Ken Corday: “You Have to Give The Viewer What The Viewer Wants to See”

In an interview with Soap Opera Network, Days of Our Lives show-runner Ken Corday reveals what keeps his soap separated from the rest of the ones in the dish.

What has kept the show on the air as long as it has been? How does it stand out from the rest?

You have to give the viewer what the viewer wants to see. You just can’t put people on the show with all new faces. I know in the months to come a lot of familiar faces will be coming back to the show as our matriarch, Alice Horton [Frances Reid], passed away. For a period of two weeks, we really dealt with it in an organic manner. By bringing back familiar faces from the past, and keying that off with you know ‘here is one actor or another whose characters are still viable,’ it wasn’t a question, why not re-introduce them? That really is our secret – the wheel is not broken. I think that will be the formula for future success of the show. It is also really about romance – by keeping [couples] apart for as long as possible, but without turning off the audience. We will always have couples breaking up, while always giving the audience ‘Hope,’ which I could use in two different ways [Corday chuckles], that the couple will get back together.

Corday also opens up about what fans of Rafe (Galen Gering) and Sami (Alison Sweeney), better know as "Safe", can expect this summer.

Speaking of couples, I started watching ‘DAYS’ in the mid-1990’s and my favorite character is Sami Brady [Corday interjects and says ‘me too!’]. From her days trying to get Austin, while finding love with Lucas, to getting with EJ, to her drama with Rafe and now she’s toying around with EJ again. Is that the type of storylines you are referring to when it comes to couples?

Yes, that is what I was referring to. I truly believe the viewers want Sami and Rafe together. You know, Sami can be her own worst enemy and this time she’s not doing it in a vindictive way. She’s just being pulled in by this not so nice guy [EJ]. That will come to a conclusion sometime right after Labor Day. I think viewers will be very happy to see Sami being the strong Sami, who is taking things into her own hands. I wish I could tell you the plot points, but I can’t! I can say you can expect a lot of surprises and viewers will get what they want.

To read more about Corday’s book and how he manages the show click here.

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    Yeah Ken that’s what you believe!   What makes him believe fans want Safe OVER EJamiI! 
    EJami support is far more stronger than Safe.  Such, such crap, Ken.

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    rabbit on the moon

    I can answer that question. Days of our Lives stands out from the rest of the soaps by sucking the most. The show was already on thin ice with me when they fired John and Marlena. But the departure of Lucas was the final straw. I stopped watching this show back in November and I’m never going back.

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    I know you’re a  GH boy through and through, so I’m going to refrain from dissing your soap…I sort of get the feeling that you’re dissing mine……Not nice!

    But no hard feelings.

    I will admit that Ken is incredibly shortsighted and lacking in good instincts if he thinks fans prefer Sami with Rafe as an endgame. This was an instant relationship with no buildup and boring as all getout. Rafe is Austin with a police badge, not an interesting character at all. Lukas and EJ are/were at least interesting. Sami with Rafe is definitely not the Sami we knew from back in the day.

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    I am not dissing DAYS (it’s a MODERATELY entertaining soap, and I do watch it from time to time!). Actually, ironically, I am watching it right now. I am DEFINITELY dissing Ken Corday’s arrogance and lack of modesty. Clearly, all of his power has gone to his head. I just find his attitude to be kinda funny. I expect nothing less from him, though– he learned how to tap dance with the best of them. 

    Oh, and I have no problem with you (or anyone) dissing GH. It’s certainly not perfect, even though it is currently my favorite show. I respect all opinions, and this website was invented (PARTIALLY) for us to diss, moan and complain about the soaps. I diss GH sometimes when certain characters/actors/storylines piss me off. I also have dissed ALL the soaps at one point and time, and will more than likely do so again. Actually, scratch that— I WILL DO IT AGAIN….. LOL!!!!!!!!!!! Let er’ rip!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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    Despite what he reputedly said in his book (no plans to read it), Ken probably spent years feeling like the Crown Prince, his parents being part of that select group of real-life soap opera royalty. The man reeks entitlement.

    You’re still one of my favorite posters on here, Alstonboy…How boring would it be if everybody always agreed with everyone else?

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    Yeah, I try to keep things interesting. LOL!! You aren’t too shabby yourself, my friend. LOL!!! Cheers and happy continued postings. I love the art of MATURE debate, and that’s why this is my favorite soap blogging site. Haters, to the left.

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    I definately do not think that Rafe and Sami are the future of Days. Someday EJ might maybe turn into a decent human being, then Sami and EJ can be the next Tom and Alice Horton (perish the thought really. Get Doug and Julie on the show full time please!)

    What Days has that NO other soap has is that it’s family structure is such that ANY character from the past can walk in the door today and fit into the show. No other soap can say this. That is why so many returns from former soap characters don’t work. Most soaps  are  not historically compatible. I mean really the 1970s Y&R bares a scant resemblance to the 1980s revamp of the show which is now on the air. So todays  Y&R is compatible back to the 80s. Few characters if any would work out from the 1960s on GH. The same can be said about OLTL and AMC.  Days however could have Marie Horton start work at the hospital today and she would be a core character imediately. Or Anna Dimera can just jump right in and carry story line. But it would work just as well if it had been Liz Chandler.  (True ATWT has a similar structure but the characters have been recast way too many times. There is not enough fan enthusiasm for the actors that play the characters when almost the entire cast of characters are multiple recasts.)

    This is the best and sometimes the only reason to watch Days year after year. It is what makes the show unique and why its viewers care about it decade after decade.

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