Valerie Bertinelli Films Talker Pilot in Running for ATWT Slot

Broadcasting & Cable is reporting funny lady Valerie Bertinelli has taped a pilot for Say It Now, yet another talk show in contention for the timeslot As The World Turns will cede this September. The show is being developed by CBS Television Distribution, however it is not slated for syndication.  All I know is, this talk show better not conflict with my new, favorite sitcom, Hot in Cleveland, which Bertinelli stars in opposite Betty White on TV Land, or me and Les Moonves are gonna have to have a talk out on the veranda!

Australian talk show host Rove McManus will also appear on Say It Now. Okay…Say WHAT Now? That has to be the crappiest name for a talk show I’ve ever heard. Why not Val and Rove? Anyhoo, Say It Ain’t So  Say My Name Say It Now finds itself in stiff competition for World Turns’ slot with remakes of the game shows Pyramid and Password and the previously-reported View-ripoff featuring Julie Chen and Darlene from Roseanne

While I would much rather see a cheap, independent, possibly-syndicated soap opera like Hacienda Heights, The Bay or Gotham (I know, pipe dreams) be in contention for the slot, or heck even a reality series, I hope one of the talk shows wins out over the crappy gameshow remakes. Either way, CBS Daytime will never be the same again come September.

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    If we have to have a Talk Show replace a Soap, then I guess that Valerie B. would be much easier to stomach than Tori Spelling.

    I also agree with Jamie, when he states that he would much rather see ATWT replaced with a Talkie, rather than some “Crappy Game Show Remake”. I HATE Game Shows, and do not want another one on Daytime T.V.!

    By the way, did that horrible “Lets Make a Deal” Remake tank yet? Just curious; I caught it once (by mistake, while flipping channels), and was embarrassed for everyone involved.

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    TV Gord

    The sad reality is that Let’s Make A Deal’s ratings in February were 12% higher than the year before when Guiding Light was in the timeslot, and it’s much cheaper to produce, so CBS isn’t likely to mess with it for now.

    I love Valerie Bertinelli, so I’d check out this show. If Tori Spelling hosted a show, I’d make it a point never to watch CBS at that time. There is nothing about her that is appealing to me.

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    I love her but ATWT and & GL fans will never watch what ever crap the replace it with. Had to be on drugs back then to watch LMAD. God forbid the bring back the Gong Show, if anyone remembers or is old enough that crap. it was the time of bad hair, fashion and drugs. Americas Got Talent is close to that.

    Here is a clip, sorry to bring back bad memories, that was the cheapest crap that ever was next to the newlywed game and the dating game. Think were going back to the time of shit TV.
    Lord please don’t bring that back.

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    TV Gord

    It makes no sense to blame the shows that are replacing cancelled soaps. THEY didn’t cancel the soaps, the network did…and the network only did because the costs of soaps continue to rise and the ratings continue to sink. If soaps were still profitable, they wouldn’t be in so much trouble.

    If you’re looking for someone to blame, blame the millions and millions of soap fans who have abandoned the shows. In fact, I don’t even blame them. Everything ebbs and flows, and soaps are on a definite ebb. It’s nobody’s fault, really. Certainly not Valerie Bertinelli’s or Wayne Brady’s…

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    I agree that these new shows are not to blame for GL and ATWT being cancelled. I blame the GREED of Procter & Gamble, and their desire to simply dump these soaps along the side of the road like last century’s garbage. They wanted out of the soap opera business. Simple as that. I have made peace with it. It’s a business, and this kinda crap happens all the time. Good shows get canceled and CRAPPY shows remain on the air—–one need look no further than this reality TV crap to see that sad reality!!

    With that being said, I am not excited about this. I like Valerie B., but as often as she seemingly appears on Rachael Ray’s show and Oprah’s show, I am not looking forward to seeing her 5 days a week. She already seems to be EVERYWHERE….in commercials, weight loss ads, talk shows…. Who knows, it might be an entertaining show, so I will definitely give it a shot, but I am still a little upset over the deterioration of my favorite genre of television—-the daytime soap opera.

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    Actually, if the Nielson Ratings would take into account the number of Soap viewers that DVR their shows, watch them on SoapNet, or watch them online, then maybe they would find that there is a very large majority that have not abandoned the Genre.

    I feel as though the number of viewers have not necessarily shrunk, they are just watching in different ways.

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    TV Gord

    BetseyD, how many people who DVR the soaps watch the commercials? From the network’s point of view, they don’t care that you watch the show. They only care that as many as people as possible are watching the commercials, because the advertisers pay their salaries. It’s always been that way, since the beginning of television. If enough people aren’t watching the commercials, the show dies. It’s as simple as that. If more people were watching them, they’d keep them on, even if they were as bad as the worst reality crap they churn out.

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