Holy Awesomeness, Batman: Soap Superstar Mary Beth Evans in Trailer for The BAY!

(Jamey gets down on his knees, tears streaming down his full, cappucino-colored face.) Praises be to the Soap Gods, it looks like someone is FINALLY poised to get a web soap opera starring a daytime alum RIGHT! Gregori J. Martin (Manhattanites) has released a trailer for his upcoming web series, The Bay, featuring one of daytime’s favorite daughter’s, Mary Beth Evans. Only this time, Evans will be playing one helluva dysfunctional mother!
If this promo is any indication, the web may have its first, viable transitional series from the once-popular—and profitable— daytime sudser. Crossing fingers, toes and other body parts not suitable for discussion amongst mixed company, or on a blog frequented by young ‘uns.

The Bay also stars Tristan Rogers (ex-Scorpio, GH), Sandra Dee Robinson (ex-Amanda, AW), John Callahan ( ex-Edmund AMC; Dr. Baker, DAYS), Lilly Melgar (ex-Lily GH), Martha Madison (ex-Belle DAYS) and Dylan Bruce (ex-Chris, ATWT). Check out the soapgasmic promo, complete with POPULAR MUSIC (swoon) after the jump! Seriously, this is all I ask for…

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  1. Profile photo of gwhnyc

    what about Venice?
    it’s full of daytime stars from the network soaps.
    i hope this is great, too
    but you don’t  seem to give Venice its due.
    and how can you tell so much based on this thirty second promo?

  2. Profile photo of

    Looks really interesting. I’m so glad they used that song Sara by Starship. That really pulled me in. Can’t wait to see the other promos.

  3. Profile photo of Silver44

    The cast is decent especially with Tristan Rogers, but the promo doesn’t really do much for me.  I need more than that to get me to check it out.

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