Y&R’s Sharon Case Heads To QVC With Jewelry Line

Seems as though everyone is stepping up their side hustles these days. The Young and the Restless’ Sharon Case will do so on Aug. 10 when she showcases her new jewelry line, Pomp, on QVC at 2pm  EST. According to Sony’s Y&R site, you can get a sneak preview of Case’s jewelry check out the 37th Annual Daytime Emmys when she presents with co-star Joshua Morrow (Nick)

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    This is interesting. Someone’s trying to be the next Susan Lucci??? More power to her. I will definitely watch this. I don’t always like Sharon’s character, but I have always found Sharon Case to be a sweet and lovely actress, at least based on the interviews that she’s given. Sometimes actresses like Sharon who simply go to work and do their jobs—-without kissing ass or getting involved in backstage politics—don’t get the attention and recognition that they deserve. I hope her jewelry line becomes a success.

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    Nekeeta Borden

    ITA, alston.  Sharon is one of my favorite characters, despite this drivel that they’ve given her lately, and she does seem like a dedicated and personable actress.  And she’s rocking the DUCK out that dress!

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    Sharon is as sweet and beautiful as they come. Oh, and Bishbay, I know an implant when I see it, and those are most definitely all hers, no question about it!

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    AGREED. Sharon Case is underrated and needs better writing—just like 95% of the Y&R cast does nowadays. It’s sad that Hogan Sheffer and Maria Bell can’t put their collective heads together and come up with something better than this foolishness. I just don’t understand it!!

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    Nekeeta Borden

    Soap gods, WHY can’t you simply make Sharon independent?  It would be poetic justice if Phyllis got fed up with Nick’s obsessive, player tendencies and dropped greasy Nick, then Sharon gave him a big ole "boy, bye!".  I wish they’d cut her hair into an edgy asymmetrical bob and give her a kick-arse job, maybe with Jabot under the Tucker/Ashley regime.  I feel like they pee on Sharon to scaffold "others". 

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    I think the easiest way to spot an implant is when the girl gets skinnier and skinner and the boobs stay big. Dead giveaway.

    But I agree with Bishbay on the implants. Real boobs hang differently whereas implants seem to be glommed onto the chest in separate hunks.

    And while I like Sharon Case, I HATE that we’re getting yet another show biz person with a line of crappy, cheap jewelry that sells for exorbitant prices. Hello, Ramona Singer! Wheeeeee! Just what the world needs.

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