Kassie DePaiva Caught Between Warring Hasselbeck and Griffin on The View

I would love to hear what body language experts would make of Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s posturing in the presence of comedienne Kathy Griffin, Tuesday on The View. Griffin appeared on the gabfest to dish the news season of her hit Bravo series, Kathy Griffin: My Life of the D-List.

Hasselbeck, who Griffin has skewered relentless in her comedy, confronted the funny lady about her "untrue"  "not funny" jokes.  Poor guest co-host Kassie DePaiva, from The View’s studio mate One Life to Live, was caught in the middle of this Made-for-TV trainwreck. She’s probably used to it, the way those Cramer women cut up. De Paiva no doubt felt like she was on the La Boulaie set!

 How much do you wanna bet this little coffee klatch, cat scratch session will make its way into the D-lister’s act and series this season? Kathy Griffin: My Life of the D-List premiered Tuesday night on Bravo. Check your local listings, but before you do,  watch the clip of Griffin and Hasselbeck’s skirmish after the jump!

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  1. Profile photo of dang90210

    man i wish this segment would have lasted longer and look at the expression of sherri face i mean this is good t.v. i hope elisabeth dont come crying on the view today talking about im sorry kathy griffin

  2. Profile photo of Silver44

    Kassie did a good job, very natural.

    If you are going to go up against a comedian, you better be prepared with something other than rolling your eyes and yawning. Elisabeth had no comeback….sad.

  3. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Elizabeth needs to apologize to American viewers for continuing to pollute our television waves with her brand of conservative garbage!!! She then needs to quit and move to a deserted island—- never to be seen, or more importantly, HEARD from again!!! What a pathetic excuse for a human being!!!!!!!

    Besides, Hasslebitch isn’t a comedian, actress or anything even REMOTELY interesting…so it makes me wonder what her purpose on this show is (or has ever been!)!! I am sure that Barbara Walters, when hiring hosts for this show, had her pick of dumb blondes. Why not just close her eyes and pick one randomly??? She’s already scraped the bottom of the barrel, and whoever she picks to replace this chick can’t possibly be more irritatingly useless.

    Okay, my ranting about this pointless individual is over. We will now be returning to our regular programming……..already in progress!!!!!!!!!

  4. Profile photo of appleridge

    Elizabeth Is The Bitchest bitch That Has Ever Bitched On the View

    Look EH has every right not to like Kathy Griffin But EH needs to be taught professionalism.

    You do not yawn and stretch out in the middle of an interview and get pissy because the guest has used you in her stand-up routines and also her best friend Sarah Palin

    EH looked pissed Kathy is friends with Levi Johnson. Maybe EH is jealous.

    EH shoulda have been the won ousted in 2007. Sorry but its time for EH to go and if Babs were smart she’d dump her.

    Hopefully EH still has her fashion degree. She may need it.

  5. Profile photo of angrierblackerman

    I can’t believe that Elizabitch acted like that with a GUEST! It’s her job to facilitate the guests appearance on the show, instead she postured and visibly yawned her way through the interview.

    They need to fire her. If they want a conservative bobble head, they should try Carrie Prejean. Time for this ditz to go!

    Kassie did an awesome job though. When OLTL gets canceled next year, I hope to see Kassie doing more hosting type things.

  6. Profile photo of blake3b

    First off, I hope Kassie didn’t catch stupid sitting next to Elizabitch. Second, EH is the reason I can’t watch The View anymore, she’s so f*cking annoying and her voice is so pitchy and whiny (imagine her in bed! LOL)
    I miss the days when Rosie was on there to scare EH and make her cry and shake lol. EH should go to Fox News with the other idiots there!

  7. Profile photo of blake3b

    God I love Kathy, so glad to see her give it to EH and make her look even more stupid and weak than usual. Kathy needs to go on The View more often, or hell take EH’s job on there!

  8. Profile photo of Soap_Stud

    Elizabeth was out of line to treat a guest the way she did. The Hot Topics segment is where she shares her opinions. The other segments of the show have a different purpose. Shame on, Elizabeth. I love when she and Joy spar though- Joy Behar is a hoot.

  9. Profile photo of Joan76

    The only one that I can stand on there is Whoopi and make since. The others are just full of shit. When the cat is away the rats will play. I will be watching Y&R for the until she returns.

  10. Profile photo of henry007

    I hope I don’t get castrated for saying I’m a moderate republican, but registered independent. I can’t stand this woman, people like her is the reason why. If they want to have intelligent conversations, should have Laura Ingraham, I like to hear both sides, don’t get that anywhere. All they do is slam each other and scream at the top of lungs, don’t get anything out of it.

  11. Profile photo of ajoroark

    I like Elisabeth. I love it when a person can stand behind their convictions. People have thier own opinions and beliefs. Why can’t we as a society respect one another as human beings for thier beliefs? I am a 100% republican and make no apologizes for it. If you are a democrate you should make no apologizes for it. Respect one another no matter what side of the party line you are one. That being said, I can’t watch that show due to all the disrespect that goes on from both sides.

