One Life to Live’s Kassie DePaiva Co-Hosts The View!

Check out today’s episode of The View. One of my fav-or-ite Divas of Daytime, One Life to Live‘s Kassie DePaiva is guest hosting! Check your local listings.

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    Nat Guy

    I think this might have been a last minute fill-in because my DVR listing said Tori Speilling was supposed to be the guest co-host. I was happy to see Kassie instead. She’s adorable. It was funny when she tried to diffuse the Elizabeth/Kathy Griffin situation.

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    [quote=elbugten]Missed it. ITA w/ Silver 44; where were the promos for this yesterday during OLTL and last night on SoapNet, at least?[/quote]

    Okay, now I’m TOTALLY annoyed b/c during today’s OLTL, I saw a promo for tomorrow’s View “w/ special co-host Bryant Gumbel”. WTH, ABC? Bryant Gumbel used to host a show ON ANOTHER NETWORK, and you promote him, but not someone who’s currently on a show from your own network? Talk about a slap in the face to OLTL and it’s fans. No wonder ratings for ABC soaps are in the toilet w/ this lack of promotion.

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    KD Was Great

    On A Side Note Someone Needs To Teach Professionalism To Elizabeth Hassselbeck. She May Not Care For Kathy Griffin but The Way EH Acted Towards Her Was Totally Uncalled For
    EH Was The Bitchest Bitch That Has Ever Bitched

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    I agree that Elizabeth Hasslebitch is a total waste of sperm, and it defies logic that she is still employed on this show—or any other show!!!! She has NO personality, and does nothing but complain and spout her conservative garbage. They need to fire her so that she can go back to doing what she does best—popping out babies!!! Despise her!! Always have!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    The choice of EH is such an obvious one – they picked her because they had to feign having a diversity of opinions without actually have someone that would make Joy Behar and the like look too stupid. Its the same reason the media LOVES to have Ann Coulter on all these talk shows – she is attractive physically and she can almost always be counted to say something that is either stupid, laughable or some combination of the two.

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