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Here’s the Scoop!

Jason wants a gun… Dante doesn’t want to go to prison. With a psycho artist/serial killer on the loose what’s hitman to do? Dante reminds Jason that he’s only the bait. How are they baiting Franco? With a press conference to announce Jason’s release.

Both Maxie and Dante see the homeless man hanging around… Dante chases him and when he catches him, it’s not Franco. Maxie spies him when she goes to see Jason and Spinelli at the Penthouse. Later, Franco reveals himself to Maxie at Crimson.

Spinelli finds Franco’s mom… in Woodstock. When Jason and Dante go to see her, she says she doesn’t have a son. Franco and his mom discuss his “masterpiece.”

The car bomb… Clink Boom anyone? Luke and Sonny discuss the mob man’s plan and Luke recalls how Lily died in that car bombing. Hoping to save Ethan, Luke tries to get his son to take a trip to Monte Carlo. Ethan turns him down opting for a meeting with Johnny. Luke later gets Ethan to agree to run some errands for him getting him out of the bomb’s way.

Sonny’s Alibi… his kids. Sonny has Alexis set up a dinner with Kristina and Michael. Sorry Sonny, Kristina isn’t staying as she slips away to meet up with Johnny. Earlier, Kristina confides in Molly that she has plans to be with Johnny that evening. Olivia tells Sonny that Kristina and Johnny’s relationship is a fake, solely meant to get under his skin. Realizing that Kristina gave them the slip and that she is with Johnny, Sonny races against the clock to save his daughter. Krissy and Johnny meet up and Kristina finally agrees to give the plan a rest. Johnny offers to give her a ride home and as he unlocks his car…BOOM!

Shirley’s cancer has spread to her brain… and she needs surgery. Patrick’s suspension is lifted to perform it. Before this, Lisa and Patty boy share a smooch that Dr. Drake puts a stop to. Lisa doesn’t take that well and kicks her colleague out of her apartment. Despite some challenges in the operating room, Patrick is able to remove the tumor. The Dr’s decide to celebrate at the Metro Court bar and it looks like one drink leads to another which leads to a trip down memory lane and that leads them to bed.

Luke packs a bag… Its vacation time for Tony Geary. Hoping his leaving will catch Tracy’s attention, Luke gets ready to head out of Port Chuckles. The Spencer kids throw a bon voyage party for their pops and I’m thinking Tracy is going to miss the $10 million Luke managed to steal before he left more than she’s going to miss her not-husband.

CRAZY and RANDOM… Spinelli and Sam have different “welcome home” plans for Jason. Maxie tells Lucky that she’s scared of Franco. Olivia calls out Kristina and Johnny telling Johnny that he’s more in love with his revenge on Sonny than he is with her. Maya goes to break things off with Ethan. When were they together? Elizabeth starts to feel bad for how she’s been treating Nikolas. Robin comes home. Maxie has trouble letting go of Matt and remember, she’s also planting a kiss on Lucky.

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    I really don`t feel sorry for Kristina at all and I know I should because of the teen abuse story and Keifer`s partents wanting revenage and I still don`t care about or feel anything for her I think in a storyline like this Guza goes way overboard to tell a storyline like this one.

  2. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    Thanks for the spoilers Regan!

    Whatever happens to Kristina or Johnny, Kristina brought it on herself! I have zero sympathy for her!!!

    Looking forward to Jasam’s reunion!

    Sad that Luke will be off screen for 3 months!!!

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    Wow … Sonny …
    Everybody, EVERYBODY is telling you that killing Johnny will only make things worse but you can’t help it … Even Jason is against it ! And to do it with a car bombing after what happened to Lily ??? WTH is this total BS ?
    Or is it a way to get a wake up call for Sonny so that he will at last give up his mob life ? And give back to Johnny the ex Z organization ?

    I can’t stand Kristina and I would almost wish for Kristina to die in the car explosion (but I am so fed up of all this violence and all these deaths) because perhaps in th end Sonny would at last face who he is and what he has become … and come back to the Sonny we used to love … the one that Brenda loved. But I guess poor Johnny will be the one to be held responsible and Sonny will be the White Knight for everybody around him (but Jason ?). And I really hope Alexis is not aware of what Sonny is doing when he is organizing his alibi. I love Alexis to death but this would be hige to swallow even for a die hard fan.

    Must confess I am not really interested in the Franco storyline as I will have to suffer Dante in it. And the Nik/Liz?Patrick/Lisa storylines are boring …

    I thought we were supposed to get some Matt and Maxie ? AND WHERE IS SKYE ???

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    I am disappointed. I thought Olivia was suppose to die in the car bomb. I wonder how they are going to get rid of her before Brenda comes back.

  5. Profile photo of aramis270

    EET, the rumor of Bradford leaving is still everywhere on the net but it has been for quite some time now so I don’t know …

    Lots of rumors on LLC too (which would make sense because what is the place of stupid Olivia now that Johnny will at last move on from Sonny-addicted Momma … and now that with Brenda back, Sonny will be Olivia-Who ?) …

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    (groan!) I am NOT happy about the possibility of ANOTHER character dying, especially not Olivia or Spinelli. I like both of these characters—especially Spinelli!! What will I do without his nonsensical, homespun, normally unintelligible wisdom and babble?????? I hope this rumor is false. GH needs to stop killing off so many characters, SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!

