First Impressions: Jessica Leccia as OLTL’s Inez Salinger

What are your First Impressions of Jessica Leccia as Inez Salinger on One Life to Live? See more screencaps from her debut after the jump.

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    Honestly? I thought she was adorable and I did like her instantly. I have no idea why they decided to dress her like they did but all I can say is I just liked her and she was believable with Nate.

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    I think she’s the mom (even though she’s not that old) but it would make sense she was starting at that newspaper pretty closely and I’m guessing she’s a single mom?

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    i’ve never seen her before but know of her due to her GL popularity. i liked her immediately. she seemed very natural, and her chemistry with the actor that plays nate was spot on.

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    Speculation is that she’s the Ford brothers older sister that ran away from their abusive father, changed names and had Nate. I still say she’s their mother but would they really give JL who looks so young 3 boys that are that old?

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    Seriously? She’s supposed to be that young man’s mother? Has she been hibernating next to a black hole because it’s either that or she got her first period at seven years-old, otherwise there is no way that’s physically possible.

    That said, gosh it’s good to see her on TV again.

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    Jessica looked so radiant and beautiful today. She has great charisma and such warmth. I’m very interested in Inez and seeing what her story reveals. I hope OLTL gives Jessica a worthy story on the show. Jessica is a good and charming actress who lights up the screen. Hope to see more of Inez on OLTL.

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    Reason I watched OLTL today? Jessica Leccia. I’m an Otalia fan so I would watch anything with her. Anyway, I liked it. I saw alot of Natalia there with Nate. I hope she is able to play a different character though. Single mom hurting for money…sounds familar. Anyway love her so I don’t care. And I already like the actor who plays Nate more than the the actor who played Rafe. Whats the deal with the paper? Not too on top of the OLTL storylines so i am not sure.

    Who would Inez be paired with if she sticks around?

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    the reason i think she is the mother is because james talked about their mother walking out on them. how old is ford? if he’s 23 or 24 and she had him at 15 that would make her 38 or 39. I buy it.

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    I really liked JL’s debut. She came off as natural and believable. I prefer the Ford older sister theory. Ford’s a college graduate with a university job. I’ll have a hard time accepting that JL’s character is old enough to be his mother. James and Nate, sure, but not Ford. OLTL was smart to have JL’s debut on an episode that featured Kelly Cramer, too, and I thought Kelly was actually interesting in this episode. Loved the elbow to Ford! If OLTL was expecting GL viewers to tune in to see JL, they gave them some pretty good Gina T. stuff to further hook them.

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    Jessica is a great actress but I’m not sure what to make of her character. She seemed a little too sweet with Dani, like she’s hiding something. I hope they give her a good storyline.

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    She is absolutely beautful! I say she’s the older sister, she doesn’t look old enough to be Nate’s mom(almost). No way she’s Ford’s mom! I thought she was good for the 1st day. Uber annoying that Nate was just telling their business about the foreclosure in front of Dani. STHU!

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    Not a Jessica Leccia fan, never have been NEVER will be! can not for for life of me why so many think she is so HOT! maybe it is because she likes to kiss other women! I guess could understand if she could ACT!!! too bad she can not!

    I give her a couple of weeks and she will be swapping spit with some female character, probably Carlotta! OLTL’s way of bringing over the OTTALIA fans!

    and yes I watched GL, Ottalia was part of the death of GL for me! stupid writing, terrible acting and just asinine altogether!

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    Ok wow, hold up Otalia did not kill GL and many many more fans than you can agree to that.

    Secondly ummm how about giving JL a chance? She was just on one day.

    and thirdly JL is married with a child she had chemistry with Gus although definately not enough to keep them together she does not have to be in a relationship with a woman on OLTL.

    frankly as an Otalia fan i’m insulted that you would think that Otalia could be remade with JL and a different character.

    and as a person i’m insulted by your blatent bigotry

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    not a bigot at all!! I have lots of very good friends that are gay or lesbian!

    I just have never been a JL fan! sorry if you feel that is a mortal sin!

    the whole contrived storyline that brought Otallia to be was asinine! and trust me my Gay and Lesbian friends (and oh yeah one is a FAMILY member that I love with all my heart) hated that storyline.

    it’s called an OPINION

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    Well its an odd one. I get that you hated Otalia thats fine but Natalia just one character played by an actress, during a time were GL had no sets and well nothing.

    This is a different show and a different character.

    You call it an opinion thats fine it is your opinion but its my opinion that it was a wonderfully written and real to life storyline.

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    Also one more thing. I honestly believe that many gay/lesbian fans hated Otalia but there were more that loved it than hated it. So yes your entitled to your opinion but you are in the minority.

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    your opinion that I am in the minority! if Ottalia was ALL that why is GL off the air?

    IF the large gay and lesbian community LOVED Ottalia so much and thought that they were so HOT, why was GL’s ratings so low???

    don’t even get me started of Crystal Chappell and her lack of acting talent either, she is stinking it up on DOOL! maybe Carly and Chloe can swap spit like CC and NB like to do in public??

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    My first impression is excellent!! Of course, I’m dying to know if the allusions to her former character on GL were intentional, and hopefully not indicative of where the story will go – OLTL promised surprises, I want surprises! But lordy, Jessica was breathtakingly beautiful to see. Would be nice if they eventually get her out of “mom” clothes, but *sigh* that’s the set-up, so I’ll be patient.

    A nice, assured, first day for the character of Inez though thanks to JL’s tremendous presence as an actor. Lovely.

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    I loooooved seeing Jessica Leccia on OLTL. After watching her make the most of her short amount of screen time, it pains me to see how they keep offering contract roles for newly added teens, but she’s only re-occuring. A shame. She could totally mix it up with the likes of Tea and Blair…would be so amazing to see her more intertwined in the larger story lines, not just as a teen prop.

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    I was so incredibly excited to see Jessica friday. I looked forward to it for so long. When she walked on screen I was smiling from ear to ear. Anyone notice the dimple right away? hehe. Anyway, JL is wonderful and I cant wait to see how her character develops. Its guaranteed that any scene she is in it will be great.
    And to the person that apparently hates JL, you are incredibly rude. You can voice your opinion with a little more respect for Jessica even though you dont care for her. People have no damn respect anymore.

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