OLTL’s Brandon Buddy is Staying Put

Fans of Brandon Buddy (Cole) can rejoice. The One Life to Live star is staying put in Llanview. ABC released the following statement to Daytime Confindential:

ABC Daytime is confirming that Brandon Buddy remains under contract at One Life to Live.

Buddy claims his Twitter account was hacked last week, and the news of his departure on the show was false.

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    That is a very hollow statement. It’s obvious he remains under contract it was whether he is going to re-sign or not. There is probably more to this story.

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    There Is definitely more going on. Hacking seems Like a publicity cover for an intoxicated star revealing something that wasn’t even on the radar yet

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    Ah, the old “my twitter account was hacked” storyline. And yet it takes almost a week to release a statement? Yeah, I don’t think so. I’m not a fan of his so I was actually happy he wasn’t staying.

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    yea i’m not buying this either. unless i misread something last week, didn’t some website or reporter follow up with brandon after that tweet, and he replied that there was still going to be lots of starr and cole action coming up before he left? am i mis-remembering? if not, then something stinks. i’m guessing TIIC @ ABC daytime don’t like being beaten to the punch, and they probably ordered him to retract… i dunno.

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    Yeah – it is obvious that he is back-peddling over this whole thing. Actually, has BB, himself, issued a statement regarding all of this, or is just ABC that is vocal right now?

    Why did it take so long for any kind of correction to be issued, if this was, indeed, the work of some mystery-hacker? Wasn’t this Twitter statement first seen on his page last Friday? I forget. Also, why did it take BB/ABC several days to refute the statement that he was leaving OLTL?

    BB had to have known that the news was out there, spreading like wildfire, like five minutes after it appeared on his Twitter. I tend to agree with Syworld82, above, who stated that BB did do this himself – possibly because he was feeling no pain at the time. Possibly as a contract re-negotiation ploy. Either way, something stinks.

    Myself, I think that maybe he did this to generate publicity for himself, and maybe to ensure his job security. If all of his fans (me not included) were to catch wind of his impending departure from the canvas, well, they would immediately be all up in arms – and start their fan campaigns to save Cole/BB. There would be a huge onslaught of both snail mail and e-mail – as well as phone calls and forum postings – generated towards ABC, on behalf of BB.

    Regardless – this is all pretty obvious that the actor is behind the original statement, and ABC is now trying to do some damage control in order to keep their story plans under wrap. Now I am curious to see whether or not this ploy will work for BB.

    Should be interesting.

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    The comment about there being more to come for Cole and Star did not come from some other source. It was an additional posting on his twitter before this news broke


    The news was discussed on his Facebook fan club page but he did not make any statements about it. I don’t recall any other news source reporting it. Most used the Twitter postings as a source.

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    I am with MichaelKnight on this one. Why would someone hack Brandon Buddy’s twitter account? The fact that it took a week to respond to this is what makes this excuse suspicious.

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    [quote=watchingallday]I am with MichaelKnight on this one. Why would someone hack Brandon Buddy’s twitter account? The fact that it took a week to respond to this is what makes this excuse suspicious.[/quote]

    It really didn’t take a week as the comment was posted late friday with an update over the weekend as I recall. It wasn’t widely reported until Monday or Tuesday although some posts appeared on message boards.

    And in terms of someone hacking his account, I still think it’s possible. I know some fans on a board I frequent were furious at Cole for his alleged ‘unprovoked’ attack on Todd (as if Todd is some innocent lamb) and have been posting hatred about the character for a couple of weeks.

    Their comments were that they wanted Cole to ‘pay’ and the response was that he wouldn’t unless he went to jail (in which case he’d be leaving the show).

    I’ve also seen instances where some like to plant rumors on message boards just to see how far they will go.

    Brandon has admitted prior to this that he hardly uses his twitter account and doesn’t maintain his FB account (that is done by a fan).

    In terms of ABC’s response, they don’t comment on contract issues, especially if it could somehow impact story. The comment is the standard comment they use for any actor under contract.

    If he truly was leaving, he would still air into October so it’s a bit premature to announce a departure. Is he even in negotiations at this point?

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    I really hope this means he is signing a new contract and not just staying through his current one. I met him at a fan event about a year ago and he is such a nice guy and I also think he is a very talented actor. I wish him the best no matter what happens.

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    The amount of time between the tweets and their subsequent retraction really make his explanation of a hacked Twitter account a little suspicious. I don’t mean to throw shade but this whole twitter fiasco is completely suspect!!!

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    TV Gord

    “Remains under contract” doesn’t mean he’s staying. It says nothing about him re-signing. This is merely ABC trying to re-pack a can of worms so that it we’ll go back to being surprised when he leaves. Yeah. That’ll work.

    I hope he’s re-signing, but I see nothing here that gives me any more confidence that he is.

    Juicy stuff, though! Thanks, Jillian! :-)

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    Courtney fan4life

    This is hard to belive. Cause Kristen had a whole lot of questions on BB leaving on her twitter and she ignored them all. Something is going on.

    Either way who cares. I just want Starr and James!

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    Well maybe Brandon wanted to confirm it, but couldn’t get to it till yesterday. And I’m pretty sure kristen informed him, and didn’t want to spread rumors.

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