No Cod For You! Snapper Swims Back Into Genoa City Next Week on Y&R

The Young and the Restless is serving up a nice, heaping, helping serving of Snapper (David Haselhoff) at a Foster Family Reunion next week. As previously reported one of Genoa City’s first superhunks returns for a sad occasion. SPOILER ALERT: Ma Foster is not long for this world, bless her heart.  Will she tell poor, Lil’ Orphan Jill (Jess Walton) who she got her eyebrows and the shape of her toes from before she goes to the Great Roast Beef Sale in the Sky? Check out the preview after the jump!

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    I do! Back when I first started watching, the show was about 2 families – the Fosters (Jill, Snapper and Greg) and the Brooks (Leslie, Laurie, Chris and Peggy). The Brooks family was from the right side of town (Mr. Brooks was the publisher of the town’s newspaper). Snapper married one of the Brooks’ daughters (I think it was Chris). Leslie and Laurie Brooks had a very nasty sibling rivalry. Leslie was a celebrated concert pianist and Laurie was very jealous. She actually wrote a “tell-all” called “In My Sister’s Shadow”. Anyway…back then the show was really only about those 2 families (this was ages before Victor Newman or any of the Abbotts came to town). Mrs. Chancellor was there, of course, and Jill was her maid. Then, Jill’s mother, Mrs. Foster, became Mrs. Chancellor’s maid (pre-Esther). I believe Mrs. Foster later became Mr. Brooks’ maid and they eventually got married and left town. I cannot believe I remember all of that…

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    I hope that this time Jill’s parentage is settled once and for all, and in a way that is consistent with the show’s history..It seems that whenever new writers come in, or whenever it suits the storyline du jour, Jill gets completely new parents and DNA results are discredited.

    What is with Y & R and all those faked, switched, or botched DNA tests?

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    I don’t understand why they have to KILL off Liz Foster!! Just like they didn’t have to KILL off Hope (Adam’s mother!) OR John Abbott!!!!!!!! Can’t they just have her TELL Jill about her parentage and then leave town again??? No, it’s not as "dramatic," but it would definitely be a more sensible option.  Killing off long-term characters on this show, and all of the daytime soaps, seems to be done far too often and without regard to the long-term ramifications of it. I am willing to bet you money that, like John Abbott, she will come back at least a DOZEN times as a ghost after she passes away!! I don’t get it.

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    It was sure great seeing snapper again, of all the crazy shit they have had lately, to go back to some familiar grounds. Hope they keep some of them. My mom hasn’t watched it in years because of a family the got rid of that started it all. Does anyone know who that is we couldn’t remember? Start watching it again after ATWT is over.

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    AlstonBoy, I agree with you. I like Jill’s mom and she was always a good actress when she was on the show. Why does someone always have to have an ephiany right before they die on this show?

    I didn’t watch the show way back when. Can anyone tell me if Jess Walton was playing Jill during the time der Hasselhoff was on the show? And please tell me SNAPPER isn’t his REAL name, but a nickname. I’m wondering why they aren’t calling him by a "grown up" name at this point.

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    I started watching Y&R in the early 90s (after I discovered the WONDERFUL Victoria Rowell, while channel surfing, and haven’t looked back since!! LOL! Notice my profile photo???    ).

    Brenda Dickson was playing Jill during that time frame, I believe. She played Jill from 1973 to 1980, but then left to be a stay-at-home wife. Deborah Adair took over as Jill from 1980-1833. Dickson returned in 1983 and played Jill until 1987, and Jess Walton (THANKFULLY!) has been playing her ever since. I don’t recall when David H. left the show, but I don’t think he ever shared scenes with Jess Walton’s Jill during his original run.

    As far as why they’re still calling him Snapper, I would assume that it’s for comic effect. LOL!! It is kinda funny for a grown man to be "blessed" with the same nickname as a piece of seafood, after all!! Also, we all know how nicknames are in real life. We get them as kids, and even when we grow up, we never outgrow them. I am STILL being referred to by my childhood nicknames to this DAY by my aunts and uncles, and I am almost 30. Some family members are not as eager to accept the fact that I am NOT a kid anymore……..

    His real name is William Foster. I would SERIOUSLY hope that NO parents would be delusional or crazy enough to name their kid or kids after a fish!!!

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    Thanks for the info, but COME ON, what grown (groan?!) man would be ok with being called “Snapper”?! LOL…

    Yeah,I know what you mean about family nicknames. When I asked people to stop calling me by mine, and I, too, was well into my 30’s, some people (like sibs in-laws) had no idea who I was if I would call them on the phone using my “real” name!

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