Victoria Rowell on Proper Manors: “Watch Out Peyton Place”

In an interview with the Boston Herald Victoria Rowell teases her potential  involvement in what we now know to be Proper Manors, the New Hampshire-based soap that will air on MyTV this fall.

“I think what is even more exciting is the possibility of a new soap opera that is being bandied about,” she said. “I’m not at liberty to disclose the name of this new soap but it’s genius. It’s penned by a New Englander and set in New England. Watch out Peyton Place.”

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    As I said before, I will watch this show RELIGIOUSLY, even if it’s terrible….just to see my girl, Victoria Rowell. I hope that it ends up being the next hit show like “Glee” or “Desperate Housewives.” That would UNDOUBTEDLY make the Michelle Staffords and Peter Bergmans of the world EXTRA salty and angry…..and it would be poetic justice in my book. I am already rubbing my hands together with mischievous glee.

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    Okay I am a little lost with this story, is MyTV the same as My Network TV or is it a different station? 

    I am sure I will check the show out when it airs :) Hopefully they will also put the show up online so those that don’t get the station can watch it :).

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    The part that has me so excited is the New England aspect. That’s what I loved about Passions. It was sex, intrigue, backstabbing and lies in a small New England hamlet. It was so romanticized because of its location. That’s what caught my attention. I’ll be watching.

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