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    I’ve been predicting those two ever since I read they were going to cut 5 by the end of summer and 3 more by years end. I guess if they dont pair him with Maxie, there really isnt a viable option for Spinelli. Sad really – I wished they had explored Matt’s diagnosis from a year or so ago. That would have been inetersting.

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    I guess it depends on who the 5-8 are. I would DEF. take VM over Spin + Olivia + Lisa + Lizard + Matt. Devils in the details.

    In fairness, if this turns out to be true, doesnt it really depend on who and for whom. I would rather have kept GV, RH and SJB instead of bringing back JJ, but tptb thought JJ was more valuable.

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    EET – Well here is somewhere we definitely disagree! I am beyond thrilled that they brought JJ back!!! GV’s version of Lucky never did it for me and because of that I’d lost interest in him over the years and I couldn’t stand Claudia. I like VM the actress and I couldn’t care less about Lisa, Liz or Matt but I would really miss Spinelli. VM is a good actress but the sun and the moon don’t rise and set on her. If they’re going to fire 8 actors just to get back VM then why in the world can’t they bring back Genie Francis? Doesn’t make a bit of sense to me!!

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    I like JJ, but I love SJB, GV and RH….I guess my point is more that when we say how can they cut x number that we love for so and so the reality is that not everyone they cut will be loved by everyone nor will everyone they bring back be loved by everyone. I would take VM over most anyone one, even Genie..def. over Spin, even though I enjoy BA. I just think that VM is going to have drive story in all areas of the canvas. I wouldnt say the sun and the moon rises and sets on her, but I enjoy the character and the actress enormously. I would also argue that if they arent going to go with Spixie, then the character is limited (I cant imagine him with say Mya or Lulu) and if he does die, his death would have a major impact on JaSam, Maxie and Lulu.

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    Regan Cellura

    We’ve looked into the Spinelli rumors before and we’re told he was going nowhere except his honeymoon. I haven’t looked into them recently. I have seen those RUMORS/GOSSIP that actors are being let go. Soaps are in a crunch finacially, but I have not heard anything concrete enough to report. When I do, you all will be the first to know. 

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    8 actors? Really? Without Maxie, there really is no use for Spinelli. How long can he really be Jason’s sidekick? Lisa will be useless when the Shirley/Patrick cheating on Robin s/l’s will be over. I would be very upset if Olivia is no longer on. I adore LLC, but as soon as Brenda is back in Sonny’s orbit, where does she fit? Will she still be with Johnny? I can’t see them getting rid of BB, especially if he is Sonny’s new rival. I don’t see them getting rid of Liz. She’s is tied to several core families. I am really surprised that they have not gotten rid of Matt Hunter. He has been completely useless until this point. Is he really going to end up with Maxie?

  13. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    I’d rather see the writers get rid of MAXIE and keep Spinelli….that’s just my own personal opinion. I am biased, though. I have a love/hate relationship with Maxie….mostly hate.

    It seems that without Felicia or Georgie around, and since they RARELY show Mac, Maxie’s presence on the canvas isn’t that necessary either.I guess Kate does need a PUNCHING BAG, but they also never show Kate???!!!! Yeah, I would miss her quirky sense of fashion and her Paris Hilton-esqueness, but not that much. Just sayin…..

    Despite my current feeling of absolute BOREDOM regarding the Lisa character, I am not gonna write her off yet. She might get more interesting. After all, Robin and Patrick have been INSANELY dull without a storyline over the past year or so. I wish the writers had picked a DIFFERENT storyline to create tension between them two—but they gave me “Lisa, the doctor in sheep’s clothing, who may or may not be bat shit crazy” I’ll go with it for now. I’m gonna just keep shutting up and coloring.

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    Just to be clear – 8 was what I saw on Daytime Dish, so I have to take that with a grain of salt. A (reliable) friend tells me that Matt has story coming up, first with one lady and then with another surprising one. My guess is that plays him out 6 months and then who knows. My other thought is that the 8 might include people going from contract to recurring which would be a way to free up money.

    Also this was posted at DD yesterday…

    Because you didn’t see Spin, Sam, Sonny or Claire at the outside shoot last night does not mean they are not in the finale. There is a reason you saw none of them.

    I’m sharing what I can. I told you I’d be back. I told the board that this was not about Jason choosing this time it was far more bizarre and Franco has open reign. I think the outside shoot only showed you a glimpse of the bizarre. But I’m sorry I’m not allowed to spoil minute details. When I can, I will.

    There is a whole different set, a mock up of Jason’s life if you will which is used for the finale. It’s obiously constructed on a soundstage and not at the museum but is supposed to appear as being in the museum. What was filmed last night was Franco’s death. There is a reason that Sonny, Sam, Claire and Spinelli are unable to leave the building and that is all I can say.

    (From another poster re: Franco) I thought they said he faked his death

    (Back to insider) It’s left ambiguous and with that I’m out. Will be back when I can give more info.

    Theres more info about the Franco story and some pics here

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