Ronan Malloy who’s partnered up with John Driscoll’s Chance.

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    Nina’s first born son??? That would actually be a GOOD way to pay homage to history.  It would also require her to focus the show on other characters aside from Adam!!!! After witnessing her fall of the wagon systematically over the past nine months, I have to ask: Is Maria still capable of this sort of storytelling??

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    Well, don’t think she is. But i try to hope for the best, while expecting the worst lol.

    I just don’t think that they would hire an emmy-winner not to mention a hottie like Jeff Branson to play detective whathisface. He has to be tied to the canvas somehow and we know that Nina and Chance are goingto have a story this summer with The Bug.

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    I don’t want Jeff to be Chance’s long lost brother. I am still secretly hoping for Chance to make the BIG REVEAL, and for Jeff’s new character, his "partner" to be there waiting to offer his compassion and understanding…..among other things. (if you get my drift!!) LOL!! Fingers crossed. Throw in Rafe and watch the sparks fly!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Why does everyone keep looking for a gay character? First of all, we have a gay character on Y&R that they’re totally incapable of writing for. Why add another?

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    It was a JOKE. You were supposed to laugh, not take it seriously. LOL!!!!!!!!! I have accepted Chance’s heterosexuality……..(begrudgingly so!)

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    Many believed Jeff Branson was going to play the real Adam Newman. I guess that option has gone out the window. I hope he is paired with Sharon!

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    Y’all beat me to it! He’s Nina’s first born. This is one thing I could definitely accept. Perhaps the reason for Christine’s return? The could make up for the Phillip fiasco.

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     Jeff could have been playing Nina’s first born son who is just happen to be adopted by a top political family and ends up running for mayor of Genoa City. And it just happens Chloe and Chance our happy together and even in engaged. Jeff’s team could of hired Chloe as a style consultant and the two of them instantly hate each other. But they start having feelings for another. Chance gets jealous of it awhile Paul. and Nina try to track down Nina’s son. and bam they find out but by the time they find out the truth. Chloe and the first born already slept together. It can be like Vicky Ryan and Grant triangle like from Another world .

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    I am glad Branson will be playing a new character. I was just convinced he would be playing Noah, which would have been off in a way. Maybe Kevin Schmidt will be back!

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