Starr X’d Lovers No More? Who Should Starr be With on OLTL?

One Life to Live’s Starr (Kristen Alderson) and Cole (Brandon Buddy) have gone through so much in their tortured, young lives. More often than not the biggest threat to their teenage love affair hasn’t been the seductive allure of an interloper,  it’s been Starr’s father, Todd Manning (Trevor St. John).

 Neither Starr’s school-girl crush on Schuyler Joplin (Scott Clifton) or Hannah’s (Meghann Fahy) psychotic infatuation with Cole has been a match for this "Starr X’d Love". That could be about to change.

For the first time in recent memory, OLTL appears to be investing in a viable threat to Starr and Cole’s love story, James Ford (Nicholas Robuck).  What do you guys thinK?

Should Starr be with Cole or James?

Starr X'd Lovers No More? Who Should Starr be With on OLTL?

  • James (64%, 814 Votes)
  • Cole (36%, 466 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,280


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17 Responses

  1. Profile photo of Scooter Smith
    Scooter Smith

    I think that this whole thing with Cole wanting Starr to believe his instincts about someone he has known for a few months, but not giving Starr the same credit for someone her whole life, through the good, the bad, the lies, and the apologies. I think he deserves to be with that nutjob hannah for a little while, to see that everyone, including his mother, was right about hannah.

    On a side note, since its on abc, I wonder if anyone will call James Ford by his nickname on the island “Sawyer”. :P

  2. Profile photo of No Daisy
    No Daisy

    It’s not that I think Starr and Cole should never be parted, but does she have to be saddled with looser Ford’s brother? Can’t we wait for her to find somebody better that this?

    She needs to have a real (not jail induced) breakup with Cole before moving on to better things. Teh do share a kid ans live together so a discussion about the future should be shown. Who moves out of the loft? Does Starr move back to Dorians with Langston? How about Starr and Markko sharing the loft? Maybe she can meet a new guy in college next fall. Or maybe now that she is actually not in high school she can be seduced by an older man who is trying to get revenge on Todd for some reason. There are too many possabilities just to hook her up with the first nice set of abs that walks by a camera.

  3. Profile photo of angrierblackerman

    I’m not happy about this for two reasons. One, I like Cole and Starr together, and two…I fear that the introduction of another underwear model means curtains for Jason Tam(Markko)and Brandon Buddy(Cole). I can see Ford and James replacing Cole and Markko as the show’s young/teen actors. Once again, underwear models replace actors. Granted, David Gregory and Nick Robuck are decent actors, they still don’t have that real quality that Brandon Buddy and Jason Tam have.

    People wonder how they could get rid of Cole if Marty is still in town. Well here’s what I think. I think that if the show cannot get Thorsten Kaye back as Patrick Thornhart, they will DROP Susan Haskell(Marty) under the ruse of budget cuts and cast cutbacks. Then they can get rid of Brandon Buddy(Cole)as well. It’s a grim scenario that I don’t want to think about right now.

    Starr and cole never really had a chance thanks to some lazy writing. I am kind of tired of the “let’s throw in another person to give them some conflict” storylines. The writing team can’t come up with anything else original?

  4. Profile photo of watchingallday

    Well I for one am for anything that separates Starr and Cole. I know they have a child together, but I HATE Cole! I always have. Their tortured romance made sense in the beginning, but what teenage couple stays together forever, even if they end up together there are breakups in between. I also think that even though it is a typical soap throwing two people together in a perilous situation, I think that Starr and James have a lot of chemistry, more than Starr and Cole have had for years.

    Getting rid of Jason Tam would be a huge mistake. He is a great actor, and I would not mind a Starr Markko pairing somewhere down the line. However, not to be mean or anything, but the week link in the teen scene is and always has been Brandon Buddy. I think he had promise when he first began, but in my opinion he has not grown as an actor at all since he was taking steroids and yelling at Starr in her bedroom. I would not hate it if they chose to get rid of Cole and Marty

  5. Profile photo of LooseLipsLiz

    Persoanllly, I don’t think that she belongs with either of them. Cole and Starr need a third party to mix it up. And James is creepy and and bad guy like his brother – he’s just getting Starr into dangerous trouble. I can’t stand him.
    I kind of like the idea of Markko and Starr but I doubt they would ever do that. . . She just needs someone new!

