Y&R’s Eileen Davidson to Appear on The Wendy Williams Show

According to Sony’s The Young and the Restless site Eileen Davidson (Ashley) is slated to appear on The Wendy Williams show July 14 to promote her book, Diva Las Vegas. Davidson’s book hits stores July 13.

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    Eileen Davidson looks MAGNIFICENT for a 51-year old woman!!! I wonder if she and Victoria Rowell would be willing to join forces and write a book together???? Both are successful authors and actresses.

  2. Profile photo of RebeccaJ

    I agree. She does look gorgeous! I’ve always thought she was so beautiful, and I have no idea why people EVER thought she was a man. How ridiculous.

  3. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Yeah, RebeccaJ–

    I forgot about those rumors. They did say that, didn’t they??? Sheesh!!! Foolishness. Absolute foolishness. There are a few women throughout the history of daytime that I have thought may have had sex changes, but Eileen was never one of them.

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