American Idol’s Jason Castro Gets “Beautiful”

Entertainment Weekley is reporting American Idol star, Jason Castro will appear on The Bold and the Beautiful.  Castro will play himself and perform a new single "Love Uncompromised" in a scene surrounding B&B stars Zack Conroy (Oliver) and Kimberly Matula (Hope). Look for the scenes to play out in July.

Photo by PR Photos.

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    I hope that B&B isn’t turning into OLTL with the monthly musical guests. I realize that soaps are desperate to pull in viewers, but why should someone who DOESN’T watch your show on a regular basis feel inclined to watch it every day just because X, Y and Z are coming on for a day and singing a few songs???

    If certain soaps would get their HOUSES in order, and start telling interesting stories on a REGULAR basis, they wouldn’t need to distract us with these free concerts. (CLEARS THROAT REPEATEDLY!!)…….

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