  6. Profile photo of BHop529

    Let’s face it, this is a soap opera, which means that a couple can’t stay together forever, I completely get that. However, I’m really disappointed in the writers for missing the boat with these two. They should have showed the struggle of being teen parents, still being in school, living on their own etc… They could still have thrown a co-ed in there to tempt Cole or Starr, but one who didn’t turn out to be psycho or trouble. Someone who would have been a normal viable threat to their relationship. Instead they threw them into this contrived plot driven storyline that has gotten a little ridiculous at this point. With that said I think they are taking steps to fix it with this summer’s storyline. I’m actually intrigued about what is going to happen with this whole James thing. He seems like an interesting enough character, and I PRAY he is nothing like his brother, we don’t need two Ford’s (we really don’t need the one.) I’ve enjoyed the Starr and James scenes so far and I’ll go with the writers on their journey. HOWEVER, with all that said, I do believe that Starr and Cole should and will be together when all is said and done.

    Watchingallday I have to respectfully disagree with you about Brandon Buddy. I personally believe that he has made leaps and bounds as an actor since he first came on the show. The growth he has made as an actor is remarkable and I for one am quite proud of him. I believe the writing for him, recently, has been horrible and they are ruining the character of Cole. But I think (and strongly hope) the next coming weeks they are going to start to redeem the character.

    Angrierblackerman, I sure hope you are not right. It would be a shame if they lost Jason, Brandon and Susan. I do think that they were banking on Thorsten coming back and that would be Marty and Cole’s storyline and now that he doesn’t want to, I think they don’t know what to do with them. Marty is kinda of just in limbo at this point, and lets face it her best scenes are always with Todd. I LOVE watching Susan and TSJ opposite one another, but besides going after Hannah there really isn’t anywhere to go with those two. (At least that would be acceptable to “mainstream America”). I know that Jason is taking the summer off from the show, I just hope that doesn’t spell his end. Replacing Brandon and Jason with Nick and Gregory would be a step in the wrong direction, but it seems as soaps like going in that direction rather than the opposite right one, so who knows.

    I guess back to the original question, Starr belongs with Cole, end of story.

  7. Profile photo of elbugten

    When Cole thought Marty was dead and he and Langston were going to the bereavement support group together, I thought maybe they should try switching the couples, and even though I normally don’t like when soaps do that, I think in this case, it would work. I agree w/ WatchingAllDay that BB is the weakest link in the foursome, and I’ve never really liked “Sole”. I liked Starr’s first boyfriend, Travis, and would’ve liked to have seen where that went. The writers rewrote history to invent Cole for Starr and it’s never really worked for me. Starr was born before Marty and Patrick left town, so she’s older than Cole. Also, Marty and Patrick were supposed to have a daughter, not a son.

    My point is, I’d be up for a Starr/Markko pairing.

  8. Profile photo of Courtney fan4life
    Courtney fan4life


    Sole has always been Daughter of rapist and son of rape victim. They have never been anything else but that. Plus instead of showing their struggle as teen parents they do what? Give them another stupid musical? And once again have to make Todd part of their drama. And the couple has ruined Starr. She turned into some boring saint and lost all her spark. With James she has found that fierceness in her once again. I love her and James scenes.

    So happy to see James win this poll. He has been a great addition to this show so far.

  9. Profile photo of KeriChandler26

    ^ Ditto.

    I haven’t been this interested in Starr for a long time…since she and Cole were saddled together and I’ve been waiting four years for something new. Sole may have a pretty popular fanbase but their pairing is all about who their parents are.

    I like James and his scenes with Starr. He’s sweet with her and after today’s show, it’s obvious that he honestly cares about what happens to her. Plus, Starr has her fight back.

  10. Profile photo of Dariclone

    In real life, Starr and Jmaes would be in no way a healthy pairing, but since when have soap opera couples been healthy? Starr and James have more sparks than I ever saw in Sole and while I don’t think they would last forever they’d be good for right now!

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