Gargantuan FAIL! Y&R Confirms Stacy Haiduk OUT!


OK Jillian, take a deep breath before writing…  CBS Soaps In Depth has confirmed news first broken by a  fan site. The Young and the Restless has decided not to renew Stacy Haiduk‘s contract. Soaps In Depth spoke with executive producer and head writer Maria Arena Bell, who said:

Stacy Haiduk is a fantastic actress and we are thrilled with her performances as Patty Williams and Dr. Emily Peterson.

According to Bell, Haiduk being off contract doesn’t mean it will be the last viewers have seen of her.

Though she is going off contract we hope that Stacy will reprise the role in the future.

If not getting a Daytime Emmy nomination wasn’t a big enough snub, Y&R’s lame invite to come on back sure was.  Don’t do it, Stacy. Tell em’ to kick rocks with some flip-flops! 

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  1. Profile photo of Smitty

    Instead of keeping the shining star and saving grace of your show for 2009 and 2010…yeah not you Michael Muhney… get rid of her…sigh…doesn’t make sense, but are we surprised.

    The writers have been destroying Y&R with the pen! Soon they will get their cancellation notice and then they will be looking around wondering who what and why…

  2. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Stacy Haiduk gets the pink slip while Clementine Ford and Christel Khalil REMAIN in this duller than dirt frontburner “storyline” (and I use that word VERY loosely!!)?? Maria Bell continues to do a hatchet job on Y&R!!! I was getting pretty tired of Patty and Emily, but I don’t blame that on Stacy Haiduk, I blame that on Maria’s inability to write stories for 95% of her characters without painting them into corners where they can’t be redeemed—or killing them off out of laziness.

    I wish Stacy luck—and BETTER writing—somewhere else!!!!!!

    This show is like watching a damned horror movie nowadays….just when I believe it’s safe for me to open up my eyes and invest in it again full-time, they do some more dumb “ish” to make me wonder why I even bother at all!!!!!

  3. Profile photo of bladgley

    I think AMC should snatch her back up. Dont bring her back as Hannah but as Skye Chandler. I dont care if Robin is playing her on GH I want Skye back on AMC.

  4. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Stacy Haiduk as Skye Chandler?? I think that’s a brilliant idea. Besides, Annie and Scott need someone to put a boot in their butts. They are getting too cocky, almost like they own the damned place. There’s no way that Annie could win if she went up against Skye!!!! Bring it on!!!!

  5. Profile photo of east.west

    It’s sad, but not shocking.

    Since the Emmys are another form of meetings, Stacy could have a new job by Sunday.

    Stacy as Skye Chandler would be EPIC, but the red headed sexy that is Ms Robin Christopher is in the role right now. But hey there’s two Bianca Montgomery on different shows right now so anything is possible.  

    Since she was a prolific fixture in Primetime for yrs I hope she gives that a try again and maybe we will see her do big things.

  6. Profile photo of BitterB2tch

    This show WREAKS these days….Stacy is a great actress and yet another is sacraficed at the altar of Lily Queen of Snore Town, Mackenzie aka the Walking Sleeping Pill and Snoreboria………..I no longer actively watch the show, I read the spoilers to confirm my supicions that nothing has changed.

  7. Profile photo of Nat Guy
    Nat Guy

    Epic fail. It’s hard enough for me to watch an entire episode as it is and without Stacey my urge to delete episodes off the DVR will increase. Sad.

  8. Profile photo of Mrs. Forrester
    Mrs. Forrester

    I love this actress!!! I know most of the storyline was a hot mess, but SHE got me into this show (when she “was” Mary Jane (?)……One of my all time favorite soapy lines…as Patty “WHERE ARE MY PILLS KITTY????!????”……I know how stupid it sounds now,but she pulled it off!!! What a pro, I really look forward to seeing her in other parts (Daytime, Prime time, ANYTIME!) Thank you Ms. Stacy for all your awesome work!!!

  9. Profile photo of DominiqueDevereaux

    UnFreakinBeliveable Y&R Idiots,, This Woman Is Dynamic I didn’t like the CrazyCakes S/l when it started but she was so good I couldn’t stop watching her she NAILED IT each and every time, also what was Most SHOCKING Stacy wasn’t nominated for a Daytime Emmy, GRRRR!! I don’t get shyt like this.

