Daytime’s Stars Shine at Daytime Emmy Reception (Photos)

Daytime’s brightest stars (including Sarah Brown and Drew Garrett, picture above) and 2010 Emmy nominees gathered at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills for the Television Academy’s Daytime Emmy Reception on Thursday. See more photos from the red carpet and inside the reception after jump!

Christian LeBlanc, Emily O’Brien, Christel Khalil and Kate Linder 

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    Drew!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh, how I’ve missed you!!!! Wish I could click my heels together three times and have you back on GH!!!! Bradford Anderson and Carolyn Hennesy are SOOOO hilarious, onscreen and off screen. I would love to be invited to a dinner party with these two!!! I hope they both stay on GH for a long time…this show needs the humor, especially since Anthony Geary is gone (on his yearly sabbaticals) more often than he’s on these days!

    Billy Miller certainly gives Jack Nicholson a run for his money with those toothy grins of his, doesn’t he??? Not that I’m complaining, mind you…..

    Arianne looks great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talk about a great set of legs!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Profile photo of troymcclure

    I just wish another soap (one I watch) would pick him up.

    Wow, Sharon Case looks like a million bucks in that pink dress but what is Carolyn Henessey wearing? yikes.

  3. Profile photo of kateyz

    Ahhh, there’s nothing quite like Billy Miller’s smile to light up your day :).

    But, seriously, Sharon Case? I’m sure you could have afforded a couple more inches of fabric… That length is soooo not appropriate

  4. Profile photo of BadRecastVictim

    Great photos but that Carnie Wilson shot was kind of a WTF? for me. I wonder why she was there?

    Everyone looked great but I’m with you kateyz, Sharon Case’s dress comes awfully close to needing two hairdos to wear. Looks like everyone was having great time and I hope the Emmys are just as much fun for all of the actors and crew.

  5. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Yeah, I got tired of clicking the “next” button after about six photos…..I am sure I missed a lot of photos. Sorry, hate to nitpick. I attribute it to my short attention span.

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