Adrienne Barbeau Comes to GH This Summer

It looks like Vanessa Marcil will be getting some company this summer when she returns to General Hospital. According to TV Guide, GH has cast former Maude star Adrienne Barbeau as Suzanne Stanwyck a “tough-as-nails broad” who operates a children’s charity in Italy and “who will be closely involved” with Brenda.

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    so let me get this straight, they can’t give screentime/stories to Monica, Edward, Boobie, the Cassadines, but they are more than happy to bring in Franco, Brenda, this broad, and whoever else is down the road?

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    LOL GH sucks. I’m not watching again until Dante stops being on five days per week. Which may mean never, but that’s fine–Days and B&B (yeah, I went there) are pretty good right now, and if I want to watch a crap soap I’ve got Y&R, which is really just embarrassing, but somehow not as annoying GH is these days.

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    Barbeau would have been an interesting casting choice for Veronica Wilding Barrett, Brenda’s mother when they introduced. A character with lots of wasted potential.

    It seems its in style to hate these “stunt” castings but, again, this is part of Brenda’s story and is a function that another character could not play, so why begrudge it being an actor with some notoriety outside of Daytime ?
    I don’t see the causality between “stunt” casting and bad writing/wasting veteran characters.I think they exist independent of one another. The writing would be just as poor if they had cast Marj Dusay in the role instead of Barbeau. And we still wouldn’t see Bobbie Spencer in Michael’s story.

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