  12. Profile photo of Scooter Smith
    Scooter Smith

    I laugh when all these people attack Elizabeth. She is doing the same thing Rosie used to do on that show, but since she is conservative, they hate on her instead of praising her and her convictions. I don’t watch it anymore, since Whoopi came on, she is so annoying and fake I would prefer Rosie to be there, with her 9-11 was an inside job garbage, to Whoopi trying to be something she isn’t. Entertaining.

  13. Profile photo of watchingallday

    I am with ajoroark! Elizabeth brings a much needed balance to the show. TO be honest I think there are times when I wish she was a more forceful and steadfast voice for the conservative position. There is a valid argument that she could have been a bit more professional with Kathy Griffin, but at the same time, Griffin is a comedian who probably has said things about Elizabeth that were not funny and not completely true. Had it been a serious guests or even a celebrity trying to promote a serious project, then I might ccall a little harder for professionalism.

    Also, Elizabeth has the same right to be there that a bunch of comedians do. They are just a bunch of people expressing their “views.” They are no more informed or educated than she is.

  14. Profile photo of Silver44

    To me, this has nothing to do with whether she is a republican I really don’t care, it was her childish behavior that I had a problem with. If she had an issue with Kathy then she should of been a woman and said so, instead of acting like a 5 year old.

  15. Profile photo of craigcp

    Mens Health Mag. said; They should put a warring label on this show: Warning this show may cause your ears to bleed. FCC passed a new rule that commercials must be kept at the volume of the program, except The View, this should be lowered Ha! Ha!. We all need to lighten up and have a laughter.

  16. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    I used to feel sorry for Elisabeth when Rosie was on, because Rosie is one of those, “I can talk the fasted and the loudest” types who I cannot stand, even though my political beliefs line up more with her. But once Rosie left Elisabeth became a bitter, harpy. I have been the fan of many conservatives in Hollyweird. Love Kelsey Grammer, Patricia Heaton, the late Dixie Carter, but while those celebs come across as well-informed and tolerant of all issues, Elisabeth just pouts like a petulant child. That being said, Joy can be downright vicious to her. I know they will all have ulcers to go along with their fat checkbooks once this show is over.

  17. Profile photo of ktuc

    Elizabeth Hasselbeck wouldn’t be my first choice to represent those of us who are Conservatives; she does bring a much needed balance to show though. Otherwise, it would be a bore fest with so much Liberal love being shoveled around. Although it appears that Kathy Griffin did win this round.

  18. Profile photo of RockiDreams

    Why does anyone watch this show to begin with? Frankly, I pass on even watching the clip because this show is full of a lot of liberal brand of “garbage.” If I want to watch political shows, I will watch something that is geared that way with pundits that know what they are talking about – liberal or conservative views.

  19. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    What has Griffin ever said about Elisabeth? I don’t recall her ever being “skewered” in any of Kathy’s routines (and I’m a fan of both Griffin and Hasselbeck). Kathy goes after Barbara Walters all the time, which is probably why Elisabeth was acting angry. Barbara has a notoriously limited sense of humor and everyone around her has to pay homage to that (except Joy, God love her!).

    I think the exchange between Kathy and Elisabeth was pretty tame, all things considered. Of course, it’s an opportunity for people to take cheap shots at Elisabeth, which as always equal parts entertaining and boring. So, thanks (and yawn) for that, everyone! ;-)

    I’m closer to liberal than I am conservative (I’m socially liberal, but fiscally conservative), but it always makes me cringe when I see how intolerant people who lean to the left can be. Intolerant people on the right are jerks, but intolerant people on the left are whiny. I often have a hard time deciding which side I enjoy less.

  20. Profile photo of glowery

    I quit watching The View quite a while ago. I really got tired of all the yelling and screeching, and who could talk over who the loudest.

    When it comes to this clip, so what if Elizabeth yawned? If I had been the host of this show and Kathy Griffin was going to be on it, I would have requested that I did not have to sit on the same stage with her.

    You can call EH all the names you want, but they don’t come any more rude, stupid or vulger than Kathy Griffin. Her life on the “D” list? LOL She would be lucky to be on the “D” list. I doubt she is on any list at all.

  21. Profile photo of appleridge

    Excuse Me But EH is One Of The Co-Hosts Of The View And Is Contracted To Show Up, Ask Questions and Be Professional.

    How She Acted Towards Kathy was anything But. I Dont Care If She Doesnt Like Kathy. Thats Not the Point. You Leave That Dislike At The Stage Door & Do Your Job

  22. Profile photo of Dariclone

    Damn, that was *cold*, Elizabeth! Poor Kassie looked scared out of her wits and kije she would’ve done anything to calm Elizabeth sown. I’ll bet she’s glad she’s not a regurlar host.

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