Victoria Rowell in Talks to Join New Soap, Proper Manors

Dru who? The interwebs are buzzing with news that former The Young and the Restless star Victoria Rowell is in talks to join the cast of Proper Manors, a New Hampshire-based sudser from Pietro D’Alessio and MyTV. According to Union Leader, Proper Manors will make its debut September 14, the same week As The World Turns stops turning.  The article goes on to say, D’Alessio, who initially planned the series for the web, counts Dynasty and Falcon Crest among his inspirations. Color us intrigued!

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    I hope that this project is a huge success, and that Victoria Rowell can finally gain the mainstream success and recognition that she deserves. Even if it does end up being a flop, I will still watch. I would pay money to watch this woman read from the Farmers’ Almanac. She is my all-time favorite soap opera actor of all time!! Y&R is foolish for not asking her back, but I have beaten that dead horse so much that my arms are weak. Life goes on. Vicki is, and always has been, destined for greatness, and I am looking forward to seeing her star rise FURTHER than it already has.

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    This is just great news I’ll definitely be tuning into this it’ll be just great to see Victoria’s talents be appreciated. And all though it would be a dream come true to see Drucilla back on Y&R the way the show is now I know they’d probably dilute her character so much it wouldn’t be the same as we all remember and loved :D

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    It’s really a sign of the times that new soaps *are* coming but that they’re coming to cable networks instead of mainstream T.V. I really hope we get this in Canada.

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    I think she’s smart to go this route because at the rate major network soaps are disappearing, who knows how much longer Y&R will be on the air? And I should have included “and with the crappy storylines MAB is forcefeeding us…”

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