  10. Profile photo of DominiqueDevereaux

    UnFreakinBeliveable Y&R Idiots,, This Woman Is Dynamic I didn’t like the CrazyCakes S/l when it started but she was so good I couldn’t stop watching her she NAILED IT each and every time, also what was Most SHOCKING Stacy wasn’t nominated for a Daytime Emmy, GRRRR!! I don’t get shyt like this.

  11. Profile photo of terrifictam

    Stacy is too talented not to be on soap.

    Mrs. Forrester I loved that line too. Anytime she talked to her cat I was glued to my tv.

    Watching Mac and Lily was beyond painful for me. I don’t care if they have the twins or not. I could care less. Let Chrishel go back on maternity leave or an extended holiday. The actor who is playing Cane is bringing it in his scenes but the ladies are boring as hell. Please stop the boring storyline asap.

    Reedem Patty it’s possible!

  12. Profile photo of RebeccaJ

    Mrs. Forrester, she has a Twitter site and her & her husband have Facebook pages, too, I believe.

    Y&R screwed up majorly letting her go and for what? So we could have a bunch of guest stint people on who do nothing and go nowhere?

  13. Profile photo of Brittany

    I’d rather have Stacy stay than to have MM back. His character sucks and his acting, whilst OK, does not put him in Chris Engen’s league. As for Clementine Ford and that other non-acting actress, Elizabeth Hendrickson, WTF are they still doing on canvas? MAB wrote EH into a corner, but was she let go? Hell NO!!! Viewers were asked to suspend all logic and believe those horrific rewrites to redeem her–NOT!!! Hell, they dummied down all of GC, including Dame Katherine, to float this character, so don’t tell me they can’t do the same with Stacy.

    Stacy and Phyllis would be a good romantic fit. Put her and Phyllis together as partners, and let them reek havoc on Ol’ Adam and the rest of the Newmans.

    Christel Khalil is the reason I watch this Show and MAB has set out to destroy Lily and Sharon Case’s Sharon, another favourite. MAB should go back to making dresses on B&B and leave the writing to REAL WRITERS, like LML, Josh, Cherie and those before her.

  14. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    I am just so sorry to see this confirmed.
    Stacy is a fabulous actress and a divine woman. I met her last summer at the Y&R fan event and she was soo cool!

  15. Profile photo of Jazzy

    I can’t believe they are letting this hard hitter(Stacy Haiduk) go. This woman has the ability to write the BONE CHILLING episodes. This woman can play any role. She could be Nikki Newman or Shelia Carter without much thought.

  16. Profile photo of nolanspice

    I am speechless!

    @ Appleridge: DAYS – Kristin Blake (maybe not Susan as she and James Scott (EJ) are probably no more than ten years apart. She couldn’t play his mother convincingly.)

    On OTLT – Tina Lord (If Andrea Evans doesn’t want to come back AND if they want to take the character in another direction. Picturing her in scenes with Erika Slezak is giving me chills!)
    She’d also make a great Cramer woman!

  17. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    A Horton on Days who hasn’t been on the scene in awhile…….Sandy Horton, Jessica Blake, Sarah Horton (that would be pushing it with age but who cares).
    I know the Horton family tree like the back of my hands kids.

  18. Profile photo of Nekeeta Borden
    Nekeeta Borden

    This breaks my soapy heart.  SH made me empathize with Patty.  She was the perfect mix of cunning, child-like, and bunny-boiler crazy in her portrayal.  I personally wanted to see her give "untouchable" villains like Victor and Phyllis the BUSINESS and get away because of her touched in the head-edness.  They could have played the angle of Emily coming from a dark past of family secrets; she could have been the doctor who fixed everyone else’s messes because she couldn’t cope with her own. Damn, damn, DAMN!!!

  19. Profile photo of cheryl85

    if Days has any sense left, they would be on the phone with her trying to get Stacy on their show. i wouldn’t mind her taking on kristen/susan or one of the characters i think she would do well. i’m not worried about the age difference like most people are if she did play EJ’s momma Susan.

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