All My Children Releases Photo Series

In celebration of All My Children's 40th anniversary, the sudser has released 40 memorable photos, available for purchase at Fans can obtain pictures of past and present stars, including snapshots of the face of daytime, Susan Lucci. At a press conference, Lucci dished to Fancast's Sara Bibel about how the photos took her on a trip down memory lane. Says Lucci,

I remember those beginning rehearsals and the beginning company of actors.  When I see a picture like this, I think of so many scenes with Mona (Fran Heflin).  I think of Ruth Warwick.  It was a different time.  We shot as if it were a play, from beginning to end.  We would get our notes, our criticisms, as a company of actors.  It was a bonding experience to be humiliated in front of each other that way. But it was a great opportunity to learn as a young actress from very experienced actors and actresses, to hear Ruth Warwick talk about Orson Welles… to hear Fran Heflin talk about being on Broadway with Marlon Brando.

The diva of daytime opens up on working with AMC newcomer Michael Nouri.

It’s wonderful.  Michael and I were saying we were both in New York for so long, and never crossed paths professionally.  I met him at different events, but just an introduction.  But I always thought he was terrific and I was thrilled he was coming on to our show.  He and the writers are creating quite a character in Caleb, aid Lucci.


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It's blasphemy, I know but I'm still going to say it. I've never been a big fan of Susan Lucci's acting. I do feel that she's a real class act and deserves huge accolades for staying at All My Children when she's surely had offers to make the switch to primetime.